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  1. Last week while shooting I had two buzzards come over my decoys and one landed on the hedge along from my hide as there was a bird at the foot of the hedge. We often find eaten birds when you walk the perimeter of the field. These can be winged birds hit with overshot and drop out of the trees later. The birds seem to know I’m a food source as the appear when I start shooting??
  2. A good report of an honest days pigeon shooting, the planning that went into and the end result does not matter it’s the taking part that counts and I bet you enjoyed the banter etc . Well done and thanks for posting
  3. Result, well done, thanks for the picture.
  4. Steel shot can go to both markets as they can remove shot with magnets.
  5. My average is about the same I tend to deliver between 5 or 6 hundred a month during the winter. I did share a field with Bunny_Blaster in the summer over laid barley I had two hundred he had six hundred in the centre of the field.
  6. Well done for getting out, thanks for reporting.
  7. I went out on Friday morning following a request from a farmer who is having a particular problem with one field of rape. I went to the field which has two other larger fields next to it and it has been eaten down to the heart of the plant. This particular morning it was covered with thick frost and the birds were in the trees waiting for it to thaw. I was set up for 10.00 with ten decoys on cradles and two flappers, during setting up the flock went off into the distance. By 11.00 I had one bird return which I shot. I left my gear set up and walked back to the Disco with my gun and carts to go and find the flock. As I drove past the other rape it had no birds present. About a mile away is a small five acre field of rape and the trees around it were covered, so I went and looked at some more rape with no birds. I decided the pack up and go to the five acre field. After packing all my gear away again I drove back to the five acre field as I did I noticed some birds in the trees of another field which I had driven past earlier( Mental Note). When I finally arrived at the five acre it had no birds at all!!!! So back to the area that I had seen the birds and yes they were still in the trees. Now this position is between the two previous fields so I set up and waited it was now 12.30 after about ten minutes the birds started to return to the trees and overfly to my decoys. I packed up at 15.00 and picked up 27 pigeons. Today I drove to another section of rape expecting birds to be feeding as we had no frost, at the first two fields no birds I could not get to the third field as a delivery truck had one of his wheels in the ditch. At the last field I could see about fifty birds in the trees and they were dropping in so they wanted to feed. So I set up with ten on cradles and two on the magnet right on the brow of the hill so that my decoys were very visible, I was all set up for 10.30 and the first two into the decoys came from behind me which was a good omen as there is a large field of rape in that direction with gas guns on it. The birds were a steady stream to the decoys and at midday a game shoot started behind me and sent a large flock high over my head as they did not show any interest in the decoys I gave then two barrels to split them up hoping they thought it was a gas gun and let them come back and look at the pattern. The afternoon was steady and I packed up at 15.30 and picked up 92 pigeons so it was a better day than Friday.
  8. I have enjoyed his music through 8 track, cassette,CD and blue tooth. R.I.P.
  9. Good to see that you are getting out and reporting, well done.
  10. Thanks for all your kind comments, my philosophy in life is that you should never say “ I wish I had” you should have done it .
  11. Have you got any spare??????
  12. Due to the cost of these I’ve been trying to source the old “ penny bangers “ “:Black Cat “ have been banned in UK but still available in Europe and with the help of Ditchman create a rope fuse. I have thought of decanting individual fireworks from multi shot , ie 100 shot large fireworks. The other option perhaps is cut down cartridge cases and a pinch of powder. I think Portek have seen an increase in sales due to pigeon damage and want to cash in Any other members have any ideas??
  13. I was recalled out to the farm I shot last Thursday for 48 pigeons as the farmer had still seen a good number on his rape. I was told it was shot on Saturday for 15 birds which did not instil me with any confidence but I had a plan. When I arrived at the farm the field I shot last week had about 100 birds in the trees and a few feeding so I then drove to the other section of rape which had about 25 in the trees. Now last week I shot from the midway along the hedge but the wind today was blowing the length of the field so I decided to walk the full length and my plan was to take two lofters to place in the tree above me as the birds seemed to want sitting birds to attracted them. Even with my wheel barrow this took two trips, I set up with the full set two flappers , magnet and 8 real birds on cradles. I was all set up for 10.00, at 11.30 nothing had returned so I drove to the other field an they were down at the far end. So up sticks and move. I was all set up for 13.00. This field is known as “The Long Field” and I was not going to walk the full length to where the birds were dropping in. I put a shot up and there were birds still down feeding and had not been disturbed by me setting up. The only lower sections of rape were a good way out from the edge so my pattern was a good thirty to forty yards out, which made for good shooting but it did mean that you had to mark each dropped bird as you shot them, at the end of the day I only lost two. The first hour was the most productive as it tailed off but they were cutting the hedge at the far end of the field which sent me a few more birds. It was all over by 15.30 and I packed up picking 42 birds. I asked where the other shooter had shot on Saturday and it was the field I shot on Thursday and first thing in the morning , if I had not moved I too would have had a similar number. No doubt I will get another call so I will have to formulate another cunning plan!!!
  14. Well done for early rising, I have found in the past that it is good sport then stops by 10.00 , thanks for the report and picture.
