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  1. I have one and use it sometimes on tall crops as the bird lifts and then disappears. It's just another tool for pigeon shooting not sure it is essential but can be effective when they are magnet shy as with it being used with a remote you can attract a passing bird just enough for it to be interested but will not spook the incoming bird if it activates as it approaches on a timer.
  2. A great team effort and result, that wind was mega and you did well to keep the magnet working. You mentioned peas, we have three farms with peas approx fifty acres . I have watched it for four weeks with no pigeon action it does seem they choose one field. Well done again and thanks for reporting.
  3. Great write up and result, good fieldcraft in the way that you found the perfect hide positions for the second visit. Nice to see a good productive report on Pigeon Watch again, keep us informed.
  4. Having a drive round yesterday and the winter barley has some good heads on it but the spring beans seem to be struggling.
  5. As above, I'm not in the same league as Ditchman but my philosophy has always been " I say what I think is funny without malice" if I can make others laugh I've achieved my ambition. Ditchman is the epitome of an English Eccentric keep it up.
  6. Just picked up on this post, I hope that he has some form of recovery.
  7. We did think it could be a local , but for what purpose.
  8. No totally clean field, that's why I reported it , normally some trace of the birds left?? DB did suggest the local Currie house, bad lad!!
  9. I thought so, you just can't leave things alone!!!!
  10. Last week we were requested via a text to shoot a small five acre field of barley as it was being ravaged by pigeons and corvids. The instructions requested that the corvids be left on the field to deter others. We left the field with approx fifty corvids scattered and processed the pigeons. The farmer phoned on Tuesday and asked us why we did not leave the corvids on the field as it was devoid of any birds and feathers?? We shot it again on Sunday and this time left seventy birds on the field, had a call today not a bird on the field ?? I can understand a fox or badgers removing a few but not all. Im just concerned that a local cat or dog has presented there owner with one hundred and twenty " presents" at there back door!! Any Ideas.
  11. We have a single bird that flies over the garden every day, I've educated a few of the neighbors that is a Raven not a crow.
  12. Thanks Motty , I will have a bumper report in the future.
  13. Thanks Jim, I will try a few things, they are all freebies , all working and discarded due to people's kitchen changes and door damage which has been repIred.
  14. I'm a member of the old school of refrigeration " compresor " type. I have three modern new type fridges that I have in the garage to use as chillers . In the cold weather they do not seem to work and the birds degrade. In the current hot weather they are set on the lowest setting and freeze the contents. is there an easy compromise on how I can resolve this situation, help please. Is it feasible to have a timer on the plug and switch on and off to secure a balance??
  15. Still catch them in the local Grand Union canal if you fish hard on the bottom.
  16. I understand the concerns that people have disposing of shot birds, over the years I've delivered up to 1200 birds to Chesterfield, Peterborough, Somerset, Cotswolds etc. As our outlet closes another opens up. If I could not find an outlet I would cease shooting.
  17. JDog , thanks for making me laugh under the current conditions.
  18. Welcome, I have a wood similar to the one you describe , the flightline is across land with horses on which I do not have permission. I tend to shoot it after I've been on other land during the day and set up a magnet and possibly twenty decoys ( real Birds ) and on the edge of the pattern on the flight line I place four flying frames as if birds are landing in the pattern from the flightline and the magnet on the other edge of the pattern. On a good session I would expect to decoy fifty percent of the line but this also give you possibly five or six birds in the pattern at a time. You can only do this once a month as if you try again next week they just flare off before the pattern or not leave the line to the roost. Thats my expirience I hope it helps.
  19. It's nice to see that you are being looked after, well done.
  20. Well done a great result, nice to see a bag of pigeons.
  21. Aga man, you mentioned the Pike fishing scene, we used to get followed by the Coventry Circus and Liecester specimen groups as we passed through the various cities when we used to cross the Old Bedford Drain in a metal bathtub with a plank and two five gallon cans as an outrigger so we could fish the virgin section of the river Delph. Also I moved on from the Eel fishing scene after being followed. I've just been asked to supply material for an article on eel fishing Cheddar reservoir from 1977, memories!!!!!
  22. First of all well done Aga Man for a great report, well done. I have shot with DB for thirty plus years , at least once or twice a week. This year has been a disaster our normal banker farms have had the rape fail. All our other farms are under pressure from other shooters and subsequent flocks are spooky and difficult to decoy. We are managing to supply our customers with sufficient birds with the help of Bunny_Basher. My concern is that DBs business failed after twenty years and he has now changed from being self employed to working in a large organisation which has restricted his shooting to weekends only. Due to this fact I have restricted my own shooting to the same dates thus restricting our knowledge of the birds location. I started to publish our successes to educate and also to create a following as years ago DB could see his business reducing and wanted to supplement it with taking people out. This has not been the case. Last weekend we managed a bag of 107 and I suggested a photo but DB is adamant that the photos and reports are encouraging more shooters!!! I'm therefore respecting our longstanding friendship and not upsetting him by publishing current bags. I have a concern about his mental state as a friend as he tends to " churn" on the number of shooters around especially when he finds evidence of midweek shooters on the same farms. Oldun on here has reported the lack of birds in the area and we share some farms, but my concern is not to upset a friend of many years, talking with Bunny_Basher it is refreshing to have a positive conversation, unfortunately DB is very negative at present with every suggestion being met with a negative response. Last weeks bag of 107 in two and a half hours was a refreshing change and hopefully will be the start of better days. Sorry to hijack Aga Mans post but I have a great respect for my friend and may report further adventures in " Talk From the Field" but no pictures as not to upset DB. Rant over.
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