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  1. Loki

    Hardwood bench slats

    Hi I repaired a seat using the slightly larger tanalised roofing batten, sanded down and stained with exterior woodstain. Neighbour did same but varnished his. Couple years on still good, though recoat necessary, when get around to it. L
  2. Loki

    disco 3 wiper blades

    Hi When ECP/Parts4Less do a 50% off code worth keeping a spare set, particularly of the Bosch/OE flatblade variety; same with brake pads/discs/air/oil filters etc. if needed at some point in near future. L
  3. Loki

    Car suffocating in heat

    Hiya Maybe drill into M-Benz 'enthusiasts' sites such as - https://forums.mbclub.co.uk/, to see what other have found and dealt with how....... L
  4. Loki

    Dangerous Sales

    Hi Re asking Polis Licensing Teams confirming certificate details where concerns at point of sale - An RFD I know asked his local Polis if he could tele-call to check the odd suspicious certificate (well worn/not particularly legible etc.). Reply (from Senior FEO) was to the effect why should we, you have to make the decision on information to hand etc........Again, put to him - but risks my RFD/livelihood if certificate stolen/misused etc. Reply - you have to make the decision..... As for the DVLA code system - serious persuading Polis when they interpret everything in one direction, let alone getting a working system in place. L
  5. Loki

    Hanging driveway gates... which way?

    Hi You might want to make sure they dont open out onto the highway from your boundary (ownership of land/subsoil is is different to highway rights over it) - if they do it leaves you open to having to put back to opening inwards if your Local Authority get involved...... L
  6. Loki

    Konichi Wa. I am back

    Hiya Good to know you have not forgotten The Brotherhood of PW! Hope it all goes well in Land of Rising Sun. Whilst out there how about looking into the process and hoops to be jumped through et all to cull a proper Nippon Sika? Pretty sure I wont be the only interested one........... L
  7. Loki

    Morakniv heavy duty

    Hiya Following last PM yesterday still awaiting necessary details to make payment........ L
  8. Loki

    Watch repairs

    Hi Michal Swift has done a 40yr old watch of mine, and a friends even older proud for a very good price - second him without hesitation. Dont hear much about Orient watches but seem to have a good following. I had the black bezelled Seiko back in the late 70s - great watches. Regret selling it to this day.....enjoy. L
  9. Loki

    Morakniv heavy duty

    Hi PM sent. L
  10. Loki

    Another watch topic

    Hi Nice watch - enjoy. L
  11. Hi I keep my Man-Cave at around 50% and 14degC minimum, using a dehumidifier to maintain the humidity. Having said this the workshop side is cooler - both areas are well insulated though. Pretty sure I read somewhere about wood stocks and the like to be kept at 50-60%. L
  12. Loki

    Thermal question.

    Hiya I think you will find they need to be relatively close fitting to allow the sweat to transfer/wick off you to the next layer so that remain dry. L
  13. Loki

    Reloading, getting started?

    Hi Usually worth picking up your items from the sales section as others move on to other equipment. Usually a fair turnover so no waiting too long or just the odd new purchase. Look on other Forums too. Pre-owned will do the job just as well, but without new outlay. L
  14. Loki

    Electric shower

    Hi I changed a Triton T80i for an equivalent model - Triton Technical were helpful in advising which models have the same layout of in/out, electrics etc. making for a straight swap out. 8yrs on I would be minded to replace with new and start afresh with warranty as likely as not something else will fail. Mira also very good (my experience) - one off payment for some modules, came out 3 times as wasnt quite right. L