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  1. We have a cess pit vacuum wagon called " Suckers"
  2. Thanks for sharing, I've always respected hares and never been asked to shoot them. I watched coursers in the fens ruin fields of growing crops. My only concern is the " Xbox" generation will have no knowledge of what goes on in the countryside, again thanks.
  3. Bedford CA van , old Birmingham Post and Mail delivery van . Been round the clock once but would cruise at 70'all day. Only bought the van so I could transport my Trials and Clubman Racer to events. I fitted town and country tyres and it would go anywhere.
  4. The weather forcast was ominous as we headed out with trepidation expecting to get soaking wet. We looked at a number of rape fields with nothing showing at all. We wanted to get set up before the wet and at least get the replacement decoys before the rain. We called in on the farmer and he told us of two fields that he had seen the birds building up on, so we had a look. The one was well off the road and had a number of birds in the trees, so we put a rope banger on that and decided to shoot the other field. We had watched it before we saw the farmer and the bird were dropping in behind a dell in the lee of the wind. Just as we were leaving they lifted off with the sound of a banger. So we went to another farm and found no birds, so we returned to the field we had watched and the birds were back. So we walked down the field and set up in front of the dell, fixing the brolly in place first just in case, The first hour was good with a regular supply of birds, then it just stopped and in the two hours we had three birds return. DB went off and drove around the local farms to try and find them, but we only had a trickle return. At approx 15.00 they started to return along a tree line on the edge of the field but with the very strong wind they would come off the line and approach the decoys only to flare off with the wind also the rape is tall and we were trying to drop them in the lower stuff so we could retreive them as the dog seemed to have a problem scenting them in the very strong wind. As the time went on we tended to get birds coming back towards the roost wood behind us which gave us a few more birds. We stopped shooting at 17.30 as the rain had started and we decided to pack up. We collected fiftyseven birds for the picture the dog found another three after so the total for the day was sixty birds which was a fair result for the conditions. 57 Pigeons, the dog found three more after the picture so the total for the day was 60
  5. Well done to all the admin team and thanks for keeping us in bounds.
  6. Yes I've seen lots getting onto buds , so we will loose them soon. It's the most frustrating part of the year, when you see loads in the woods and they will not decoy, but we will keep trying.
  7. Looks a nice location and it's a pity the line stopped , well done for being out.
  8. This may be fake news but a friend of mine who shoots clay every Sunday for the past thirty years has developed a cough. Talking to his doctor he stated that an American Docter had taken one of the cartridge manufacturers to court re the toxic fumes emitted from shot cartridges. I told my friend that I often get a lungfull when loading in a panic but if it is toxic should they not state on the box??? I've put my tin hat on and retreated to the bunker!!!!!
  9. All the previous info is correct, I tend not to use plastic decoys but hide and call them in and shoot , then use as decoys. I did try a plastic decoy which I boot polished and lofted and found that brought them in with confidence as they wanted to join the lofted bird rather than sit on the ground. So if you are near farm buildings or hedges put one of your plastics on a stick, it may help. Good Luck and let us know the result.
  10. Welcome back, nice to see that you found some sport for the afternoon and nice cleanly shot birds. Interesting that you had to move along the dyke to improve your shooting, but thats what you have to do. When you were talking about the wind and decoys, both the arms on my magnet had to be bent back into shape to allow them to slide back into the tubes due to wind buffeting. Looking forward to more reports from the Dynamic Duo, M&M.
  11. Thanks Marsh Man, I'm not saying we are special in any way but we have shot together for over thirty years and we met during a fishing session and found we are of like minds with respect to not sitting back waiting for it to happen but to change things to make it happen. We seem to be able to read a field and know it will produce or have sufficient birds to make it produce, when we pick up shot birds we will look from the field back to the hide and change things that do not appear to be natural. On poor weather days we concentrate on getting a good pattern for the afternoon feed as the birds in our opinion need food the keep warm through the roost. Thank you all for your comments and I hope my attempts of humour and instruction help to encourage others to think outside the box and try methods and not be " robotic" in the pattern set up and " remember what's works" You mentioned DB's shooting, yes he is a good shot and the position of the hide was perfect for 360' shooting and also with the birds coming in large groups allowed him to shoot in three's. He hates shooting under trees which restrict his line of fire, but sometimes you have to as that is where the birds want to be. It was a thought
  12. Been there and got the T shirt, ouch!!!!!
  13. Ten out of ten for observation, when I blanked the photographers name I thought it looked like a oil slick. My son keeps sending me pictures of Disco Two's for sale so I can put one in stock. He also runs a Disco Two V8 which he says I can use for Shooting but all my pension would go in petrol.
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