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  1. Well done to your daughter, Simon, you taught her well. It was a deserving case and your daughter realised it and responded. My rant is the " Steetwise Kids" who know the system and wrap the snowflakes round ther little fingers. One quote from. A Birmingham fishing venue, these five lads are bivied up 24/7 after the Carp. One lad has to report to the benefit office for an interview . It is suggested that he takes a four pack of lager and drinks one before going in and says that he can't work as he is an alchaholic . The outcum his benefit is increased to account for his addiction!!!!!!!! Simon, tell your daughter she is a Star.
  2. How do you get off your drive if you have a power failure??
  3. My wife suggested that we ring all the church bells at the allotted time all over the country not just the capital.
  4. Great report of a well deserved day, its good to hear of JDog back out in the fields. You all had a better day than us, we did a lot of miles and found lots of tens and twenties on various crops. Nothing flighting and eventually found 120 on three adjacent rape fields set up and had three, I spent 11/2 hours looking for them as they had left the area. We gave up and went to roost and shot two!!!!! During a conversation with Bunny_basher he had seen the field shot with two different cars parked in the gate. He managed sixty today so did very well.
  5. Well done, at least you got out shooting.
  6. Yes the brolly gets used in wet or cold wind conditions
  7. I tend to keep mine in a square sheep lick bucket which works fo me as that fits inside my canvas shooting walking bag.
  8. Just reading through this post again and it struck me that it's the movement we are all concious of. When I construct a hide under the edge of the foliage of a tree in the summer I always but a back on it to prevent any movement being visible. When setting up on a hedge in winter I always look for a solid back , holly,Ivy or trees this is so movement is not perceived from the back or front. My hides look very thick due to the overlap of strips of fabric but in practice the base netting I make as a 50mm square with a 25mm strip tied over the knot. I stand to shoot with the peak of my cap over the edge of the net and peek over the net. It has already been stated that movement is the concern and that is the object of the hide to minimise.
  9. Ive added a few pictures of my homemade hides , its not easy to see due to the bright sun but they are lighter at the base and double sided so spring?summer one side and winter the other. The Ghillie was made for walking up on rabbits at night with nightvision with an air rifle. This was made from dyed string recovered from roll cages and was very succesful as it was a total block. The hide nest were made from strips of material from indian sari shops https://ibb.co/jJ4xU7 https://ibb.co/dWXHU7 https://ibb.co/ma4LhS https://ibb.co/tm4Nwbc https://ibb.co/44k1qcw
  10. Shh!!!!!, don't tell every on they will all want one.
  11. My 500 12ga is the same , they listed my spare barrel on my cert. The only concern I have is that the comb height is so different between the two barrels.
  12. I started the post to recount my personal situation and it has uncovered lots of dedicated members who are caring in silence. It's good to talk , so feel free to mention concerns and it might shed light on positive solutions others have found.
  13. I had a call in the week " 400 on the rape" so we set out to find this mega flock of birds. We had looked at this farm last week twice and found nothing so I was amazed with the report. We arrived at the farm at about 09.00 and counted fifteen birds in the trees around the rape . DB phoned the farmer to report our findings and he was assured that the " Other Pigeon Shooter" had told the farmer they were on the field but it needed two shooters as they move off and need another shooter to move them back!!!! We left the farm and drove to the farm we found last week, we parked in the yard and walked down to the rape field only to find it ploughed in!! It's a difficult field that you are unable to see from the road or farm. So we looked at two more rape fields on other farms , no birds. We decided to drive back to some standing maize we had shot before Christmas to find it covered with birds , but we are unable to decoy it or walk in it or put the dog in to retrieve birds. The wind was very strong and also it was raining , so we split along the mature hedge and found a holly bush each. The plan was to shoot any passing birds above us and drop them in the grass field behind us and then pick up at the end of the day. We shot for approx three hours and picked up forty two pigeons , DB would not take a photo as he was miffed with what we had picked up. I enjoyed the shooting as they were all high fast birds but it was frustrating when the very strong wind blew them back into the maize and were lost.
  14. A definite plan of action and a good positive attitude you can't beat t. Well done JDog.
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