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  1. This mini was the old Austin , and thirty odd years ago. OK , I don't mind a thirty minute recharge. What about the huge amount of HGVs travelling on the same route from Turkey etc bringing the avacardos to the masses?????
  2. I can remember two Austin engineers from Longbridge coming to Canley in Coventry with a mini that was running on Hydrogen. The story goes that the patent was brought by the petrol companies and the project shelved. On a different subject people who now my habits are aware that I drive down to Greece each year. Which I complete in two and a half days including 24 hours on a ferry fron Northen Italy to Greece. The first leg is Brum , Chunnel , St Gothard tunnel to the top of Italy. Next day down to Anconna and ferry . With an electric car I will have to stop to recharge at least twice, so what is the advantage !
  3. There was some talk a few years ago about using the canal system to transfer water around the country as they are linked in some way. This was to incorporate sluices in the locks to manage the flow which were centrally controlled and worked on gravity and water pressure.Or was it another PIPE DREAM!!!
  4. That's what we aim to do, if my comments make people laugh I achieved my objective.
  5. Thanks JDog, Pigeon Watch at its best!!!!
  6. Mrs PC had a new knee fitted on Friday and being the dutiful husband I've been visiting morning and night ( Browny Points) . Her reply being aren't you going shooting , my reply No I thought you would need some support!! . Her answer was you will have to go out next weekend as you know what your like if you don't go out. Result!!!!!!! She has had two hips and we are starting on the knees, I think this is the result of juvenile Ballet and twenty six years of horse ownership but could be the WEIGHT!!! I hope she never reads this or I'm dead!!!! Ive posted this not for sympathy but so my regular readers can get to bed for there beauty sleep.
  7. Nice to see the tropical hat in use!!! Intel is never wasted.
  8. How about a second hand polly tunnel covered with polythene and then plastic tarp?? Just a thought , I've seen some used by boat owners for winter storage.
  9. Thanks, but I think he has a holdall with various poles etc. He will have to take them to the dealer and try. Again thanks.
  10. No problem. Sorry JDog that you have to explain my poor attempts at humour. This thick Brummie has to become more elequent???
  11. Well done for venturing out to complement the various devises that protect the crops. It's amasing how much wheat and maize remain on the fields after the peas are planted! I understand the reasons for crop protection and each has a place In the farmers repertoire but non as effective as shooting. Again well done.
  12. My advice is , you can only shoot what returns to the field. If they fly off , find where they are going and ask permission. Explain where you have permission and that you are trying to reduce the flock. Stick at it and remember what works, try changing your set up. I can remember my early days dawn till dusk for nine birds.
  13. Sorry for your loss, from your account you have lots of happy memories. Just remember the good times.
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