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  1. Dan Arms 12bore Shotgun 2,3/4 O/U fixed 1/4 and 1/2 chokes very very solid gun and in excellent condition for its age a few scratches, need a quick sale so £160 If I manage to sell this then my 3 gun safe ( has fit in 5 shotguns before) will also be for sale at £40 All the usual must have a Shotgun Cert etc E-mail me at james@22b.com if you have any questions rather than posting here, Thanks
  2. No it dosent fold in half (i think:)), just breaks like a normal shotgun. James
  3. This is my .410 that is coming soon and dosent seem to bad for 45 quid James
  4. Well its been a while since i have popped in here infact its proberly about 2-3months Anyways will keep tuned in now Also got a nice .410 coming soon and dosent seem to bad for 45 quid James
  5. Titan are no longer but there a few second hand ones abouts, titan is now part of falcon. JAmes
  6. Personally .22 is the slighly better caliber mainly because it transfers its energy very well and tends not to exit as much. But both calibers will do the good just aswell as the other both will be as affective at max ranges of 55/60yards at 12ft/lb. Though .177 may be flatter shooting but the .22 tends to hang on to its power at longer ranges. So whatever you choice yyou wont be disapointed. If your ona budget and want a spring gun then you can go far wrong with a BSA Lightning, Air Arms Pro Elite, Air Arms TX200, HW 97k or if you fancy a PCP then a Air ARms 200 is the best entry level sp
  7. For me it would have to be a nice Callum Ferguson custom rifle in either 6mm PPC or 300 PRS or maybe both James
  8. Try some 2 3/4inch carts as i have found some auto dont like 2 1/2inch carts James
  9. I had a nice relaxing sit in the sun last week on tuesday evening just to see what was about and just sat on the bank got a couple of bunnies and a nice dog fox. James
  10. Cheers Do barrels normally ahve proof marks, if so what type of number shall i look out for. Thankyou James
  11. Stagg 20 Watt guitar Amp with spring reverb, 2 channels (Clean and overdriven), headphone socket, external speaker socket, very good condition only a few weeks old. These are 99quid new, looking for 50quid. James
  12. Try cocking the gun and then try pumping it up cocked. James
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