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  1. Loki

    Rifle case

    Hi If there is a chance you may go/take abroad at some point check whatever you shortlist are 'airline approved'. L
  2. Hiya Yes, I do, every day. Only taken off at night - driven back half way to work a few times as 'something just not right'! L
  3. Hi If you think you are 'suffering' (no lube or reach around) look at my post on Stalking Directory and where TVP are.......... L
  4. Hi Though sorted now there are stud extractors for undoing the like............. Pilot drill and then use the SE's reverse thread. Lidl/Aldi do them evry so often. L
  5. Hiya TomTom advised updating before 6th April to overcome an issue similar to the Y2K where the internal clock needs updating. As said above download the TT program (TT Mydrive for newer ones and something else for others) and update all they offer and should be good - assumes your TT is relatively new. You will have to register the TT with its seriel number. L Linky: https://www.tomtom.com/en_gb/updates/
  6. Hi Scully Thank you for your advice. L
  7. Hiya Fellahs Would appreciate advice on the above and a couple of questions I have please - 1. Bell cast on lower edge has cracked at the beading - options to repair (I have used leadmate for about 12")? 2. Render (on outside of Man-Cave!) never been 'coated' (painted) since done (decision by member of Tribe - I wanted artistic bushes/shrubs painted on it !) so exhibits evidence of environment (12" above beading) - so, recomended means of making sure has longevity/environmental protection. L.
  8. Hi Ctek always seem to review well in Autoexpress - I have the x5? and does well including lawnmower battery. Maybe worth a nose at recent Autexpress tests. L
  9. Hi I have switched recently using Switchrcraft - they put me on to a BGas tariff the my existing supplier (BGas couldnt give me even as an existing customer). Supposed to save 350ish over the year...... L
  10. Hi Australian friend recemmended one of these - https://www.darksidedevelopments.co.uk/products/mann-hummel-provent-200-oil-catch-can-breather-system.html. He fitted it to his new Ute and says most Down Under fit them because they work. I posted the link on UK Passats Forum, for oil-burners but had no interest or feed-back - was looking for users this side views to keep dpf/?? clean. Ended up (for now) using 2-stroke oil additive (again lots on above Forum - including Scandinavians whose Transport Wallahs recommend) to raise the burn temp and hence assist dpf. L
  11. Hiya Would be worth looking the symptoms up on a Saab Forum - you wont be the only one - and there are some very knowledgeable/experienced people on them. L
  12. In my case also appropriate insurance.....
  13. Hi Your local motor garage may have a 'mini-ductor' type thingy that uses a flexible wire/coil and electro-magnetic induction to heat up seized components and hence expand to take off. I had two with no use for them so gave them to a friend - shame you are not nearer as he will still have them......... L
  14. Hiya Tacking slightly off direction - TomTom fellah on the wireless this morning said that all T-T's have to update software to account for 1919? by early April..........seems similar to previous electrickery things and dates in chipsets. Otherwise no findee satellites - what do we know? L
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