  15. Well done for going out and suffering the pain, you did well and thanks for reporting.
  16. I had arranged to shoot with DB today so I picked him up at 08.30 and we set out in the fog with icy roads. We had an idea where we wanted to shoot and looked at four farms on the way out . All had birds on them but just sitting in trees waiting for the frost to melt off the rape. The field that we wanted to shoot had a good two hundred birds on it but as we drove down the track to it they just lifted off and moved to the edge of the field. We drove to an advantage point to see the reaction, after about ten minutes they started to return to the centre of the field. So we decided to set up , we had not shot this field foe three weeks and hoped it would produce. I built the hide and DB setup the magnet and ten cradles with real birds. We were all set up for 09.300 and the first birds in came high from the back of us not from the birds in the trees. Two cracking shots and DB was in his element, the next two one to the pattern and one over high both fell to my gun. This had the effect of lifting all the birds from the edge of the field and disappear into the distance. In the next hour two returned so DB decided to walk the circumference of the field and found numerous hide positions and fresh patches of feathers . He talked to a dog walker who informed him that last week four cars were parked in the gateway and numerous shooters were around the field!!!! The situation is that we shoot for the farmer who in growing the crop the other shooters have the land owner’s permission. By the time that DB had returned our total was eight birds. So we agreed to move on it was now 11.30. We arrived at the second farm and the birds were down feeding hard as the sun had broken through and melted the frost. The only piece of cover on this field is a conifer towards the one edge of the field but with today’s wind it would be in your face as you could only shoot one way safely. We were all set up for 12.30 and the birds started to return but they found it difficult to get into the decoys so we moved them out into the field so the back edge was at least fifty yards out this had the effect of letting the birds approach us and then bank round and attempt to join the pattern. It was frustrating shooting at times as I normally like to shoot with the birds coming head on or from the side I’m not into ALAN shooting !!!. We shot till 15.30 and picked up 82 birds for the picture and found another to on the way back to the Disco. It was a cold but enjoyable day.
  17. I had a call yesterday that the pigeons were hitting the rape on a farm which is next to the farm with twenty odd gas guns. So after walking the pup I loaded the Disco and set out. It had been a hard frost and it was still foggy with little wind which are the type of conditions I never do well in as I like a good breeze to make the pigeons set for the decoys rather than just drift over your head and drop into the pattern. When I arrived at the field it had about 150 birds sitting in the tall trees at the far end. Which is a long walk and also if I set up by the trees I would be shooting into the sun so I opted to shoot the other edge of the field at the trees with the slight breeze left to right. The sun was on my back through the hedge and would set to my left. This made the pattern of ten on cradles and two on the magnet in slight shadow at preset but would make the birds fly into the sun later on. All set up at 10.30. First two birds came straight in so the set up was O K, these two went on to flying frame as if coming in from the distant trees. The next hour was steady shooting and the birds were coming back in low numbers then it just turns off the gas guns were all working around me but for an hour I never saw a bird so I decide the walk the circumference of the field and found a good number of fresh feathers, so it had been shot or an adjacent field had been shot with the wounded birds dropping in the trees around this field loads of feather groups but no carcases. I stuck it out until 16.00 hoping that I may get a reverse flight line back to roost but only had a few stragglers return, I picked up 48 pigeons so the farmer was happy that I had kept them off for a day.
  18. Do not fear, I have a farm which have in excess of twenty gas guns and towards the spring they get use to them and I have some good shooting. It amazes me when I shoot close to the motorway and the constant bangs and noise of lorries etc the birds just continue to eat.
  19. Following my eight days isolation thanks to COVID I went to test my fitness prior to shooting. I chose some ground that is part of the three hundred acres of rape that I have been looking after. So Friday I set out to scan a few rape fields on the way, it was a bright sunny day and the visibility was excellent. The chosen ground to walk round was we eaten in places but not too visible from the road and as I walked round I was disturbing birds from areas in the field that were tall and the birds would not have been seen from the edge of the field only when they fly in or out. I made a conscious decision not to take a gun as this was a purely recognisance event to allow DB and I to shoot on the Saturday. The weather for Saturday was dire so I ended up not going out at all, DBs family had contracted COVID over the actual Christmas so they held a fake Christmas day on the Saturday. The farmer had been asking when I would be shooting again so I set out on Monday morning to shoot the walked field. When I arrived it was overcast with heavy drizzle but the birds were flighting in to the field from all directions with very little wind. I built the hide in the middle of the rape to allow be to decoy a well eaten section and was all set up for 10.30. The first birds in were in ones and two’s but after a few shots they came in larger groups which is not good for bagging up but will protect the crop due to you shooting two and spooking thirty. I had one of those shots when you know that you hit the bird well but it carries on and I watched as it approached a house behind me with a very large glass conservatory and feared the worsted luckily it went over the house and land in a large Cyprus tree in the garden and then dropped out. Sometime later I heard a voice from the hedge behind me who was the owner of the house with a pigeon in his hand asking if I wanted it back as the dog had brought into the kitchen. He commented on the number of birds who had been on the field and said I was doing a good job. I packed up at 15.00 as in the last hour no birds had come to the decoys. I questioned my fitness as it took three trips back to the Disco one being with 45 pigeons and my gun. I not sure if I have long Covid or just getting Old
  20. Make it into a wedding ring for the next wife????
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