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  1. thomasbeaton

    Snare log book

    Hi folks, Just done my snare course (Scotland) and for the part of having to log your snares, does anybody know where to buy a snare log book? Only one online I can see is via SGA and although looks ok was wondering what else was available? Cheers.
  2. thomasbeaton

    Mauser 107 and Moderator Zeroing

    No probs bud, I just use a old £10 Parker hale mod on mine, been on it since my grandpa bought it 40 odd years ago and has never been cleaned and still does the job with subs.
  3. thomasbeaton

    Mauser 107 and Moderator Zeroing

    Off subject a little bit but I too own a Mauser 107, cracking little rifle and superbly accurate. If you were ever looking for a magazine replacement which I have been looking for a spare for a good 10 years, I recently found out the older Voere 2107/8 is basically the same rifle and the magazines are identical and there are loads of brand new magazines online in 5,8, 10 and 15 shot. Hope this helps. T.
  4. thomasbeaton

    Leupold VX-III

    6.5-20x40 leupold VX-III for sale, excellent condition, lucky if it’s been used for a box of bullets. Selling for a friend based in Irvine, Ayrshire. £600 Ono.
  5. thomasbeaton

    Deben tracer lithium

    £140 any takers?
  6. thomasbeaton

    Deben tracer lithium

    Hi folks, got a deben lithium tracer 12v 14amp battery for sale, comes with the charger plug and a neoprene sleeve case. £160 collect from Ayr or could post for £8. Cheers.
  7. thomasbeaton

    20g and 16g cartridges for sale Aberdeenshire

    Don’t suppose your near Ayrshire anytime soon? For the 16bores. Cheers. T.
  8. thomasbeaton

    .22 shotgun cartridges

    I found the .22 shotshells were useless after a yard, problem is I think because I'm firing them through a rifled barrel the shot is spinning and when shot onto paper you were getting a nice circle edge and no shot in the centre, totally pointless imo.
  9. thomasbeaton

    16 bore cartridges

    I buy mirage at £62 a slab for 28g 6's and 5's from dalry, great price compared to most, nice clean kills at some really good distances, only downside to them is they are a bit punchy but it is a slightly heavier shell than the usual 24-26g shell in a light gun (mines a aya sxs).
  10. thomasbeaton

    sherwood forest shooting jacket xl

    If come available again I will take this please. Thanks. If come available again I will take this please. Thanks.
  11. thomasbeaton

    CZ  601 ZKK Lux .243

    Great rifles, I use the same model and is very accurate and reliable, good luck with the sale.
  12. thomasbeaton

    Speed controller

    391239829610 eBay. Does the job and cheap.
  13. This book is like brand new, no marks or signs of wear, £18 posted, bank transfer please or £16 collected from Mossblown, Ayr. Thanks.
  14. Hi folks, we have decided to take on another two full guns for the new season comming. This is a small diy syndicate putting down 450 pheasants each year, we shoot every other Wednesday from October onwards. There's also a small pond that flights well for after the shoot. We're a friendly bunch of lads that enjoys the country side and banter, the shoot it self is pretty much flat and walk a loop round the area shooting 7 woods with three pens. We also share the feeding. Not sure on this seasons price but think it will be no more than £380 for the year. Sorry but guns with dogs only please. Thanks. T.