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  1. Hi Moderators are probably better off with some 'crud' as helps sound attenuation.............more 'tinny' when cleaned until a 'layer' has built up. The balance for anyone is, if needed to be dismantled, could it be done or grief ensues? It goes without saying that the threads on the barrel need keeping clean and lubricated (lubricant of your choice) to ensure can be taken off the rifle when needed to! L
  2. Hi Let your eyes tell you first and last light in the environment you will be using them as everyones eyes are different - anything else is just someone elses eyes/opinion/experience. Warranty experiences of others are also useful for longevity in use - Swaro considered top end by many (allowing for the above every so often as things just happen), Zeiss broadly next etc. Some of the newer Marques give no quibble lifetime warranty, and their glass is getting close to the top 3-4. Light transmisson rates can only be differentiated in a laboratory. Colour rendition also varies between coatings used. I have Swaro (7x42 SLC) & Zeiss (Victory 10x42) - cant get on with either so should have kept my original 1980s Swaro 7x42 SL's (still had 5years warranty left when moved on) - porro to roof prism. L
  3. Length - 123mm approx. Width, at widest point, - 42mm approx. Thickness, rubber/2x hard sections, mid-point of length - 35mm approx.
  4. Adjustable butt pad, Sako Quad project that didnt happen. Pre-owned but not fitted/used by me, good condition - £35.00 incl. P&P. L
  5. Loki

    Fox shot

    Hi K I am reading Pack n Rifle at the moment I have the other one too, didnt think you would be interested as would have moved on......... Enjoy - I do couple of times a year (same as Jim Corbetts books in India)! L
  6. Loki

    Fox shot

    Hi K I presume you are referring to Phiip Holdens book including Pack and Rifle , The Deer Hunters etc.........good reads! L
  7. Loki

    Fox shot

    Hi K-H Many use a .222Rem for Fox, Muntjac/Water Deer and of course Roe in Scotland - seems to work well, leastways for me. L
  8. Loki

    Samsung fridge freezer

    Hi Check the drain at the bottom of the fridge/freezer is not blocked - dust and the like or bits dropping in from inside stop the condensate trickling through. If its a freezer the condensate should drain above the compressor/pump to aid cooling it. L
  9. Hi Interesting post and replies - not derailing i hope but 'associated' - I have been meaning to Sandtex the rendered outside of the Man-cave, and with 'lock-down' much time to hand........... However, before I start with the (reading above) dreaded Sandtex, what alternatives would be recommended to it? Simple render, several years old, but needing minor repairs along some sections of bell cast ......... L
  10. Hi Probably, but the cost will likely be around 7k£. Viewed 50 Yotes using these last eventide on U-tube - impressive, but at a price.......... L
  11. Given the times we are in I suggest The Road (2009)....................
  12. Hi Some useful (in my opinion) information...... Link: https://www.allbinos.com/binoculars_reviews.html L
  13. Hi I do my cases in a Citric acid/warm water mix, in the sonic-cleaner, certainly cleans the bras;, rinse in clean water and dry. A drop of Fairy Liquid or equivalent doesn't go amiss in the solution either. L
  14. Hi If not sorted let me know as have one somewhere I could root around for. Dunno if mk1 or 2 - whats different? Delivery in short term problamatic, postage cost to a charity? L
  15. Hi Quality photo as usual - thanks for sharing. Puts them in different light to the more usual..... L
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