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  1. Hi If a Will is done 'properly' there is more to leaving all to designated people/family - eg. catastrophic loss - all have a horrific accident - what happens then unless you leave to HM Gobbernuts, just saying...... Executors - those of experience (read mature/aged) usually look to those close to around them to Execute - usually of the same age and hence likely may not be around - competancy and the will (no pun intended again) to jump through all the hoops to settle up will be stressfull. Solicitors (or equivalent) take a chunk based on Estate value. Family - hmmm - all get on
  2. Hi GT85 is usually £1.99 in Lidl/Aldi when they have it in - far cheaper that cycling shops or Halfords., 2-3 for the price of 1. Just saying...... L
  3. Mr G-G No need to be like that Sir! Just post them up - you know you have a 'following'! Thanks in anticipation.......... L
  4. Hiya Wonderful photo, thank you for sharing. Makes you want to hold your hand out with a tit-bit for it! L
  5. Hi Looks like edge of carriageway road marking - denotes the made (tarmac) and unmade as it seems adjacent in photo - usually verge etc. Without other photos of the surroundings difficult to say - a bend in front or behind the parked vehicle? an access?..... The Local Highway Authority should be able to clarify what the line in that location is for. L
  6. Loki


    Hiya Another HotRox user here! L
  7. Hiya Recommend you get advice from your Local Planning Authority - they will do a Pre-Planning advice option, which will look at policies etc and advice accordingly. Worst case scenario is likely to be the need to put in for a CLUD (I think its a Certificate of Lawfull Use Development) - far better than going the retrospective planning application because a local NIMBY sets you up! There have been changes to what you can do and how far from any boundary - broadly nothing within 2m from any boundary etc. This should help: https://www.planningportal.co.uk/info/200125/do_you_n
  8. Hi I have a .375H&H, for deer, AOLQ and use abroad. It gets used without causing grief. L
  9. Hi Small tube of Stormsure adhesive - - any leftover goes in the freezer to be used again when needed. Repaired my Allen neoprene sling were it split - solid as now. L
  10. Loki

    Kitchen Paint

    Gentlemen, Thank you for your thoughts/advice - duly noted. Anything to be aware of in the prep phase to ensure proper finish that lasts? L
  11. Loki

    Kitchen Paint

    Good morning All Going through a kitchen tidy-up now need to paint the ceilings/walls. So, would appreciate advice on the paints to consider (excluding high-end esoteric offerings please), and those to avoid? I recall 'egg-shell' from years gone by but would prefer a satin type that is wipe-able/wash-able. Will wash down the walls with sugarsoap before applying - other prep tips would also be greatfully received. There was a post awhile back on paints but danged if I can find it........... L
  12. Hiya I had 24 Mk4 Fenns from The Trap Barn last year - pretty sure they do squirrel traps......... L
  13. Hiya Suggest you drop into Yeti Forum (you dont have to join to read on it (not sure about search)) and or ask the questions (obviously need to join) - some knowledgable people on there. L
  14. Hiya Crikey me - those are some blanks - beautiful !! L
  15. Hiya GG Why dont myphotos look like that.............? Seriously - wonderful photo! Thank you for posting up to share. L
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