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  1. johnny

    PW Gamebags

    I will have one please
  2. What do people find best for keeping fleas Off there dogs? cheers john
  3. Anyone got one of the cheaper gun cams, would love a shotkam but don’t have the money spare. How Good are the cheaper ones? cheers john
  4. When I live down that way used to use a guy out Thame way. Can’t remember is name though so not much use Iam afraid he supplied a lot of London. Would take all sorts of vervain and game
  5. johnny

    Lawn damage.

    Badgers are sometimes called pigs
  6. My brother has it booked up for the end of June for his 60th in his Porsche. But he’s not sure it Will happen with corona as he lives in Dubai at the moment. got a mate who did iron his motorbike and saiditwasreally good.
  7. Thanks for the tips. Where’s the best place to place trap I’ve tried in the open now it’s in the hedge it’s on a hedge that magpies are
  8. Been trying to catch a magpie first tried my top entry trap put a nest in it with some mini eggs in no luck then tried side entry trap with nest and eggs again and camouflaged the trap a bit so didn’t stand out so much but still no luck. Any tips on getting that first magpie. cheers john
  9. Just heard corbyn on the news moaning about how slow things are happening and it not enough. *** is still doing at the top of the Labour Party. I thought he’d be bang up for giving loads of money away. But it’s never enough for him fu2k off corbyn
  10. I have one of the first photons and an rt and get on really well with them. But I’ve just sold another early photon which I brought for my .22 but never fitted it as prefer the hmr at night.
  11. What’s better Yukon photon or pard 008? I’ve got the photon and get on with it really well but like the look of the slightly more compact pard 008. cheers
  12. Cambridge do not really upland. More flat land
  13. Wow thanks, be farming 35yrs and never seen them before. The last 2 yrs we have left a 2ac nesting plot for them. Thought the badgers and foxes would mop them up.
  14. It flies like a snipe but it’s a bit bigger and there are about 6 on this field all close together in a flock? Not very good pictures. If they are snipe I’ve never seen a group together
  15. Thanks but brought a new one now. Cheers
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