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  1. Loki

    HW80 stock

    Hi I have a surplus one, excellent condition in my opinion - if you PM an e-address I can get photos over to you..... L
  2. Loki

    Engine carbon clean

    Hi Lots of information(some quite detailed) on adding 2-stroke on the Passat Forum, including modern engines with DPF. One link I came across on PF? was from the Swedish Transport people who advised on 2-stroke/litre of diesel...... One of the PF Moderators has last 7-9 years of soot particle printouts at MOT - before and after adding 2-stroke - no contest. Other diesel cleaners of course are available. L
  3. Loki

    Engine carbon clean

    Hi Many folks on the Passat Forum have been using 2-stroke in with the diesel for a cleaner burn and engine, particularly if DPF equiped - Screwfix is recommended over there...... L
  4. Loki

    Swarovski Habicht Nova 6x42

    Hi Pretty sure mine (early steel tubed) are 26mm........ L
  5. Loki

    Delta or Minox

    Hi If you can get to look through both, and not just in a shop, let your eyes tell you which one suits them. L
  6. Hi If Mau-Mau's (cat) first one in garden counts: 1416
  7. Loki

    Anyone a watch collector?

    Hi Servicing by Rolex provides the provenance when moving them on, also give you 2yrs warranty on the work carried out. Others can service but not sure if you can, should they be needed, get any parts from Rolex now. Another Forum suggested dont go to a 'Plumber' for 'Gunsmith' work........... New UK HQ? facilities in Bexley are very good if dropping in. St James Square facilities are also great. https://www.rolexforums.com/index.php - have serious enthusiasts and information. L PS - if thats a long time ask how long for a Daytona and the premium over if want it sooner!
  8. Loki

    Frozen pigeons

    Hiya Yes should have been clearer on that point - chums are steel shot. L
  9. Loki

    Frozen pigeons

    Hi Friend gets 40p/pigeon from the local Falcon Fraternity - take the head/wings off and good to go. Maybe ask around your area........ Still leaves bits for fox bait.... L
  10. Loki

    Anyone a watch collector?

    Hi Mike_ I have heard some watches dont do so well in a watch winder.......... Steel Rolex Sub-dates will always hold silly money. Some Omegas will too - mid-70/80s Speedmaster Professional. Tudor (have history similar/part of Rolex awhile back) and their Black Bay seems to review well. Drill into Watch Forums - eg. TZ-UK, RolexForum etc. to build up information/knowledge - some scary stuff when drilling into these........ Maintenance costs can be disproportionate and provenance/papers mean alot! L
  11. Loki

    Hardwood bench slats

    Hi I repaired a seat using the slightly larger tanalised roofing batten, sanded down and stained with exterior woodstain. Neighbour did same but varnished his. Couple years on still good, though recoat necessary, when get around to it. L
  12. Loki

    disco 3 wiper blades

    Hi When ECP/Parts4Less do a 50% off code worth keeping a spare set, particularly of the Bosch/OE flatblade variety; same with brake pads/discs/air/oil filters etc. if needed at some point in near future. L
  13. Loki

    Car suffocating in heat

    Hiya Maybe drill into M-Benz 'enthusiasts' sites such as - https://forums.mbclub.co.uk/, to see what other have found and dealt with how....... L
  14. Loki

    Dangerous Sales

    Hi Re asking Polis Licensing Teams confirming certificate details where concerns at point of sale - An RFD I know asked his local Polis if he could tele-call to check the odd suspicious certificate (well worn/not particularly legible etc.). Reply (from Senior FEO) was to the effect why should we, you have to make the decision on information to hand etc........Again, put to him - but risks my RFD/livelihood if certificate stolen/misused etc. Reply - you have to make the decision..... As for the DVLA code system - serious persuading Polis when they interpret everything in one direction, let alone getting a working system in place. L
  15. Loki

    Hanging driveway gates... which way?

    Hi You might want to make sure they dont open out onto the highway from your boundary (ownership of land/subsoil is is different to highway rights over it) - if they do it leaves you open to having to put back to opening inwards if your Local Authority get involved...... L