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  1. pigeon controller

    Smeggin Crows😵

    The main farm I shoot puts his hand in his pocket and buys me a slab when required, he is the only one!!!
  2. pigeon controller

    Smeggin Crows😵

    As I reported before on previous posts, my crow shooting is difficult to get my head round. I tend to shoot at them as they look like they are not moving but they are, when they are passing or going away I use the Bum,Breast,Beak method. If I miss I push the gun a little further. All the time keep the gun moving DO NOT STOP. Incoming just determine if they are rising or falling and compensate accordingly. With crows and pigeons you should not have to think about the shot it should be instinctive, what I call reflex shooting. How many times do you see birds while walking or driving and give them lead???? I can still remember the advice given to me when I first had a gun. When you were a kid and your mate was running away from your snowball you always threw in front of him!!! Instinct??
  3. pigeon controller

    Third Week lucky

    Thanks good tip with the cap, if JDog did that it would be an eclipse???
  4. pigeon controller

    Third Week lucky

    Yes, no problems at all.
  5. pigeon controller

    Third Week lucky

    Nothing on the rape at all, acorns and hawthorns and of course the Maize Stubble.
  6. pigeon controller

    Third Week lucky

    Had a call on Thursday to the same field I shot last week for the crows , this time they were walking along the rows picking the sprouting wheat to eat the grain said the Farmer. I believe they were picking the wheat out to eat the wire worm on the seed. As the plants were out on the top with grain attached. As last week I was confident to go with no decoys just a Primos crow call. Within five miutes I had three decoys and set them out. I had a limited time scale of three hours shooting to get home. It as wierd that last week I had 52 birds in three hours this week 52 again. So next week should I go for six hours and have 104????? seriously I realy enjoyed just three hours and not having to carry the birds off the field is a bonus. Over the past three weeks we have seen lots of birds over a cut maize field and due to other shooters being on it before us we had to leave it alone, I had a heads up yesterday that another shooter was on it Friday morning and as I had to pass the field to get to the vet for some phoo phoo tablets for the horse I had a look. No shooter and no pigeon only a dozen or so of crows. I picked up DB at eight and he said its" our turn to shoot the maize " so we drove out to see if it was free from shooters. As we approached the field birds were flighting in from all directions so we knew it was free. We pulled up in the gateway and contacted the Farmer, as we watched the birds were all going along the far edge of the field this was due to the change in wind direction to a South Easterly. This meant a long walk with the gear, but thats where the birds want to be. So a long walk it was. We set up two magnets with real birds and eight real birds on spikes and before we had the magnets working birds were landing in the pattern. The first ninety minutes were very productive and then the sun broke through the cloud and was directly in front of us and made the shooting difficult, with the sun out it was very warm so I took my coat off and with a spare pole put it directly in front of me the shield me from the sun. Now this sounds crazy but it worked for me as I could see the birds well either side of my coat and take the shot either side. DB took another method, he extended the hide in front of him to shield him from the sun and took all the high birds not setting to the decoys, Simples..We had started shooting at approx 09.30 and finished at 15.15 we picked up one hundred and seventythree pigeons and eight corvids. So it was third week lucky for us. 52 corvids 173 Pigeons and 8 corvids
  7. pigeon controller

    hushpower on rape

    Well done Daz , not seen any on our rape yet but you had a satisfying four hours with the hushy. When you've been using the over and under and you change to the Hushy I forget to pump then panic and miss the shot. I presume you are not putting steel through the full choke ? But using lead.Again well done for a productive four hours out on the rape.
  8. pigeon controller

    A few more 100m pigeons.

    Great sport and report, we have migrating birds that follow the river valleys and can be great sport. I have a number of Salix hides that I have built over the years that are now mature trees in a very tight circle which look almost like witchcraft. Its good to hear from you and your exploits into the Lincolnshire Wolds, and breaks the mold of my predictive reports, again well done. Perhaps we should have one week end when we all report on our outings to get an idea of how our sport is covering the country. Post game season perhaps.
  9. pigeon controller

    Strange Seed

    I do not have the seed only a photograph via text
  10. pigeon controller

    Missed the boat

  11. pigeon controller

    Missed the boat

    Yes I had a Sprocker from Bigbird who was on the forum. He was eighteen months old was my first gun dog and very boisterous but a lovely dog. I had him for six months but he developed a lump which was removed he then developed more lumps. The vet said he could have chemo and last a further six months but I decided to let him go in my arms.My seventieth birthday card from my wife stated " I promise that the bearer of this card shall have a Springer Spaniel on demand" and I will.
  12. pigeon controller

    Strange Seed

    I did think they looked like grape pips but they would have remnants of the skins in the crop. My only thought was that it was a local plantation of none native shrubs or trees . Where is JDog when you need him??
  13. pigeon controller

    Missed the boat

    Well done Ben, as you say " that's pigeon shooting" . It's been a long time since I have seen so many birds down but they were in a flock and stayed in a flock.
  14. pigeon controller

    Missed the boat

    Lead 18p = 32/6s Steel 20p = 32/5s
  15. pigeon controller

    Strange Seed

    Last week I was sent this picture of seeds from a pigeon shot at roost and at first I thought it was very old stubble wheat but it look the wrong shape as it seems to be trianular shape like a grape seed. And some a chitting from the end of the seed. Any thoughts ?????