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  1. That’s what it’s all about, enjoying the sport and pleasing the farmer. Last week end we had between us 800 pigeons which caused a great deal of problems keeping them fresh and freezing. The farmers had phoned us to carry out the shooting on standing crops with stubble close by so we were committed to help out. To be honest it was not pleasurable shooting just mechanical but it had to be done. I’m writing this sitting on the balcony in Greece and enjoying the rest and the beer, well done Marsh Man and thanks for reminding us what it’s all about.
  2. Back in the olden days when I had freezers with a fan and evaporator matrix , to freeze down larger amounts of birds I would direct a fan from a car radiator directly into the evaporator area . It seemed to work. Now with the modern condenser type would it help to do the same and cool the condenser to improve the cooling???? Over to the clever people on the forum, Ditchman included.
  3. Great report of an honest days decoying, well done.
  4. Wet carp sacks, either laid flat in the shade or strung up against a fence or hide in the shade with the breeze blowing through them.
  5. We have seen previously on BBC documentaries where Afghans have fired at troops on patrol then dropped the weapon so under the laws of engagement they can not be shot at. Personally if I was taking a prisoners back into his home to check for weapons and he went to pick an object up I would shoot , using night vision and then walking into a dwelling with lights is another concern due to distractions. We expect these elite troops to operate in the most arduous conditions and then criticise the methods used IT’S A WAR!!!!!!!!
  6. When I worked at the worlds best 4x4 manufacturer we had a Diversity Day. The whole dept was sent to the main conference centre and we were introduced to our Diversity Coordinator!!. She asked various questions and asked the yes and No’s to stand in various corners of the room . The questions were manly helping your friends, partners and wives in the home or work. Shen focussed on the last ten in the middle of the room including me , which were all married and concentrated on helping in the home. Eventually I was the last one and the previous question Who has never cooked a meal for your wife or husband and as my answer was never all the others sat down. She then proceeded to interrogate me in front of the group in a way to ridicule me as a dinosaur and not accepting Diversity. I proceeded to explain that if I did it would be classed as an insult, she raised her hackles at this , I proceeded to explain that my wife was half Greek and my Mother in Law lived with us and in the Greek culture the husband tends to be ten years older than his wife and is established with a home and salary. The Wife is the Matriarch and runs the home and especially the kitchen and as my Mother in Law is in the equation that increases ten fold. So I had encompassed Diversity totally!!!! She immediately changed tack and used me as a perfect example of what we should do with all cultures and genders. These Woke people just want to change to world to suit themselves. Rant Over.
  7. My daughter some years ago applied to become a Police Special Constable hoping to join full time , on filling the application the officer interviewing suggested that she puts here sexual orientation as bi sexual as they need some to address the balance.
  8. Great report, thanks for posting.
  9. We have various outlets including human, reptile, raptor and taxidermy. It would appear that they all want bird’s currently.
  10. Both ourselves and bunny_blaster are covering over 100 miles each day of shooting to find the birds. Some of our customers are of the opinion that you just find a field and set and the birds come to you. The current demand is outstripping supply, the barley has gone hard and they are on standing wheat and due to the dry spring the height of the plant has been controlled and will not fall over . The birds are just going to all the wheat fields and feeding in the tram lines or laying on the top with the wings extended. So we have no areas to decoy.
