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  1. Welcome to my world Jim. Jacks 11 and no better than teddy but I still love taking him out. Now he’s shooting it’s even worse as he just wants to pull the trigger, no patience at all so he’s still only shooting clays.
  2. Hello how many hours has it done please? cheers john
  3. Just got pard 008 and want to try it on my tbolt 17 anyone know what’s the best way to fit it? cheers John
  4. How old is the pard please?
  5. Thanks for that I’ve ordered one so will give it a try
  6. I’ve brought a cheap f9 camera and tried it yesterday, and to be honest it’s not as bad as I thought it would be except the sound is delayed when watching the videos back. Could this be how I am watching them on my laptop or is it normal. Basically I am just putting the sod card in a reader then open the external drive. before someone says just buy a shotkam or GoPro the budget won’t go that far. Any help greatly appreciate
  7. johnny

    PW Gamebags

    I will have one please
  8. What do people find best for keeping fleas Off there dogs? cheers john
  9. Anyone got one of the cheaper gun cams, would love a shotkam but don’t have the money spare. How Good are the cheaper ones? cheers john
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