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  1. pigeon controller

    Stewardship Scheme

  2. pigeon controller

    Stewardship Scheme

    Just a question, with us leaving the EU will the above scheme be operational and can I now drive the edges of the fields ??
  3. pigeon controller

    Short and sweet.

    Brilliant short session, well done.
  4. pigeon controller

    Clockwise Or Not ?

    I managed to find an historic picture of my magnet from the long distant passed. This is a picture of the set up on rape with hide, flyers , stand ups and magnet.
  5. pigeon controller

    Clockwise Or Not ?

    I agree for distance birds it the movement that counts , close birds presentation is paramount.
  6. pigeon controller

    On Demand Shooting

    Thanks for you kind comments, we aim to please.
  7. pigeon controller

    How Hard (Or Easy) Is It To Get Permission Nowadays

    Well done and good luck , as JDog said do a good job and you could get recommended to others.
  8. pigeon controller

    Clockwise Or Not ?

    Yes next week if I remember.
  9. pigeon controller

    Clockwise Or Not ?

    As promised this is a poor picture of the mounting end of my magnet showing the angle of the bird mouting spike with represents a heads up position.
  10. pigeon controller

    On Demand Shooting

    I had a call out on Tuesday morning, " field Blue Over" when I arrived it had about twenty birds in the centre of a very large rape field. I walked them off and stood by the hedge to see if they had a route for returning to the field. The sun was very bright and a strong wind, after ten minutes birds were returning along one edge to an old oak in the hedge. So I built the hide under the oak with the strong wind from my back and the sun to my left but I know the sun will pass infront of me during the day. Decoys and magnet out and set up for 11.00, first customers in and despatched . The shooting was steady and the gas gun on the farm next door sent me new birds when it activated. By 13.00 I had fiftysix birds down and I stayed for a further thirty minutes with no birds to the decoys they had had enough along with me so I packed up, I'd done my job for the day. Today Saturday started out looking at the rapefields, I'd had a call on Friday and we went to that farm first drove across to the rape, no birds two shots still no birds drove back and kept on looking. Stopped at another rape field and just stopped at the gate and about one hundred and fifty birds lifted out of the trees in one large solid flock of birds. Carried on looking and came across a small farm with approx one hundred birds sitting in trees next to the rape, nothing feeding. walked across the field and the whole flock lifted and left the area, too spooky. Eventually found a rape field with birds down feeding others joining from all directions showing they wanted that field. Rang the farmer, yes help yourselves. When was it last shot Christmas Eve, thanks that will do.We carried the gear to a second field and set up magnet and ten on cradles above the tall rape. The first bird in flared at the decoys but was shot. We were set up for 11.00 and in the first hour we only had twenty birds with lots not liking the decoys, we moved the magnet closer to the hide and put out all the shot birds out on spikes in the tram tracks. I decide to go and walk round the three fields to see if it had been shot and within one hundred meters of our hide was another hide position with fresh feathers in it, this was on the point of a small wooded copse. We continued to get sporadic sport from birds approaching the decoys from all directions but as the afternoon continued they slowed up and we stopped shooting at 16.00 we picked up ninety pigeon for the picture and the dog found another on the way back to the Disco so 91 in total. 56 Pigeons 90 pigeons
  11. pigeon controller

    Best of the shelf decoys?

  12. pigeon controller

    Garden waste collection

    Ours is bi weekly and stops during November through to April. We live in a conservation area which has lots of mature oaks etc so no leaf collection. My plot is a third of an acre and the grass has been growing all winter so far plus I have six foot holly and privet hedges all round the back garden. Challenging the collectors " We are only paid to collect grass during the summer"
  13. pigeon controller

    Can You Overshoot An Area For Pigeons ?

    Regular shooting an area will move the birds on to a quieter location. I have one estate with 22 gas guns which are regularly move around and once they are deployed the pigeon just leave the area. If a banger stops due to no gas the birds will return but one shot will lift them and they will not return. We tend to shoot the surrounding farms to reduce the numbers. Reading my posts this Autumn we have shot one field for five plus weeks along with other shooters but the birds have now left the local rape field and moved off. I believe shooting equipment will move birds on, we try a leave a field for two weeks before we return in ideal conditions but if requested we will shoot. Birds will get use to sounds that are not threatening , industry, railways and motorways. Gas guns in isolation will lift birds and they will tolerate them. Shooting reduces the numbers and also makes them associate the noise with danger as a flock into your decoys will mean two shot fifteen spooked. These are my thoughts on the subject.
  14. pigeon controller

    Plant ID

  15. pigeon controller

    Not Always to Plan

    Thanks will do.