  11. It’s that Coventry lot , dragged me into bad ways!!!!!
  12. You can only shoot what’s there, but it keep the farmer happy.
  13. I had a call yesterday about the pigeons on the turnips which I shot on Sunday. Now I would not normally shoot a field so soon due to the birds being educated to the system and pattern. I agreed to go to the farm and have a look. Meeting the farmer he informed me that he had just seen the corvids going on to the standing wheat . So I agreed to have a go. I set the hide up against the fence by a favourite sitty tree. No decoys but within minutes birds were in range. The bonus was that the grass field next to the wheat had a good amount of clover and a few pigeons also came in range and went out as decoys. I had shot from 09.00 and it all went quiet at 13.00 so I moved to the Turnips to try and pick up some bonus pigeons I had shot 48 corvids. I was set up for 14.30 and the birds were not returning to the field as I thought due to shooting it too soon. I stuck it out till18.00 and picked up 25 pigeons
  14. Friday 24th I had an invite to shoot with bunny_ blaster on his permission ,which was a large field of Barley which had no flattened areas, so we decided to separate and shoot the cut hay fields surrounding the barley as the flightlines had been crossing it for the past week. We were set up for approx midday and the birds were around the area but we had a swirling wind to contend with which made the birds very fast with the wind or ditherers trying to get into the decoys but not sure with the wind. We shot until 18.00 and picked up 106 birds between us which was good going as we had lots of orders to supply. Saturday 25, DB was at a” Festival” so TopGunners invited me to shoot with them and they suggested that I shoot the peas that we shot the week before but this time position myself in the dog leg of the field which is the position we had seen birds heading for last week but thought it was not in the field. I set up with the magnet and four flyers and from the word go the birds were crossing the field to make my acquaintance . As it was close range shooting I was trying some 28gram 71/2 shells and to be honest it cost me some birds so I went back to 32/ 4s and hit them further out. The lads had found some barley and wheat with lots of birds on them but it would mean a long hike across the field as you cannot drive the field before the 1st of July. So we ended up with “ Three Men in a Hide”, You can imagine the pressure was intense with the urine being extracted mercilessly. We packed up a 18.00 and jointly collected 110 birds. Sunday 26th Due to the requests for birds I arranged to go with TGs again but as I was driving to them I noticed about 25 birds lifting off a turnip field. Phoned the Farmer and had the OK. Contacted TGs and they agreed to still go out and let me have the birds. I drove down the track to the turnips and about a hundred birds lifted off, now the wind was really strong and I drove to the far end of the field and when I got there the wind had changed, so drove back up and down the track and finally set up. I had six fresh birds and put out the magnet and four flyers. In the first ten minutes I had six or seven birds , then the wind changed again which made the birds hover and hold against the wind which to me is a difficult shot as I like to flow not stop. I was in touch with TGs and they were having a similar number. We packed up 18,00 and joined up to exchange the birds they had 86 and I had 83. So mine were a bonus.
  15. No manly Jackdaws, the farmers calls them all “ Rooks”
  16. I’ve never known a period of shooting with the quarry so spread out and fickle with the feeding patterns. We had orders to fill and the birds were all over the place, bunny_blaster had set us up with 77 on Friday on peas. We went out with Topgunners on Saturday as they had some birds on peas as we drove over to them we went through a tremendous thunderstorm. We met up at the pea field and watched it for a good twenty minutes and it had two flightlines coming to the field. The lads informed us that the best position to shoot the field was on the far side and the birds were sitting on the wires so we drove around and set up in the corner of the field with the magnet and two flappers. The first two birds in sat on the wires about eighty meters from the hide!! As the day progresses TGs returned to the field not finding any other viable shooting and set up on another of the flightlines. This caused the birds to flight down the far edge of the field and go out of sight we could see them setting for a sitty tree on a grass field. We had a few rain showers during the day . it was getting on now and we could see a mass of cloud on the horizon and decided to pack up, hence no picture. It was a good job as the rain started as we drove around the field the other way and found that the sitty tree was on the edge of the peas due to a dog leg in the field!! We finished the day with 63. On Tuesday I had a call to thin out some corvids which were eating the lambs food out of the troughs. I arrived at 08.00and started shooting at 08.30 and shot for four hourd as I had other commitments. I managed to pick up 134 corvids and the farmer was pleased and requested that i return. BB contacted me the next day and informed me that he had a request for some steel shot crows unfortunately mine had been shot with lead and were now in the farmers waste pit.
  17. What a report, well done. Moving the pattern to make the shooting easier is the way forward in my opinion. You did your reconnaissance before setting and chose the perfect spot for yourself. my concern in this weather is keeping the birds cool. Damp carp sacks will work especially with a strong breeze if you can hang them in the shade. Cracking report , thanks for posting.
  18. Following last week’s 161 on the clover we had TopGunners over from Coventry on our patch. We were confident we could find sufficient birds for us to shoot. Second farm in and the farmer informed us that he had seen birds about during the week so we drove the farm and saw a few but not that many to fully commit so two of us set up and the other two continued to look and would inform us of richer pickings. We had two orders to fill this weekend and Bunny_Blaster was helping also on his ground. Not to bore you with the none event myself and Alan stuck it out for 34 pigeon, DB and Steve completed in excess of 120 miles and eventually set up on some peas 30 birds. I collected 100+ birds from B_B. So it was an uneventful day in total. As a footnote, TopGunners shot 129 on Sunday on clover which I collected and delivered today.
  19. Well done Ben, as I said during our phone call the 16 th June is the date we start looking at barley. So your not far out. Two good sessions and happy farmers, well done again.
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