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  1. johnny


    How much for those three please?
  2. johnny


    ****** me don’t know my left and right. I mean from the right
  3. johnny


    What length is the 1st, 3rd and sixth form the left please
  4. johnny

    Gundog pup

    How you doing Jim. Hasn’t Chris got one for sale? I’ve just found a new 17mth old cocker or it found me. If our bitch has a proper season we might be having some pups.
  5. Hello George any plans toco e down Cambridge way? After a 2000 30g 6s in fibre 12g and may be some 28bore

  6. Do you ever get up Cambridge way?
  7. Thanks for the replies I will take the stock of and give it a clean.
  8. Thanks for the offer. Myself and Jim are in a syndicate. Jack loves shooting and considering he has only been shooting since just before Christmas he’s doing really well with the 28g. And yes I can see it’s going to get expensive😀 luckily he has quite a good grass cutting round😀.
  9. It’s a yildiz, no it’s not been cleaned but it’s done nothing
  10. My sons 28g Will for top barrel but then won’t fire bottom barrel, but the bottom first and it’s ok. Any ideas? cheers
  11. Did some drilling last week and a few pigeons turned up, so took my 11 year old boy for the first time today with the 28g he shot 5 and was made up as was I. He’s had a couple of lessons and we’ve shot some clays at home over the last 4months. I brought the little Yildiz over a year ago but he’s not long been sensible and big enough to handle a gun.
  12. johnny

    Lab or cocker

    Bit of a long shot but iam after another a lab or cocker, dog or bitch 9mts-5yrs. If anyone has anything or knows of something please let me know. Got my other dog off here so you never know. cheers john
  13. Welcome to my world Jim. Jacks 11 and no better than teddy but I still love taking him out. Now he’s shooting it’s even worse as he just wants to pull the trigger, no patience at all so he’s still only shooting clays.
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