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  1. No manly Jackdaws, the farmers calls them all “ Rooks”
  2. I’ve never known a period of shooting with the quarry so spread out and fickle with the feeding patterns. We had orders to fill and the birds were all over the place, bunny_blaster had set us up with 77 on Friday on peas. We went out with Topgunners on Saturday as they had some birds on peas as we drove over to them we went through a tremendous thunderstorm. We met up at the pea field and watched it for a good twenty minutes and it had two flightlines coming to the field. The lads informed us that the best position to shoot the field was on the far side and the birds were sitting on the wires so we drove around and set up in the corner of the field with the magnet and two flappers. The first two birds in sat on the wires about eighty meters from the hide!! As the day progresses TGs returned to the field not finding any other viable shooting and set up on another of the flightlines. This caused the birds to flight down the far edge of the field and go out of sight we could see them setting for a sitty tree on a grass field. We had a few rain showers during the day . it was getting on now and we could see a mass of cloud on the horizon and decided to pack up, hence no picture. It was a good job as the rain started as we drove around the field the other way and found that the sitty tree was on the edge of the peas due to a dog leg in the field!! We finished the day with 63. On Tuesday I had a call to thin out some corvids which were eating the lambs food out of the troughs. I arrived at 08.00and started shooting at 08.30 and shot for four hourd as I had other commitments. I managed to pick up 134 corvids and the farmer was pleased and requested that i return. BB contacted me the next day and informed me that he had a request for some steel shot crows unfortunately mine had been shot with lead and were now in the farmers waste pit.
  3. What a report, well done. Moving the pattern to make the shooting easier is the way forward in my opinion. You did your reconnaissance before setting and chose the perfect spot for yourself. my concern in this weather is keeping the birds cool. Damp carp sacks will work especially with a strong breeze if you can hang them in the shade. Cracking report , thanks for posting.
  4. Following last week’s 161 on the clover we had TopGunners over from Coventry on our patch. We were confident we could find sufficient birds for us to shoot. Second farm in and the farmer informed us that he had seen birds about during the week so we drove the farm and saw a few but not that many to fully commit so two of us set up and the other two continued to look and would inform us of richer pickings. We had two orders to fill this weekend and Bunny_Blaster was helping also on his ground. Not to bore you with the none event myself and Alan stuck it out for 34 pigeon, DB and Steve completed in excess of 120 miles and eventually set up on some peas 30 birds. I collected 100+ birds from B_B. So it was an uneventful day in total. As a footnote, TopGunners shot 129 on Sunday on clover which I collected and delivered today.
  5. Well done Ben, as I said during our phone call the 16 th June is the date we start looking at barley. So your not far out. Two good sessions and happy farmers, well done again.
  6. Thanks for all your kind comments, I post to educate, brag!! And confirm that at 74 you can still achieve things that people say “ You should not be doing that at your age” if you have a will to do it . Yes , my hips hurt , I can’t bend to pick a dropped shell very easily. Loading and unloading the freezer is painful. I’m very lucky that I have no major concerns “ Just Knackered Syndrome” I appreciate comments on my ramblings and thank you, my thirty year association with DB has made me guarded with my meetings of others but do appreciate the camaraderie of this forum. I love the anonymity of this forum , it’s like reading a book you imagine the characters and what they look like, Ditchman especially!!. Thank You.
  7. They are very shy!!!. We are technical dinosaurs and would find it difficult. During my angling years I did appear on a program called Angling Today with Terry Thomas on Eel Fishing. I was never offered any Hollywood parts following that and prefer now to keep a lower profile. The setting up procedure is based on thirty odd years of shooting pigeons every weekend. The fields we shot at the weekend are a typical example, the flightlines are spread across the whole area and you would be frustrated to set up on one and watch the birds fly along another three. Splitting was the right decision as we required a bigger bag to supply the outstanding orders.
