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  1. Loki

    hessian sacking

    Hi Scaffolders debris netting, nylon so washable. 2 poly-pipe hoops - yellow gas board type or similar - appropriate diameter to take a Roe, knotted at the bottom and a hoop, other hoop at the top once slid over deer. Long side will need sewing/velcro. I have a roll of the netting somewhere so could sort out enough for a couple. L
  2. Hi I used Tayner batteries tail end last year, and Battery Megastore previous to that. The problem arises if the battery fails within warranty period, as a local check of battery (garage or otherwise) has to be sent, before any warranty replacement can occur - one of 2 batteries from them required) and the delay in between. Sure the prices are good on-line but need to factor in over the usually small difference for an immediate local replacement. Perhaps pay a bit more and just have local if necessary............. L
  3. Hi You should be able to get some good information from Muir (Andrew), on the Stalking Directory Forum, who has just bought and been extolling the virtues of the calibre/accuracy in a variety of ammuntion (admittedly factory) in his New Years new rifle. L
  4. Hiya Me neither on the bleach solution!! There must be some guidance/experience on keeping the insides clean...... L
  5. Hi Interesting replies - on an side........ How does the inside of the wellies, particularly neoprene lined, get cleaned of all that sweat and like, that no doubt festers? L
  6. Loki

    Head torch

    Hi Alpkit do some that seem good value for money - https://www.alpkit.com/search/results?keywords=head+torches. L
  7. The only problem with an answer like that, even in jest, is you wont know if they 'tag' your account as 'different', or your comment gets 'mis-interpreted' and you get 'interrogated'
  8. Hi Reiterate the above - ie dont plug into it, though it is there in case suddenly needed. L
  9. Loki


    Hi May I suggest that it is not just a case of changing the battery/capacitor - it needs to checked for water resistance too - would be worth asking if they are pressure testing after replacing whatever, if not too important then fair enough - but a 'drowned' sentimental watch will irk............ Fellah in Bolton did mine for less than half your 65 - postage (back) included. The watch is circa 15-20yrs old so I was not too particular re its diving ability. L
  10. Hi Very interesting and certainly helpful to many - thanks for putting up the link. L
  11. Wretched things - beautiful though nature is - hitting the sparrows hard in my yard. Over the neighburs fence, into the Bay Tree and out clutching one - 2 blinks of an eye and gone. This one was more brown than slate grey.
  12. Hiya Presumably once all signed and sorted you will be looking to bring in 'work details' (unless Board of Corrections? let you use local Labour) for board n rations.............just saying! A good friends Father lives in NC (fuels up in SC though!) so could work something in........ All the best with your endeavors! L
  13. Loki

    GT 85

    Hi GT85 can be bought half normal price in cycling shops - Lidl/Aldi - £2.99 last I bought. L
  14. Hi Airgun Forum would be a good start for the options - keep it original - strip, clean and rebuild - or improve with minor tweaks/replacement items for a better users experience. Lots of knowledgeable/experienced folk, seem more than happy to help. L HW80k - Venom (original before link-up) tuned to FAC
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