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  1. Thanks for the replies. Gordon, I'm in Portsmouth, but if I find myself heading in your direction I will shout. Many thanks!
  2. Does anyone know what size of pin punches are needed to completely strip a Browning Buckmark please? Any recommendations on where to buy some decent ones from Please?
  3. Dougy which model I this - I could zoom the photo and see its a Leatherman but which model? I have a wave which is great but I also have a Leatherman Crunch - which has pliers like mole-grips and I really like how useful that is!
  4. Sorry I only ever knew it as a Benjamin Pump this was nearly 40 years ago and my "interest" in pumps was short lived!
  5. I had two in the Past - the first was a Crossman which had lots of plastic and it wasn't really powerful or accurate so, I soon fell out of love with it. Later I hunted for a better pump up and looked at Sharp Innova and Ace, Spanish Setra, Sheridan and finally settled on a Benjamin this was the most "metal" in a rifle of this type the others (stand-fast the Sherdan) which looked great but no one local to me sold .20pellets so the Benjamin was the best compromise. This was streets ahead of the Crossman and it not bad, however I soon got bored with the several pumps to reach full power no prospect of a second shot at a bolting rabbit. In retrospect I would have preferred to have spent the money on a good springer! In my view they are very much a novelty item? You pays your money an takes your choice - good luck whatever you do?
  6. A friend introduced me to this calibre about 15 years ago - I went with him when he purchased a near new Rem 700 in .25/06, By chance the dealer also had a hardly used Tikka 690 and it has been a great find. My friend waxed lyrical about the calibre and I just took a punt on it at the time- I left a deposit and went back several weeks later when the variation came through. I didn't have any more trouble getting this to be accurate than you normally would have through load development with a new rifle. Zero 1" High at 100 and you have a point of aim shot out to 300. Now a go to favourite It shot well with Winchester 120gn Factory and after I had cases I have Loaded with 117 Noslers
  7. As it sounds like he and his son will be "casual users" I would suggest a springer would be less complicated and there is a lot of choice - I have an old Airsporter and a Mercury which have both taken lots of rabbits, but these days a I prefer a HW77. Any of these might be a bit heavy for a young lad. HW30 is supposed to be very good and would be better suited to a youngt person.
  8. Sorry for your loss and Signed!
  9. Be careful, I put a safe into a city centre flat when in Glasgow to an outside wall inside a built in wardrobe. After the plasterboard it was 50mm of polystyrene insulation I had to get some 60mm spacers and washers to build up and get the raw bolts to tighten down solid instead of just squashing against the insulation. Just bear that in mind? You could drill an exploratory hole with a small drill and see what you hit before you commit to the location for your cabinet? Good luck
  10. I have never understood why the Remington Speed-Master, gets treated like the ugly sister. A friend had one and it was reliable (if kept clean) accurate and handled nicely? They often seem to come up for sale really cheaply - making them a lot of gun for the money. As far as proofing goes - the history of it was to overcome the issues with variable quality of the materials used to make firearms - in this day and age you have to ask if it is still really relevant, the quality of materials are much better, the US, arguably one of the most litigious societies in the world does not bother with proofing, relying instead on the manufacturers to "police" quality? Someone mentioned a 100rnd speed loader for tube fed rifles - do you have a link please?
  11. The tragedy here is that a family have lost their little boy? How and why it happened and if airguns should be licenced or not, is really a side issue? For the family concerned nothing can ever "fix" this for them, it will blight them for the rest of their lives and things will never be the same for them again. Please put aside your differences and other concerns and think about how this will pan out over the years ahead? Its a terrible thing for those close to it. Nearly 40 years ago my brother was killed by a drunk driver - my mum was never the same again. I saw my dad cry the first time ever. They were both changed by it - later in life seeing guys I had been at school with out with their siblings for a beer or a meal, going on holiday together, there are so many things - an extra pair of hands when moving or needing a lift these poor people, their lives will be diminished immeasurably from now on in so many different ways!.
  12. Cabela's and Bass Pro are both Excellent Stores - I've been shooting in Texas with friends a few times. - when the airline lost my case - I got clothes there everything from the boots upwards. The stores are epic and at Grapevine - DFW, the store has a mock mountain with large taxidermy deer at the base, sheep and bear on the way up and a float plane suspended from the ceiling above it. At the base there was a river with fish and live ducks flew around the interior of the store. They literally had everything you could want for the outdoors. I'[m also a fan of their clothes and wrinkle free travel shirts, if we cant buy from them by post, then I will be damned annoyed. The sooner we are out of the EU the better!
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