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  1. I was called out on Tuesday just to shoot crows, I had one dead crow as a decoy. At the field it was devoid of crows with the occasional pigeon. I watched it for twenty minute and the crows that came went to a sitting tree on the one edge of the field. So I set up within range of the tree, first two shots lifted approx three hundred crows from around the woods and trees. They just lifted up into the stratosphere and disappeared, the two shots gave me two pigeon decoys which I put on flyer frames. The first crow came next and this went onto a flyer frame. So no magnet, no flapper and after five hours packed up with 41 corvids and 69 pigeons. Last week Bunny_Blaster had a bag of 500 plus using a magnet and two flappers.
  2. Not sure but heat could expand the chamber, also the increased pressure with the powder for steel and cheap steel for cartridge cases . The common denominator is the steel cartridge.
  3. I’ve been using Lyalvale steel 5s,6s and 7s after fifty shots they start to jam, if I force it the ejector passes the rim of the cartridge. That was with my Beretta Silver Pigeon. I’m now using a Gold E and have the same problem. If I shoot corvids with Proper Cartridges lead no jams. On the Silver Pigeon I replaced the ejector and springs no change , I even increased the surface area that contacts the cartridge lip no change, polished the chamber no change . If I dry fire the spent cartridge it will eject. Over to the Boffins????
  4. This reminds me when I managed the Warranty Returns Centre at Cowley for Rover Group. We had “A” series engines returned and one operative asked if he could have twenty pushrods for a project. I was later informed that he had “ Traveller” heritage and he used them with a crossbow for poaching deer!!!!!
  5. I missed Marsh Mans post so I’m wishing you all the best in your recovery. I’m still sucking air and not been affected by COVID and managing a few outings after the pigeons. DB has been out with Topgunners and Bunny_Blaster has been busy with his first 300 plus bag of this years barley. He is currently isolating having proved positive. I’ve downsized dramatically from a seven bedroomed, three garage house to a normal semi with one garage. I’ve just had a thirty foot man cave built in the garden but have at least two garages of useful stuff after 33 years of collecting in storage. I had four hundred birds collected today so my freezers are empty ready for the barley. Marsh Man sorry to hijack your post but my old iPad would not let me respond or post . I look forward to your comments on my efforts in the field.
  6. Steve, just be positive and take whatever help is offered, good luck.
  7. Recently moved house, so thirty years of useful stuff in storage, thirty foot long man cave being built at present. With the help of others managed to keep my pigeon customers supplied. Will soon be on the barley. My ancient iPad would not let me reply to posts on the forum but now sorted with new iPad.
  8. Well done, at least your getting out!!
  9. Sorry for your loss, respect for a wonderful poem. Try and remember the happy times.
  10. Well done Jim, excellent report. I did manage 53 in the wind on Tuesday.
  11. Very True!! Not moved yet, legal people talking££££££ Found My Hat B_B carried the pigeon back to the Disco I did the rest, Paying for it today
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