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  1. johnny

    Wanted iPad mini

    Looking for a iPad mini as mines dying. Anyone got one they want rid of? cheers john
  2. What a bunch of anchors these MPs are. They will never agree to anything as the majority of MPs don't want to leave and are all out for self gain. Iam fuming and will never vote for a main party again.
  3. Would you be interested in sell the spotter separate?
  4. Would be interested in the headset if you want to split. Cheers john
  5. johnny

    Yukon sw-30 mount

    Looking for a Yukon sw-30 mount, anyone got they are not using? cheers john
  6. Not really the guys number is in the advert. If people are serious ring him, in my experience people wanting info by pm are a waste of time.
  7. Just 4 left 2 liver and white dogs 1 liver and white bitch and black and white bitch
  8. any chance of some pictures / Whatsapp 07880812195 



    1. Sprockers puppies for sale I've got both parents, very well bred and working. Dads a black cocker mum liver and white springer. Will be ready early December. 1 black 2 brown 3 brown and white 2 black and white £400 please pm if interested
    2. Hi I have a pulsar recon x870 it’s brand new never been used.

      If your interested you can PM me 


      1. Looking for a hand held Nv spotter. Anyone got got anything for sale. Thanks john
      2. johnny

        Ppi and tax

        I don’t know surely I paid tax on the payment first time round
      3. johnny

        Ppi and tax

        I thought I'd have a go at this Ppi job and have received some money. I went through one of these ppi firms. They have charged me their % on the full amount before Hmrc have taken their bit, is this right. I have no problem paying them but should it not be after tax? Anyone one got any views? Yes I know I should of done it myself cheers John
      4. johnny


        Makes my ******* blood boil this sort of thing. Badgers carry tb and eat lots of hedgehogs and ground nesting birds eggs. Why doesn't one of these people say so. How much more research do we need?
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