  8. As Mossy 835 stated its home made from strips of material purchased from Asian material stores / Market stalls this cut in strips and added to a basic ex army European spec camo net. One side is brownish for winter and the other greenish for summer. one tip is to take some leaves into the shop to compare colours and also look in daylight. it’s amazing whats about as scrap I.e. old fishing keepnets/ landing nets, green clothes, string and rope etc Good foraging
  9. In the 161 we shot yesterday , none were young birds.
  10. Thanks for all your comments and information.
  11. Decoying under the flightline, so a bit of both.
  12. Following my return from my holiday in Greece the demand for birds has been manic, delivered two hundred on Tuesday. Wednesday another request for three hundred and Thursday a request for seventy fresh. So I think I may have to go out shooting!! Bunny_Blaster had been supplying while I was away and had some stock from being out in the week. So yesterday was a day that we needed to find the birds. DB had received a call in the week about thousands on the rape from one of our farmers, this farm is in the south of our permissions so we headed off that way looking at crops on the way ( peas, cover etc) The thousands on the rape were a few birds eating the clover on the edges of the farm track and on a pony paddock next to a house nearby!!! We found two dead birds on the track also so it had been shot, give it a miss. We had a call from TopGunners who had found some birds in the week while rabbit shooting eating late on clover. We gave them a ring and only one was out looking but he had seen three good flightlines to the clover fields. So we decided to head over and look at other fields on the way. We met up at approx 11.00 and scanned the fields , It was a strange strong wind from the North East which made it a difficult decision as to sighting of the hide. We started at midday with Myself and DB in the hide and TGs keeping them on the move, eventuall we covered each flightline with a hide. We had used the hedges to protect us from the wind which made it difficult at times as birds would suddenly appear and be away with the wind. We stopped shooting at 18.00 and consolidated the birds for a picture despite being asked only George the dog would sit with me. The total being one hundred and sixty one. We had covered seventy five miles. So after dropping DB back I popped over to B_B and collected his birds and went back home ,bagged up the frozen birds and put the fresh in trays in the chiller and eventually had my tea at 22.15. This morning the three hundred frozen collected at 09.00 I then drove and delivered a hundred plus fresh. This has now allowed me to write my account of the day.
  13. I have been asked why certain officers have the peak on there caps flattened towards the eyes. I tried Google and had no luck other than Queens Regulations on Officers Dress. I’m sure there are correct answers and also “ Squaddies” both would be interesting.
  14. Thanks, I did manage to have a rest in Greece after nearly four years of being empty. I did a bit of painting etc , two days before returning I had a request for some birds on my return. The caretaker requested my help in the garden and I did my back in!!!! On my return DB and and Topgunners managed 112 birds last week to fill the order so I’m rearing to go this week end, report to follow as normal
  15. Being away out of the country for three weeks I was hoping for my normal fix of pigeon pictures to keep me going until I return. Ben managed a few and a few others. The forum name of Pigeon Watch tends to focus on the one species although I do enjoy reading of other exploits. This is an old chestnut, with the amount of mobile phones with cameras we should be inundated with pictures in Talk from the Field ?? I’m not the most literate of people and it takes some time to collate my thoughts and produce a post but I do to prove that if I can do it most other gun owners can. A picture and brief description will do and also any difficulties encountered , as we have all had most things happen to us in the past and we may have a solution. So go on have a go and post a picture of the ten birds and any problems encountered .
  16. Well done Ben, total commitment, happy farmer. Did your mother in law keep your dinner warm??
  17. That’s how it goes, I had a all last week and I’m in Greece!!!!!
  18. Well done Ben, keeping them on the move.
  19. Back in the Dark ages when I was studying at college I did a project on the production of steel roller bearings and found that Sweden was the world biggest producer of ball bearings. I know China has now possible taken this roll but Sweden could supply the eurozone if they wanted perhaps.
  20. Well done Ben, they have come out of hiding now I’m in Greece battling with 28 degrees , I’ve had to start drinking beer !!! You should have some good sport with those peas as they have show a lot of interest in them over the week you have been watching them. It’s a good job you emptied your freezers??
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