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  1. That’s how it goes, I had a all last week and I’m in Greece!!!!!
  2. Well done Ben, keeping them on the move.
  3. Back in the Dark ages when I was studying at college I did a project on the production of steel roller bearings and found that Sweden was the world biggest producer of ball bearings. I know China has now possible taken this roll but Sweden could supply the eurozone if they wanted perhaps.
  4. Well done Ben, they have come out of hiding now I’m in Greece battling with 28 degrees , I’ve had to start drinking beer !!! You should have some good sport with those peas as they have show a lot of interest in them over the week you have been watching them. It’s a good job you emptied your freezers??
  5. Well done, nice read. I’ve recently downsized and now back onto the canal, none tow path side, hoping for zander. I’ve been informed that the carp patrol this section too, so will be out with the breekies after dark when the ducks are sleeping.
  6. That’s an inspiration to us all and long may you keep going, well done.
  7. Thanks, just a quick three weeks to make sure the apartment is OK as we have not been out for nearly three years, back in time for the downed barley I hope.
  8. I’m 74 in a couple of weeks and hope to keep going as long as I can, a Carp Trolley helped with the weights and distances over the winter when I could not drive the land. The next day required a complete rest day to recover but I do still enjoy it to the full. Denny look after yourself and keep on the forum as your input is very valid and appreciated, you can always comment on where we are going wrong!!
  9. Go on tell us , I’m in Greece so you will be safe!!!!!
  10. I have decoyed around water troughs on sheep clover fields and also redundant cow drinks on downed barley fields as the birds required both food and water on hot days. Fishing the Delph in the summer lots of birds would drop on the waters edge to drink in extreme heat, pigeons and corvids.
  11. At the stables I use to use sections of Mars Bars to good effect.
  12. Well done Ben, you took a chance on a weak flight line and it paid off. Perhaps your shooting concentrated the birds on the other fields. Well done again. P.S. you must improve your presentation as I can only count 61 as you must keep up the reputation of Central Region Association of Pigeonshooters. ( C.R.A.P.)
  13. Todays effort consisted of six and a half hours driving, visiting some fields three times and the most pigeons seen equals eight. So we admitted defeat and I came home to play with the grandkids and DB went fishing to catch some carp off the surface.
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