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  1. No my PC is fine its just my five year old iPad
  2. Perhaps the clue is in the name " Wood Pigeon". over the past few weekends I have looked for birds on the stubbles and with a very few exceptions seen nothing. Of the two hundred plus shot last weekend a quick straw poll when I was laying them out concluded that they had been feeding on Clover, turnip tops, peas, beans, acorns,wheat and barley. Now the city woodies are still feeding on acorns in my garden and the parks , elderberrys on the canal, bread on bird tables. If they decide to feed out of roost first light, sit in trees via the heat of the day and feed at dusk you may not se
  3. We set out today with the increased corvids regulations that have been imposed in the Birmingham area. We set out in two vehicles and started to look for pigeons, DB had looked at a number of areas yesterday but they had shooters on them, when he inquired what they do with the pigeon the main reply was dump them and as they were lead shot we could not dispose of them for them. So we set out at 09.00 looking and by 10.30 we rang each other and we had been looking at the same farms and found no birds at all to shoot. I had seen a small amount of corvids on a spring barley stubble so I gave
  4. Well done Daz, more to put on the internet, i tried to comment earlier but my steam powered iPad will not allow me to comment. Again a great result. Can apologise for my post now!!! you know whats coming in straight lines??
  5. My iPad is five years old and working well on all other platforms
  6. From my main PC, which is a bind to use as its 32 steps up stairs
  7. Is it me but I can not reply or raise a new topic from my main user source my iPad. I have tried various ways to reply to topics it just takes me back to the top of the topic. Any similar users will not be able to comment or complain??? OR Have I been put in the sin bin??????
  8. Thanks for your kind comments, I refuse to be OLD, I'm eighteen in my mind and carry on as such with no limits. Over the past thirty odd years pigeon shooting I've suffered damaged ankle ligaments in both legs, snapped a cruciate ligament and had it repaired. I have backache every time I load and unload the chest freezers.The pain after shooting is the price we pay for our pastime. I'm 1948 vintage and feel my youth walking the canal playing in the fields set me up for a good life. Mrs PC has had two new hips in previous years and a complete knee replacement in 2018 but has suffered with
  9. Following the strong winds the other week this deposited a large number of acorns on the ground. This week I have noticed morning and evening pigeons taking the acorns off the trees hanging at various angles in the process. During the day the birds have been feeding on the dropped acorns on the drive and lawns. Have any other members seen this? Personally this is very early for them to be feeding on acorns as they would normally be on stubbles and beans and also delay them attacking the rape, if we have any.
  10. If you watch all your fields see which one they do favour, that's the first step. If you have a strong wind shoot a field down wind so your shots spook them off the other fields and they come into wind to your position. As previously stated use rope bangers to keep them on the move so they see your decoys.
  11. I'm very interested in this post, I currently shoot 32g 4's and 5's also 28g 71/2 commercial produced shells. I have produced 500 shells based on a purchased recipe but on test firing have suffered case swelling and poor ejection. I look forward a simple explanation of the process and formula.
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