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  1. I had an athletic bitch, quick, could clear a 5 bar gate with ease. I had a queue of people wanting a pup from her so I hip / elbow scored her. She scored 51/53 for the hips. What looks good isn't always what is good.
  2. https://www.bva.co.uk/canine-health-schemes/submission-fees/
  3. There's plenty of people out there health testing quality working dogs & selling them for sensible money. Show patience & shop around until you find the right dog.
  4. No, you con the little ******** into thinking it was their idea
  5. Not chew resistant, i know someone who lost dog through eating it.
  6. PERCE

    Garage floor

    We've done ours as the garage doubles up as a kennel. Considerably easier to keep clean than the previous painted floor but walk with caution when wet, although they are more non slip than the ones we have in the house.
  7. https://www.thekennelclub.org.uk/our-resources/mykc/ You should be able to join from the link, it's not difficult to use
  8. Simple, it's not black & it's not chocolate, so it's yellow. Yellow labs come in many shades of YELLOW.
  9. No such colour, the dog's yellow
  10. It doesn't but if you write anything other than Black - Yellow - Chocolate / Brown on the registration documents they'll register it as not being a recognised colour. So for example you can't put red down as the colour. If a dog's got white on it you only register it as one of the 3 solid colours.
  11. Emmellodge Comet out of sibling, has been bred from using an affix Wellburygrange in 2016. Ex Comet - Wellburygrange Cartlend has been bred from under the affix Birkbymeadow, this was in 2018 Both affix would suggest these are in the Northallerton area. W
  12. They've probably tried registering them as black with white chest or similar. Les Dixon bred the sire, he used to do dog displays at agricultural shows etc but I'm not sure if he still does. He's not someone I've had dealings with but I've heard the odd story! The sire's sire Teak street is a sibling of FTCH Mediterian Blue, a prolifically used stud dog. The grandsire on the dams side Delfleet Garlic was owned by John Lees afaik.
  13. Post them on here as there's 1/2 a chance I can tell you who owns dogs in the pedigree as the OP is local to me.
  14. Post a copy of that legislation if you can find it
  15. as far as I know - 70 - motorway 60 - dual carriageway 50 - the rest unless lower restrictions on the road ie 30 / 40 etc It's the same as non car based vans. We're hounded by camera vans in North Yorkshire so I do 50 everywhere, much to the annoyance of the long stream of traffic that usually builds up behind me.
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