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  1. As above went as a family to Packington and bought some good equipment I still use today, as Salting stated " A working mans game fair"
  2. Great report of a session built on hope more than expectation, I honestly believe that birds are decoy shy at present even young birds. This is partially due to the amount of food available. In the depth of winter decoys give them a direction to an essential food source which they require to survive. Cant we all club together and buy JDog a larger cartridge bag?? Or is it a ploy that he hopes the birds see him with his hipster bag on the shoulder and that he is not a serious threat?? Thanks for reporting and well done to the both of you.
  3. Well done deserved result,,thanks for reporting.
  4. Great result from an unexpected session , I think it is great when a slow day just gets better. Well done and thanks for reporting.
  5. I can remember some of the " Fast Track " crowd poping in for a brew with my Dad when I was making up a track bike from bits from the salvage down the road . " How did you know how to put them together" talk about streetwise!!!!! From what I can remember they spent a week in the cars for " For Knowledge" At least the future Inspector next door was a " Shooting and Fishing Man" and could scrump apples and plums with the best of them!! RESPECT. Wish her all the best and keep at it , it's not a job it's a vocation. In hindsight I wish I'd had a go for it. I had a girl work with me in Rugby who was an Inspector in the Specials and it took her some time to get in .
  6. Only just because I've mislaid my Lighter???? They had the fires three weeks before I came down on the island opposite on Evia, when my son was here???????
  7. Following on from Team Tractors post , I have a Rant , I apologise if it offends any body but it's personnel . My Father was a local village copper , I went to the local school and had to take the flack sometimes as he would catch someone give them a smack around the head and take them home to their dad who did the same. He would rather do that than the paperwork. If anything went down in the locality he would know who did it. If he saw a vehicle with the driver worse for wear he would escort them home , and a bag of meat would be hung on the door knocker of the Police house. He was my hero , bought me my first air rifle to shoot the rats at the chicken pen at the bottom of the garden along with the future police inspector in the police house next door. Bought me my first shotgun, after giving up his shotgun as a condition of me being born, hero. In his later years when the altzimers kicked in he would think I was his brother and talk about all the things I would not expect him to do as kids, this made him human to me. I felt the leather strap of his trouncheon a few times when my cheekiness went too far or I tried to lie to him. DId me know harm I would visit him in the local home every night as we could not cope with the excessive weight ( 26 stone, 18 stone and fit in the force) and we would go through the key holders of the high street and their addresses. All this information locked away in his brain but he did not recognise me.. When his granddaughter tried to follow in his footsteps she applied , Blue eyes blond hair , we have lots of you can you say you are bi-sexuall we need some of these . She became a Special, I Know a Hobby Copper but that was the only way in, but straight in they sent her to the wonderful district of Nechells in Birmingham to sort out a domestic between a Somalie family which the husband will not accept her authority!!!!!! I know Walker 570 knew my Dad , I'm not sure in what context but they were in the force together at on time . The respect for the Police has diminished but who would want to Police the current state of idiots around. If you have chance please respect your parents for they did the best as they could and if possible thank them. I sorry for this Rant but the three pints of cider in the local bar have got to me , I'm not here for the cider just the Wi Fi . Thanks Folks , Rant Over.
  8. On most of my farms with Keepers the Farm comes first the Shoot second. After a shoot day the excuse is always the pigeon shooters have spooked the birds or the birds are not in the woods due to the pigeon shooters. Funny when you set up on the hedges on the rape the birds are all over the fields coming out of the hedges????? I've only ever been on one formal game shoot in the company of Sir JDog ( sorry has it not been publicised yet) and the birds were in the woods as they should be. I personally think that some so called Keepers think that feeding is enough not walking the land and dogging in just riding around in the little truck feeding and watering.
  9. Thanks for your report, at least you shot a few, that's what it's all about.
  10. It's aimed at the money market not the farmers market they have the Ford type pick ups. Down here in Greece for the third year with my Disco 5 I've not seen another on the journey for three years. Plenty of Range Rover Evoques etc. Having driven Range Rovers and Discoveries for the past thirty years, my son is saying my next shooting vehicle will be a Ford Ranger Rapter at half the price saving his inheritance????? Struggling to type that after three pints of cider for lunch so I can use the WiFi in the local bar, what the heck !!!!!!!
  11. Brilliant report of a brilliant day, three in a hide is mind boggling but the result is terrific and would have been a mega video. I was starting the think they had banned shooting pigeons as during my stay in Greece virtually nil reports, but I knew I could rely on the North Norfolk crew to find some bean stubble, well done lads thanks for reporting. Who Shot the feral????
  12. I've never seen sloes or even blackthorn but they have plums in the shops at present along with all the other fruits.
  13. Very few sloes , plums and damsons on my farms.
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