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  1. Thanks ditchman, will give that a try tomorrow.
  2. I recently acquired a huglu 20b semi auto. Practically brand new. Was fine when first went out at the pigeons, no problems at all, yesterday I was out again and when I loaded one in the chamber and two in the mag it would miss-fire. Manually extract the shell and allow the second shell to automatically cycle the next round in and again miss-fire then do the same and the third will go off. Tried this a few times and same story. So I started just loading one shell in at a time and was firing fine. Stripped it down and put back together and still the same problem. When there’s cartridges in the magazine for some reason the pin isn’t striking the cartridge enough. Anybody got any ideas what could be the problem?
  3. I havcan just acquired a Huğlu excellence magnum 920g but can’t find a link online for a manual anywhere, can anyone point me in the right direction? Cheers.
  4. I had the chance to enjoy a day at this shoot on the last day last season there as a guest and can vouch for a superb day, very frendily syndicate and very well run, the birds flew great, one of the birds shot on the last drive was the biggest I’ve ever seen! Thanks again Jon and Freddie.
  5. Hi folks, looking at at buying the Hoggs of Fife Struther smok and trousers for stalking, seem lightweight and had a feel of the trousers and feel like they would be quiet to walk in, has anybody got a set and what do you think of them, can’t see any reviews online. Cheers.
  6. Fluorocarbon and Chris potter gilet sold
  7. Took a picture with measuring tape, hope this helps. Cheers.
  8. Not sure how to check that mate, the label at the top says 56
  9. Pm sent Pm replied too.
  10. Possibility that I’m moving house soon so having a clear out, collection from Mossblown Ayrshire it can post for an additional fee. Game bird holder that clips onto belt £5 6lb fluorocarbon £5 greys grxi Spey intermediate wf9 click on barrel bipod £8 6-9 swivel bipod(missing rubber) £8 chris potter burgandy gilet size 56 £10 (good condition) hoggs size L gilet (bit worn) £6 hoggs tweed jacket (good condition) size XXL £50 Richard lee modern reloading manual excellent condition £15
  11. Hi folks, Just done my snare course (Scotland) and for the part of having to log your snares, does anybody know where to buy a snare log book? Only one online I can see is via SGA and although looks ok was wondering what else was available? Cheers.
  12. No probs bud, I just use a old £10 Parker hale mod on mine, been on it since my grandpa bought it 40 odd years ago and has never been cleaned and still does the job with subs.
  13. Off subject a little bit but I too own a Mauser 107, cracking little rifle and superbly accurate. If you were ever looking for a magazine replacement which I have been looking for a spare for a good 10 years, I recently found out the older Voere 2107/8 is basically the same rifle and the magazines are identical and there are loads of brand new magazines online in 5,8, 10 and 15 shot. Hope this helps. T.
  14. 6.5-20x40 leupold VX-III for sale, excellent condition, lucky if it’s been used for a box of bullets. Selling for a friend based in Irvine, Ayrshire. £600 Ono.
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