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  1. Cheers Harry - nice talking to you and I'll drop you a message about collection shortly. All sorted now thanks chaps.
  2. Hi Harry, if you PM your number to me I'll call you about it. Cheers, Chris.
  3. I've actually been looking at a 1200 just like yours Foxbasher. Nice job on the woodwork by the way! Accurate enough and not too heavy? It is a lot better than a chunk of plastic isn't it? And it clover-leafs too!
  4. I'm looking for a light(ish) .243 for some foxing in the dark. My .223 is a heavy barreled beast that sucks the fun out of it. I quite like the idea of an old BSA or Parker Hale and as long as it still holds a group I don't mind sorting out dings and gouges in the woodwork if need be. Ideally screw-cut, even better with a mod though. Better still with brass and dies. There must be loads of unfashionable stuff in the back of cabinets not getting used- anyone got something suitable? I'm about 20 miles South of Chester. I don't have a massive budget and I'd be buying new if I did. Just after a ch
  5. Pretty sure it fits me better now I've messed with it, but there was a definite vertical drop between the 40yd and 50yd paper targets I shot. At 50 yds I had hardly any pellets above the centre line of the 30" circle. I'll post back when I've shot 40 and 50 with cyl. It is a 36gram load and I'm using 36 grains of powder to launch it with a cx2000 primer. Should be 1400fps ish.
  6. I know this is an old thread but I thought I'd share my recent frustrations. I was shooting some steel commercial goose loads and was a bit disappointed with some shots that I thought should have killed outright. On examination the No.1 shot inside turned out to be No.3 by everyone elses measurements, so I got some components and a Lee Loadall and started loading No.1's in 3in cases on top of alliant steel. 36gram loads. The thing that really, really narks me is that I have to use plastic wads and there is no sensible alternative for the steel homeloader. I'm still learning, but I'v
  7. They are passed for .22 Hornet as well and do a pretty decent job. Good luck with your sale.
  8. These are proper 80's throwbacks and a built like tanks. Very well engineered (Japanese) and have chrome barrels and great triggers. I picked a trap gun up last year and have been using on the pigeons. Can't put it down! Quality gun and much underated. Good luck with the sale.
  9. Hi Tightchoke, Thanks. I have, but he's not got back to me yet.
  10. Looking for a set of Lanber barrels with ejectors. Multichoke would be preferred. Can probably decide if they'll fit from a photo. Would consider whole gun if you have something with a battered/broken stock, but I only really want barrels to go on stock I want to keep.
  11. Hi Bosher, 

    Ooops... I've blown up my Lanber. It's spat out a choke tube and split the barrel. If you get an o/u ejector in with a duff stock I'd be up for the barrels. 

    Cheers, Chris.

  12. Sorry, got sorted with a virtually new Hatsan now. He was similar distance away. Hideous thing - cammo dippped, but the intention is to use it as a tool as opposed to treating it as a thing of beauty. Not shot it yet...maybe I'll be a convert when I do. If not, It'll be back on here soon. Good luck with your sale.
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