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  1. Not sure what you are asking?Next week we would be looking at Cut Maize, Rape, Clover, Hawthorns, Old Stubbles and the woods. Pigeons can be very unpredictable as they find any food source that is available , you can drive for miles and then find them on an old linseed field that is well past its sell by date. You can also shot a strong flightline to a standing Maize field where the crows and badgers have knocked down plants. I have shot flighting birds out of the city which have bird table seeds. I hope this helps.
  2. Thanks for your comments, there's always next week?
  3. Set out this morning after defrosting the Disco at 08.00 with the forcast for heavy rain. We had seen some birds on rape two weeks ago and decided to look there first , now we would not normally consider rape until the new year. As we drove out along the lanes we spooked birds from under the oaks but no acorns visible other than dropped leaves due to the frost. We have not seen many acorns at all this year so I think it was more speculative feeding. During the journey we saw no birds flighting at all. When we arrived at the rape field it had twenty odd birds down and approx another twenty spooked out of the trees as we walked the edge of the field.we stayed thirty minutes and nothing returned so we left. Three weeks earlier we had seen birds on a sheep turnip field so we drove to it and it had a good number down , possibly a hundred birds in total . We walked across the field diagonally the birds would not leave the field and dropped back behind us. This field is walked at lot by dog walkers so they are use to people. We contacted the farmer and set up , magnet and ten fresh birds. The first birds in were shot and the whole flock just lifted high in the air and left the district. We waited an hour and nothing returned so we pack up and started looking. We drove to a cut maize field we had seen last week and it had about sixty birds down but nothing joining, the rain was lashing down now and we set up under a brolly , after two hours we had shot two pigeons and four corvids and packed up. On our way back home we found found four possible fields to look at next week. I'm looking forward to next week to perhaps shooting the dry.
  4. Following my sons wedding in August ,we were invited to a fund raising event for Diabetes uk which was last Saturday. It was run by some friends who have been affected by Diabetes. In a moment of madness I agreed to have my Tash shaved off !!! Now my Tash has been with me for fortysix years and I grew it to look older!!. My wife and two children have never seen me with out my Tash so keeping my promise it went. The video is on the Diabetes uk site I believe. The event had sixty attending my Tash removal raised approx £ 640.00 with the overall collection for the event in excess of £ 2,000.
  5. Perhaps too soon on the seed, a very good report, thanks for informing us of JDogs adventures!! He seems to a good number of ghillies nowerdays to carry his Cartridges ??
  6. I often think I'm the only one shooting and posting, with some exceptions. There is nothing new in fishing or shooting we just recycle ideas and memories . I don't care if you have not been shooting in the past few years you have a thing called " Fieldcraft" that is not available on the internet except through this and other forums because of the members involved and knowledge. JDog has educated me in horticulture and grammar , Ditchman in various wines and Marshman in the way of the Fens. I will continue to post while I shoot and will still be a member when I stop. All I ask is report your outings as ten pigeons in bad conditions is just as good as a hundred on the stubbles , please keep imputing and don't be afraid of the Grammer and Spelling Police. Conversation is a wonderful tool use it. rant over
  7. Friday I had a call on Friday morning from DB, work had been called off , so he was able to go shooting. The decoys were still frozen, so I loaded the Disco and made the flasks and picked him up at 09.00 in the steady rain. We drove out to a maize field to find nothing except standing maize. We saw no birds flighting except crows. We found a maize field that had been cut late on in the week due to the amount of mud on the road it must have been difficult. All it had on it was corvids not one pigeon. We looked at the voluteer rape we shot last week, not a bird. The rain started to ease and we were in an area we do not shoot that much due to it being turned into numerous livery yards and horse grazing. As we pulled up in a gateway to scan a wood we suddenly came aware of approx one hundred pigeons on the hawthorns . Now this is an old victorian farm that has all of its land in approx five acre paddocks, all of them bordered by stockproof hawthorn hedges. Now these hedges have not been cut for years and the result is tall hawthorns bending double with the weight of berries. The pigeons not ones to miss an oportunity were having a feast. The plan was to phone the farmer, then as we had no decoys to walk