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  1. Sorry for your loss, respect for a wonderful poem. Try and remember the happy times.
  2. Well done Jim, excellent report. I did manage 53 in the wind on Tuesday.
  3. Very True!! Not moved yet, legal people talking££££££ Found My Hat B_B carried the pigeon back to the Disco I did the rest, Paying for it today
  4. I had a call in the week did I want to go shooting, the reply being yes. It was Bunny_ Blaster and he had two fields of rape that the birds were showing interest in. Now I was not sure if he had and ulteria motive to his request or it was from "Age Concern" help an " Old **** At Christmas" !!! We agreed to shoot on Saturday but it was raining when I looked out at 03.00 and 06.00 so I text B_B that I would give it a miss, when I finally rose at 07.00 it was bright sunshine so I decided to drive to the field to view it and found only five birds in the trees so I returned home at 13.00 B_B r
  5. Anyone who has read my ramblings in the past will know I'm a lover of" Flightlines" and with restrictions that we have had to cope with this year it has held me in good stead. Ive stated my theories many times, they change summer to winter but to explain again. Birds who go to roost early are full and digest overnight and are the first to feed in the morning, so return to the field they fed on the day before, other birds in the roost follow them and if not disturbed build up in the field until it is exhausted. Summer birds will see a flightline for example out of a city or woodland and follow
  6. Hi Jim, our turnip field is in a valley between two roosting woods not on our permissions and he always grows turnips on one of the fields. There is no surface water close so we have found they use the turnips for moisture on hot summer afternoons along with the chickweed earlier in the year as the turnips are growing. I'm not sure about the slug population but shot birds just seem to have turnip leaves in them. I hope you get some action with the Hushpower.
  7. No my PC is fine its just my five year old iPad
  8. Perhaps the clue is in the name " Wood Pigeon". over the past few weekends I have looked for birds on the stubbles and with a very few exceptions seen nothing. Of the two hundred plus shot last weekend a quick straw poll when I was laying them out concluded that they had been feeding on Clover, turnip tops, peas, beans, acorns,wheat and barley. Now the city woodies are still feeding on acorns in my garden and the parks , elderberrys on the canal, bread on bird tables. If they decide to feed out of roost first light, sit in trees via the heat of the day and feed at dusk you may not se
  9. We set out today with the increased corvids regulations that have been imposed in the Birmingham area. We set out in two vehicles and started to look for pigeons, DB had looked at a number of areas yesterday but they had shooters on them, when he inquired what they do with the pigeon the main reply was dump them and as they were lead shot we could not dispose of them for them. So we set out at 09.00 looking and by 10.30 we rang each other and we had been looking at the same farms and found no birds at all to shoot. I had seen a small amount of corvids on a spring barley stubble so I gave
  10. Well done Daz, more to put on the internet, i tried to comment earlier but my steam powered iPad will not allow me to comment. Again a great result. Can apologise for my post now!!! you know whats coming in straight lines??
  11. My iPad is five years old and working well on all other platforms
  12. From my main PC, which is a bind to use as its 32 steps up stairs
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