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  1. Hi I've got one as second chariot, coming into its 4th year, had the Haldex done (thank you Wymberly!). Tyres changed on front last year, usual service items - I have these done couple of thou before due. Major expense - aircon compressor died and unfortuantely the XBR £30 clutch repair wasnt possible - godsend now in this weather! Yeti Owners club on tinternet is very helpful. Easier to get up into and out and down than car (Panzer), same diesel engines. L
  2. Hi If getting tank tested shop around - 38£ including a fill at a local Dive Centre, but 65£ at an Airgun Shop............. Fittings/connections/filling aids - BestFittings.co.uk. L
  3. Hi Polis said I could use my (unmoderated) .222R for fox in my (edge of town residential) garden so long as the bullet didnt leave my premises............neighbours might get jumpy so not advised but my decision. L
  4. Hiya Jackson Rifles obtained Counsels (Barristers) opinion on the need to reproof or not moderators and barrels - seems clear (to me) that a barrel that is threaded is not 'unduly reduced in Substance or Strength' so no need to send to proof house. Others reading of the opinion may differ. Link:http://jacksonrifles.com/zz-silencers/ukproof.htm L
  5. Hiya A great watch - thank you for sharing your labour and passion! L
  6. Hi At the initial point I would recommend the Local Planning Authority are approached for 'Pre-Planning Application Advice' - relatively straight forward forms and no detailed drawings/information needed for this stage. They will come back to you with a couple of pages of the policies that will need to be complied with and other matters that a Full application will need to include and cover. Relatively inexpensive for the individual. With this you can then approach a Planning Consultant to make a Full Application with the necessary drawings/plans/information from the Pre-App Advice. this will obviously cost more but once permitted/granted, you can then put up the site for sale with planning permission, as an alternative to giving a Local Developer (LD) the option to purchase if planning permission is granted. Clearly the LD will pick up the costs of the Full application and offer you a sum for the option. Be careful/wary of just 'getting rid' of trees without checking if they have a TPO on them - Planners/Arboriculture folk like to see/retain trees so with a bit of adjustment of any layout may well make the site a better environment. L
  7. Hiya You may also want to consider a SSD drive over the usual HDD - helps for quicker startup, speeds up what needs to be stored/retrieved by the application. I upgraded older laptops last year for not too much (compared to replacements) for few more years. L
  8. Hi All A new/unused one of the above, upgrade replacement of the factory issue - £55 including p&p. Awhile back intention was a CZ but a Sako Quad turned up - yes I have changed the bottom plastic (and will do on my M595 too)! I don't have/do 'elec-trickery banking' so payment via cheque and clearing. L
  9. Hiya My S7's going back some years now (3x3months) never had any conditions on them, with the S7 only issued when the actual Certificate being renewed had expired. So whilst some may well continue to use shotguns/rifles if you dont have a valid Certificate and associated conditions I suggest open to a headache and maybe more if challenged....... We all know different Police Services, Licensing Departments and FEO's have different interpretation of all matters Firearms Law/Guidance, and no doubt unwritten agenda too, just saying. To my mind the Certificate conditions tell us how etc. we are able to use the items listed and S7 are to possess. I am sure someone more knowledgeable or au-fait will clarify. L
  10. Hiya It is worth remembering that a S7 Temporary Certificate, only allows you to possess the firearms/shotguns/munitions, they cannot be used as no conditions are attached to a S7. L
  11. Hiya I use one of these - https://www.tlc-direct.co.uk/Main_Index/Tools_Index/FXPTS/index.html. Llightweight and easy carry......... L
  12. Hiya If 'Locals' get wind the tree is going down a TPO doesnt take long to put in place - just saying - seen plenty done to thwart 'development'! For footings/foundation a 'raft', with reinforcement-mesh, is an option to weigh up. Agree completely with a couple of courses 'engineering bricks' ground level to dpc. Rockwool in any dwarf-wall cavity probably better for thermal efficiency than cavity-batts - cost/benefit analysis......... Recommend first check is what you can/cant do under 'permitted-development' - you can do a lot more now but size/dimensions and whether considered 'temporary' (read timber-shed) applies to designs/construction narrowed down to - neighbour could not build anything 'substantial' or not considered 'temporary' within Gubbernut rules, within 2m of any boundary, whereas I, albeit 20yrs ago, could go right up to my boundary.................recommend checking with Local Planning Authority to avoid down-tools if questions raised/asked when you start - just saying - been there with a 'good' neighbour! Enjoy the journey! L PS - sorry about the 'book'!
  13. Hiya I would suggest having a delve in the Audi/VW Forums to see what a search brings up. I have found joining very helpful with 'Enthusiasts' that have good knowledge, including from working in Stealers. One question - has the battery been changed that you know of last 3-5years? Lockdown and less longer drives will knacker it proper if not relatively new. Modern cars fester with a drop in charge, that then impacts other 'elec-trickery' within. L
  14. Hiya Have a look in your or her car handbook - will clarify how to. L
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