either side of the hedge and try a shoot some decoys also move the feeding birds from the area with the shots and then set up or pattern. The area had various flightlines coming in from different directions which led us to believe they had been on this food source for a few days. So permission granted, walked the field five decoys shot and hide set up behind the brolly in the hedge between two fields. Magnet set up and three other decoys on spikes. It was now 12.30 and the returning birds came to the decoys within range and we increased the size of the pattern to ten on spikes the next ten went the otherside of the hedge on the next field with two flyers. The wind and rain was fierce but we were dry in the shelter of the brolly and the birds came at regular intervals until we packed up at 16.45 and picked up eightyone pigeons. Saturday We went out today at 09.00 and covered one hundred and twenty miles in the constant heavy rain, drove through many flooded roads and located the rape fields on eight farms. we saw limited amounts of pigeons but nothing worth setting up for. We reurned home at 14.30 and the dog was disgusted that we had taken him for a RIDE with two pee and one poo stops!!! It was interesting to see the different stages of growth on the rape with the flea beetle leaving its mark on some and others four inches high. 81 Pigeons
  8. I carry the spare with me now, I checked the voltage of the fob and it was within spec, spare batteries in the glove box.
  9. Thanks for the advice, the keys are in my trouser pocket are usually very warm under my " boil in the Bag" over trousers and I think they did recover. When we set the hide up I left them in the ignition with the doors open and it may have chilled them. I will replace the batteries and carry the spare in future.
  10. Set out at 08.30 with no idea of where to look for pigeons. Drove out to a field of maize we saw last week which had one pass through it, to see if they had finished it . No change. We were not seeing any flighting birds at all, we came to a small spinney with twenty birds in the ash trees when we stopped and looked it had another twenty down on the clover among the HORSES. No way would we get permission as they had stopped the guy who shoots the rabbits at night driving the field. We were approx half way through our permissions when we found some birds down on some voluteer rape. We clapped them off and contineud our search to no avail. We returned to the rape and the birds had returned so we called the farmer and he said it had been shot in the week but they only had a few as the just did not return. We would not consider this normally but it was the only flock of birds we could find, so we drove across the field and set up with twelve thawed birds with two on the magnet. Then the fun started, the Disco was behind the hide and when I inserted the key into the ignition lock, Nothing happend. I then locked the car with the fob and then it would not open with the fob. When I opened the car with the key the alarm would not stop, looked for EKA code in the handbook wallet nothing in it. POO! I need the spare key , following a total knee replacement in May and complications the wife is still not driving. So phoned my son who was replaceing his sisters brake pads thirtyfive miles away. He agreed to collect my spare key and bring it over to me. During all this waiting time the birds were decoying with the Disco in full view and DB and I had some good shooting, the next thing I get is a call from my son, I'm at the gate of the field can I drive up . The next thing I see is him driving up the field in the V-8 Disco with road tyres . I try the spare key and it all works like clockwork, sorted. I said to my son have a go in the hide and DB said he would take the dog for a mouch along the hedge. Its twenty odd years since he shot a gun and missed the next two in the decoys but took a shot at a wide crosser and stoned it. With that he left. It was now 14.00 and the birds slowed up, the main flightline to the field was passing over a sports ground and they had started a game of football which was causing the birds to change the flightline. At 16.00 it started to rain so we threw everything into the disco and left the field. I used the original first key and it worked fine now!!!! We decided to go to another farm and shoot the edge of a roost wood, when we arrived they had a shooter in situ. We move to another farm with an occasional flightline which we managed a further six birds but cracking shots. We ended up with fiftynine birds and the crops had the following:- Hawthorn berries, acorns, maize, clover,wheat and barley. 59 Pigeons
  11. Brilliant report and result for this time of year, following my return from holiday I was looking forward to some bean stubble shooting but have found nothing yet. You state that this time of year you look forward to your wildfowling but you can never discount a field of feeding pigeons. Thank you for reporting, well done.
  12. Good report, well done.nice hide position.
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