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  1. pigeon controller

    A day at the Seaside

    Good return for travelling and thinking out of the box and taking a punt on the flightline, well deserved.
  2. pigeon controller

    Barley stubble session

    Great report and result, welcome back. As Motty said the square hide is not a problem just the jack in the box shooter bobbing up and down!!!!! Thanks for posting and good presentation.
  3. pigeon controller

    Getting started

    As already stated first find your pigeon, then obtain permission, then watch the field and set up where the pigeon want to be, six half shells basic hide, stand not sit so you will be ready for the birds. When you have shot six out of the hide and set them up as decoys on spikes.when multiple birds come in concentrate on one bird and hit then look for another if possible.good luck.
  4. pigeon controller


    Sorry to hear your sad news, a shooter and a fisherman he must have been a great guy. Condolences, R.I.P.
  5. pigeon controller

    last few weekends

    Well done Daz, putting yourself under pressure to make the ton, I personally find that if you watch the bird come and tell yourself not to miss it you do. The best method is wait and move, mount and shoot . Well done again , I've only another week of Greece and then the drive back looking for pigeons in Europe.
  6. pigeon controller

    You can't shoot the fairy fields

    Good report , No Fairies though??
  7. pigeon controller

    A jolly drive to Cambridge

    All the time , imaginary lead always given on flying birds.
  8. pigeon controller

    Pick up and demountable

    Brilliant!!!!! Thanks one to ponder over the dark winter months, thanks.
  9. pigeon controller

    Cooling Pigeon

    Thanks, I will keep it in mind for the future. It amazes my the knowledge of the massif.
  10. pigeon controller

    Pick up and demountable

    Just to explain more I can use a hard top and a tub protector but I was thinking of a quick change over.
  11. pigeon controller

    Pick up and demountable

    Talking with my son a few weeks ago he was saying I need to change my car soon and what are the options. I currently shoot with a Disco 2 TD5 which I had new in 2004, it's covered 187 K and suits me well. My back up car is my sons Disco 2 V-8 should mine fail. The posh car which the wife drives is a Disco 5. We were thinking of having a ranger or similar with a caravan demountable and also a shooting tub demountable ( van type body) so on my excursions to Greece each year we could tour Europe a bit but I could use the Van system for shooting. I've seen caravan conversions but do not recall working type tubs. We would possible lease the vehicle so I'm always covered by warranty on holiday etc. Any thoughts!
  12. pigeon controller

    Cooling Pigeon

    Just thinking outside the box for a minute , as I've stated previously I'm looking to downsize and the next man cave will be purpose built. I did think of a cool room at the end but is it possible to make the floor a chiller by laying under floor heating type pipes and running refrigerant through it and realy amazingly heating in the winter Over to the massif to shoot my down.
  13. pigeon controller

    Finally got out.

    Good reportb, well done.
  14. pigeon controller

    Good pigeon bags

    Watch the field and if you see twenty plus in half an hour drop in one specific spot thats the place to set up with you decoys and hide. Do it quickly as to not spook the flightline and you should have some sport wait till you shoot five and leave the hide quickly and put them out as decoys on spikes or cradles. After thirty plus only pick up after ten shot and put out again, fifty plus decoys will pull more birds if they are around, good luck.
  15. pigeon controller

    A day of two halves...

    Great Bank Holiday by all accounts, well done.