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  1. Someone I pick up with had one. Two seasons ago we never actually saw it on a shoot day, we took the **** a lot. Last season he'd bought himself an L200.
  2. Unfortunately it's the bit most folk omit to train.
  3. Selling pups at the normal rate in these difficult times isn't ideal. It's not always easy to pick the puppy trader that's knocking on your door.
  4. This is correct for all current model vehicles but you need to check for older models. I've got a mark 7 Hilux double cab & it's less than 2040kg kerb weight. i don't think that single cab pick ups are classed as dual-purpose & are subject to commercial vehicle speed limits.
  5. A friend let someone use his dog on an unpapered bitch a while back, he asked for 1/2 a pup if she has pups as the fee, he was stunned when he was given £1k.
  6. I think there's untested PRA in the bitch line of them pups if you go by the info that's on myKC, although it can only be carrier as both the sire & grandsire are clears.
  7. https://fendawoodstuddogs.weebly.com/ftch--int-ftch-beileys-aguzannis-of-fendawood.html I saw this dog when I helped at the England team selection test the year before it won the IGL. It went where it was told to the inch & then handled when it got there.
  8. The retrieve that starts at approx 5.30 won the dog the IGL.
  9. Cracking dog is Malusi. We had pups by him in December & they're very nice, biddable & like hunting.
  10. You'll be hard pushed to find a working Labrador with no show lines in it with a COI as low as this, I'd suspect that the working dog average is somewhere between 8 & 10%. I'd regard my dog as being pretty low as he's 7.3%. I'd also be wary of anything statistics wise produced from myKC. It's riddled with errors as everything is inputted by hand, including hereditary health tests for new litters. I've also noticed their COI figures differ from those given on K9 data. You'd want to have an sd2 clear bitch if you were to use this dog 😉😉
  11. I'm yet to see a dark yellow / fox red that doesn't have one line always in it's pedigree. Seanbaile is always there, usually it's through Aughacasla Sam of Drakeshead or less frequently Gillmore Arrow of Pocklea. Even more rare does it appear through the bitch line, I actually pick up on a shoot where the owner has it in his Labradors bitch line. I don't breed for colour, I'm looking for a soft nature dog that'll get on & hunt.
  12. This is a picture of Mum on a grouse drive last season, she's the one on the right. Details of the sire - http://gortonsgundogs.co.uk/the team/arriba 2.html Pup's pedigree - https://www.k9data.com/offspring.asp?ID=463906
  13. Labrador dog pup for sale, ready now. Excellent pedigree pup from health tested working parents. Pup is Kennel Club registered & micro chipped. £900
  14. You can get a new Invincible X on the basc scheme for approx 24k + vat, 22% off list. I suspect new deals from other manufactures can be got similar & it's a lot better value than buying used.
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