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  1. Frank


    CZ........ :blink:
  2. Hi Magman and FF. Im doing fine, lamping a lot for bunnys with my lurcher, have no guns as yet, their is some firearms changes over here, so am waiting till that all finishes, prehaps in a year or 2.. Hope your both well.. :yp: Frank.
  3. Shot with .22 Hornet a good bit, sweet round for foxes out to 200yds max, under good conditions, zeroed an inch high at 100 yds. Have not shot with .222, so can not comment, but shot with .223, reaches out further, max 300 for humane kills, cheap as chips, to reload and factory ammo, vast choice of bullets ect ect. One thing i would say, which i did not bother with in the past, is if getting a .223, put a moderator on it, as its noisey, especially at night. The .22 Hornet is much quieter and has no recoil to speak of, choice is yours. Good luck. Frank.
  4. ..... http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-12...abbit-hole.html Frank.
  5. Lovely looking pup, took more to the whippet by the looks of it, best of luck with her. What lines are in her? Frank.
  6. Frank

    Some people

    Cheers FM , on and off, im thinking about it..
  7. Frank

    Some people

    ....yes, im getting that way in my old age... :yp: Il wait and see and wil give it till september... But, a 22.250........... :o .....i think back to basics to start, the good auld .22lr...CZ of course..
  8. John, your doing a fantastic job mate.. .... :yp: Frank.
  9. Frank

    Some people

    Im grand Fm. Just getting a few bunnys ect with my lurcher bitch and have another pup on the way.. I am tempeted to get back into the rifles .......but, the current laws that are coming in over here, would be right stressfull, trying again... Frank.
  10. Frank

    Some people

    Hi FM, hope your well. ? Frank.
  11. Frank

    Some people

    Stupid ******* cow............... :blink: .. ... I would have found it hard to stay calm to be honest John, hats off to you mate... Frank.
  12. Well said John.. Pavman, good shooting sir.. Frank.
  13. Doing fine John. Doing well with my lurcher, getting out a good bit. Yes, it does seem their is a population explosion of foxes your way alright... ...ither that, or them hippy animal hospitals that are opening up like mushrooms over here are releasing them from the citys... ..... Frank.
  14. John, get some sleeeeeep....................... Great going, just goes to show, how many their are about... Frank.
  15. Excellent feild craft and shooting Mark.. :unsure: Good wright up aswell .. Frank.
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