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  1. Thanks for all your kind comments, I will endeavour to post but will not always have photo to confirm the numbers shot other than in my garage.
  2. I can't make my mind up, reading a revue which compared a new defender against a Diso 4. The defender faile to accommodate a Euro pallet in the rear laid space!!!! The electric gizmo's worry me on an off road vehicle but saying that some months ago my imobaliser stopped me starting my Disco 2 and we had some rain and the field was sticky my lad brought me the spare key, I met him at the gate and he was in a Disco 5 he selected off road mode and with road tyres crossed the field with ease. I tried to leave the field later with mud terrain and struggled. The Disco 5 gizmos and lighter weight was an advantage. For 68K I can buy a lot of Disco 2 vehicles??????
  3. Nice lightweight shooting, well done.
  4. Total failure with the picture then two pop up!!!!!!!!!
  5. Following my post of the first six months of 2020 I had a call from my local PW member, Bunny_Basher. Did I fancy an afternoon out pigeon shooting. You can imagine the answer, yes , so we arranged a meeting point and I followed him to the location. Now BB has been having some very good bags over the passed months due to his dogged determination to keep looking for birds during the week for the weekend. On this location last week he shot and picked 102 and the following day he let his partner shoot and she had her first solo hundred plus day with 106 picked. BB put me in the sweet spot which is a two trees on top of the hill with standing wheat all round. I set up with the brolly as the wind was fierce also the mizzle was very wetting with the strong wind. The wheat was still standing in , the area in front of the hide was intermittant drilled which gave you a chance to drop birds and retreive, so I set up a magnet and a remote flapper above the wheat with two flyers with seven real birds on high cradles just level with the heads of the wheat. The first birds came straight in but it was difficult to leave them so you could drop them in the required area as they tended to be on the end of your barrel and you winced when pulling the trigger. After two hours I had eleven birds retrieved. BB gave me a call and told me to join him as it was going mad. It took me a time to pack up and place a rope banger in my location and when I joined BB he had two hundred on the clicker. He rearranged the hide to accomodate me with social distancing and we continued to shoot. BB had placed the hide under a large Oak tree to protect him from the rain with the strong wind. It would appear that when it was my shot the birds all followed the line of the branches !!!! We had some great banter and packed up at 18.30 I think but it took ages the walk the drill line to pick up with legs soaking wet.I agree to process the birds for BB as a way of thanking him for the invite and had my tea at 22.00. Saturday was our turn to repay a days shooting we had had on the preceeding Monday on some Topgunners land which we had 154 birds. We decided to shoot some fodder turnips which we had seen birds on last week so Myself, DB and Alan set up on the edge of the field with our back to the wind . We put out two magnets with real birds and eight real birds on cradles above the turnips. We were all set up for 13.00 and took it in turns to shoot from our partitioned hide. You can imagine the comment, " Don't Miss this one", " Oven Ready" etc. The shooting was steady but when the heavy drizzle came with the wind the birds stopped. I suspended a extra large Carp Sack between the hide pole in my section and clicked the birds in, when I got to one hundred I started another sack on the hedge outside the hide as this allows the birds to be exposed to the cooling wind without the flies. We had counted 180 plus in the sacks and the feeding spell just increased so we did not pick up as we were having many doubles and DB had numerous tripples with his auto. We packed up at 18.30 and collected in. We were loading our our double strapped kit bags with eighty pigeon so after the third bag we knew it was a good day with the total collected being two hundred and ninetytwo. Which I laid out for processing in my garage and took a picture. So six hundred and two pigeons in two days, with the freezers going mad the smart metre was in overload. While I'm typing this I had a call from BB the farmer we shot on on Friday has asked him to shoot again this afternoon and BB explained that we shot 310 on Friday but has gone out again and will deliver the birds later on plus the 135 he shot yesterday. 310 Pigeons https://i.ibb.co/y6sD5rP/100-3479.jpg[/img 292 Pigeons
  6. Brilliant report of an honest day's pigeon shooting, good reconnaissance and result. Well done, thanks for posting
  7. He is going through a tough time at present, the garage pictures are mainly joint ventures and the hide pictures are solo ventures. I will talk him round eventually. Thanks for your comments and your reports which have kept the forum active during the past six months.
  8. As previously posted my shooting buddy has requested that I do not post reports on our outings as he believes that the publicity is causing us to loose shoots. I have continued to take pictures in chronological order the results as follows:- 63 Pigeons 181 Pigeons 249 Pigeons 46 Pigeons 46 corvids 113 Pigeons 4 corvids 94 Pigeons 2 corvids 52 Pigeons 21corvids 75 Pigeons15corvids 36 Crovids 64 Pigeons 3corvids 38 Pigeons 3corvids 62 Pigeons 105 Pigeons 4corvids 60 Corvids 24 Pigeons 11corvids 99 Pigeons 17corvids 34 Pigeons 2corvids 58 Corvids 45 Pigeons 10corvids 30 Corvids 270 Pigeons 164 Pigeons 168 Pigeons 99 Crovids, including 2 Magpies 154 Pigeons Some of the results were low due to shooting the same flock of birds the next day on adjoining fields at the Farmers request.
  9. Nice report, well done in the heat.
  10. Recently during shooting over seed fields I decided to pick up used wads when retrieving shot birds just by picking then and putting then in my pocket and holding birds in my hand. I empty my pockets in the hide . The one day I shot 125 shells and picked 100 plus wads. The question is can they be reused after a quick wash to remove grit, the wads in question are for steel shells.
  11. Well done, a good result with the distraction. I have found that if you are confronted with a townie you bring the conversation round to loss of profit for the farmer, as they can relate to profit as that's how they have managed to buy in the country.
  12. Have you sacked the Butler for not laying out your cloths correctly??
  13. Good result, well done, thanks for taking the effort to post.
  14. As stated , just file a small flat on the shaft and it will grip.
  15. Nice report of a typical pigeon shooting session, Internet reports of two and three hundred birds seem far from the normal session that we encounter at present. A pleasant social days pigeon shooting, well done lads.
  16. I've heard reports of " County Lines " and the tentacles of addiction so now your area spreads from the Cotswolds to North Yorkshire???? Well done JDog your advice and mentorship will set him right and give hours of sport and frustration
  17. Thanks for good honest report of a frustrating day pigeon shooting. We have all had days like that, thanks for reporting.
  18. Informative report, thanks for posting.
  19. Well done, excellent result from the initial disappointment. We all suffer from people who move to the country and then don't like what happens in the country. I often wish I had a gas gun which I could offer to the Farmer to allow them to have it working all daylight hours, or is that childish!! Again excellent report keep it up.
  20. Thirty odd years ago we would use four manual flappers ( pre magnet days) by a combination of pulleys and guy lines. These were very effective at pulling birds to your decoys. The only problem was picking up as we and the dog would catch the lines. We did attempt yo motorise them but the wires caused the same problem. We then went to a manual magnet built around a bicycle free wheel operated by a string from the hide. When the market introduced mechanical flappers and magnets we became lazy and let someone else do the work.
  21. Local garage has two on the forecourt, just a thought do you have to have an age related number plate or can you put a newer private reg???
  22. Hi JDog sorry to hear of your none shooting day, what you describe is what we have found this year, others shooting banker fields we have let build up. We only use to suffer " Butterfly Shooters " on the stubbles when they can drive to the hide position, this was not a real concern as I was usually in Greece for a couple of months. Not this year!!!!
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