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  1. pigeon controller

    A start to 2018 harvest

    A 100 is not to be sniffed at but its always the way when you have plenty in the freezer no orders, when you have orders no pigeon. Good result well done.
  2. pigeon controller

    Ive gota' come clean...

    Well done for getting out, truthful report.
  3. pigeon controller

    Grass field decoying and school boy error

    Great report, well done. We have decoyed grass between feeding fields in the passed and it worked well. Always take a slab with you whatever your shooting over.
  4. pigeon controller

    Could have shot 100+

    What a great post, father and son bonding is great , mine has only been out with me a couple of times and gets upset when he misses birds. We bond in the man cave when I'm usually repairing something for him. Society has a concern with single mothers and no father figure so don't knock it encourage it all the way.
  5. pigeon controller

    Ditchman and God

    You look after yourself Ditchie, keep taking the tablets. Get yourself under control. I had that last year, went to give blood ( 100 plus pints) and told your anemic, never had a problem before. Book a service at the GPs, small busty blonde nurse trying to reach the check my height , blood pressure 200 plus. Comment , I should call for an ambulance. Doctor says " White coat syndrome" books me in for cameras up and down, " spit roast". All OK . Blood pressure tablets issued, you should be slowing down a bit in your lifestyle!!!!! No way. The irony is that I feel great, out of breath at times but a quick recovery , but I have reached the prescribed " three score years and ten"
  6. pigeon controller

    Tour de France 2018

    My views on the subject. I love the Tour, I started to watch it when being off work after my cruciate ligament was repaired. I love the countryside and watch the fields etc. Re the Wiggins and Froome medication. I'm old enough to rememberer the French disqualifying the Mini Coopers in the Monte Carlo Rally for having I think 5 inch headlamps not metric??? They change to rules to win. During my drive down this year we must have passed twenty plus lorries all connected to the tour , very impressive.
  7. pigeon controller

    First Stubble Outing

    A good result in the conditions, they never said that decoying would be easy but I bet you enjoyed the banter. p.s. The barmans just brought me an ice cold Amstel on the house. That means I will have to stay and drink it!!!!!!!
  8. pigeon controller

    harvest at last

    Well done Daz, you have been patient waiting for the conditions to allow you to shoot , well done. As you say steel is the way forward it seems, I've been using it since January and have been impressed with the results. Again well done and I look forward to further reports.
  9. pigeon controller

    Bee attractor

    They have been busy on our Lavender.
  10. pigeon controller

    what a waste

    I think the Continental Market has gone the same way as ours.Thirty years ago you could sell pigeons in Birmingham Bullring Market, very few now. For a long time I sold my birds to Rick Bestwick at Chesterfield and I believe he would export seventy percent to Europe. Talking to Polish,Albanian and Bulgarian people in Greece they do not eat Pigeon there parents did, so the market has disappeared. I did recently find an outlet supplying the Cruise Ships, which was very lucrative and a very good volume. Unfortunately this dried up. I have jumped through all the hoops etc, gained my Hunter I.D. have full traceability and shot steel. Over the past thirty years I have explored various markets to my advantage and managed to keep ahead of the game but it's getting more difficult
  11. pigeon controller

    how to approach shooting these fields?

    The spot you have chosen looks OK , just try not to shoot into the sun and as you say it's a brow of a hill which will be fine for visibility. Lets us know how you get on.
  12. pigeon controller

    Killing Two Birds With One Stone

    Well done MM, love the Norfolk presentation of decoys and shot birds. A well planned session and well executed. In my formative years , pre magnet, I would set out forty plastics and two fresh birds as flyers. This took too long to set up and disturbed the returning birds so we decided to build the hide and then ten plastics two flyers and shoot the returning birds. Look forward to your next outing.
  13. pigeon controller

    cant speed up magnet

    Looks fine to me too.
  14. pigeon controller

    what a waste

    This dumping of pigeon worries me as the antis will ask the authorities to enforce the general licence as they walk the stubble fields they will find birds and point out it is not crop protection. My pet hate is the " Butterfly Shooters" who appear when the crop is cut , drive to the pitch and dump the birds with no intention of taking the birds off the fields other than increasing the fly population. They give us all a bad name. if through some incapacity they are unable to walk to shoot they should at least make some plan to remove the birds from the field and dispose of them in a correct manner. Even to the point of putting them in place sacks and driving to the local tip. OK rant over get back to holiday packing.
  15. pigeon controller

    Hissy Fit

    Enjoy your retirement I await your results.