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  1. I have one of the first photons and an rt and get on really well with them. But I’ve just sold another early photon which I brought for my .22 but never fitted it as prefer the hmr at night.
  2. What’s better Yukon photon or pard 008? I’ve got the photon and get on with it really well but like the look of the slightly more compact pard 008. cheers
  3. Cambridge do not really upland. More flat land
  4. Wow thanks, be farming 35yrs and never seen them before. The last 2 yrs we have left a 2ac nesting plot for them. Thought the badgers and foxes would mop them up.
  5. It flies like a snipe but it’s a bit bigger and there are about 6 on this field all close together in a flock? Not very good pictures. If they are snipe I’ve never seen a group together
  6. Thanks but brought a new one now. Cheers
  7. Looking for a leather butt extension. I've got a rubber one and its to sticky going into my shoulder. anyone got one to sell cheers
  8. johnny

    Wanted iPad mini

    Looking for a iPad mini as mines dying. Anyone got one they want rid of? cheers john
  9. What a bunch of anchors these MPs are. They will never agree to anything as the majority of MPs don't want to leave and are all out for self gain. Iam fuming and will never vote for a main party again.
  10. Would you be interested in sell the spotter separate?
  11. Would be interested in the headset if you want to split. Cheers john
  12. johnny

    Yukon sw-30 mount

    Looking for a Yukon sw-30 mount, anyone got they are not using? cheers john
  13. Not really the guys number is in the advert. If people are serious ring him, in my experience people wanting info by pm are a waste of time.
  14. Just 4 left 2 liver and white dogs 1 liver and white bitch and black and white bitch
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