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  1. im moving house tomorrow and am just writing my letter to send to my local police force, i have just tolde them that i have moved to a new address as of tomorrows date and told them my new address, is there anything else that i need to include or will that be ok also who do i address the letter to, my feo or the whole department lowlander
  2. i dont use my s400 as much as i should so im thinking about changing it for another gun: its an anti tamper air arms s400 carbine in .22 caliber, it comes complete with a 3-9x40 nikko sterling scope, an air arms moderator, a camo buffalo river gun slip and a new bsa stirrup pump, unfortunatley it has a couple of small marks on the stock (which are hardly noticable) and a small dent on the edge of the chequring. i'de quite like to swap it for another shotgun, something that wouldnt look out of place on a driven game shoot, so what have you got? lowlander p.s just to say i still arent 100% on getting rid of it so this is just to see if its worth it really
  3. i need a new stick as mine snapped whilst out beating last season and i want one with a twisted shank, does anyone know where i can buy one as i cant find one anywhere lowlander
  4. i got it and rang them the same day to ask if you could still buy cartridges at 17 but i was told that it hadnt been specified does anyone know about that lowlander
  5. i need a new pair of wellies for the new shoot that ive joined this season and have always wanted a pair of le chamaeu chassuer (if thats how you spell it!) but i think after looking at the prices and my bank balance that ill have to go for the vierzonard ones but theyre still expensive, so before i take the plunge are they really worth the money? lowlander
  6. i cant see it lowlander
  7. well done mate nice pictures lowlander
  8. what channel is it on it sounds good and i do love a good scary film :blink: lowlander
  9. all of my mates use clear pigeon for them but i use pigeon extreme, they kill fantastically and at some good ranges lowlander
  10. my dad wont let me do that :unsure: lowlander
  11. ive brought another gun cabinet of my mate who gave up shooting for when i get my rifle(s) but the only place that is suitable for it has got skirting board running across the wall so it cannot be flush with the wall :unsure: is it ok to pack the cabinet up with a block of wood ( or something similar) and then bolt it to the wall as usual lowlander
  12. nice shooting :unsure: i may have to go out in the morning now :unsure: lowlander
  13. well done mate :unsure: very nice looking gun aswell :unsure: lowlander
  14. thinking about it i would prefer the multichoke version, but i think that 1/2 and 1/4 would cover everything im going to use it for, also the fixed choke model is 200 quid cheaper than the multichoke one i really dont know which to go for lowlander
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