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  1. Hi, yes I am a pw member. I’m interested in your swap would it be possible to email me some pic of yours adibrownvwp@gmail.com thsnk you
  2. It does the job perfectly, Welsh warrior I couldn’t tell you to be honest. Sorry.
  3. Yes super rifle I’m a bit sad to sell, but needs must.
  4. Hi yes it is but I payed double that.? ill sell for £50 posted. No box
  5. As above with a few cartridges and caps. Perfect for 7 and under. Perfect condition £50 posted
  6. I’ve got £500 cash if you would sell full set up.
  7. Thank you for that. If this gun had longer barrels the stock weight would have to be increased to rectify balance. making this little gun weigh more. Which you don't want in a 20. You want a 20 to feel like a 20 not a 12.
  8. Yes sorry guys your right. This is a proper 20. Very tiny in the hand, feels a little gem. It's ballenced up perfectly with weights in the stock. Any more pics I can email or text. My number is 07841596798
  9. lop is 14 3/4 I have lots more pics if anybody wanted any. My email address is adibrownvwp@gmail.com
  10. adi1210

    iPhone wanted

    Got a 7 on 02 if that's any good
  11. adi1210


    yes seems a nice enough guy. Hope he gets back to me. Thanks for the replays. : )
  12. adi1210


    Does anyone on here have his contact details please. I've payed him £25 for some mounts but he doesn't seem to want to get back to me. Prob a genuine reason no doubt but I'm getting a little worried.
  13. Cz .22 stainless with ask mod and scope.
  14. Do you do any part X or trade wabbitbosher.?
  15. Shotgun, thank you.
  16. Semi auto shotgun wanted. Right handed.
  17. adi1210

    Gun slip

    top quality tweed gunslip, very thick padding with buckle and zip. used once on a beaters day. These are not cheap... Bargain.. £40 posted.
  18. adi1210

    .22 LR

    Thanks for the replies people. I'm going to look at one tomorrow so will keep you posted. I've been working late shifts so haven't been able to reply to some posts and massages.
  19. adi1210

    .22 LR

    Cheap, accurate .22 lr wanted please. Preferably screw cut.
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