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  1. Need to be quick if you want a new one before 2023, the UK quota for 2022 is spoken for up until September. Info from the dealer I've one on order from, they phoned me yesterday to give me an update on mine.
  2. I'd just stop taking it for a walk. Problem solved, no more pulling.
  3. When you find one Taliban free, I'll book a pup out of her!
  4. I had a diesel Forester & it did 45 to the gallon even when you thrashed it.
  5. There's over 100 litters advertised on the Kronch guys free to advertise gundog site & I'm regularly seeing 8 week+ pups available on facebook. Demand shrinking & over supply, I think there's soon going to be a lot of folk with older pups on their hands & no punters.
  6. Dave Latham won with Drakeshead Deana Pedigree: FTCH Drakeshead Deana (k9data.com) no actual Drakeshead bred dogs in her recent pedigree. RS Hill won with Drakeshead Wisp Pedigree: FTCh Drakeshead Wisp (k9data.com) early days for Drakeshead They've won 5 Championships themselves, with 3 different dogs, all bred by others. All Trial dogs go back to the usual suspects as the gene pool isn't very big.
  7. As I'm a bit sad I've sort of gone through the 1153, I think about 800 were bred by them but mostly 70's 80's, definitely not so many recently. I did notice that the 'of Drakeshead' FTCH outnumbered the Drakeshead home bred ones 20 - 17 from what I could find. They've certainly been prolific.
  8. Whilst I've no plans to trail through the 1153 dogs with Drakeshead in their name that are registered on mykc to prove it, I'd suspect that the majority of them are 'of Drakeshead' or similar, ie they didn't actually breed them. I don't think that they've been prolific breeders of litters, certainly not in recent years & the majority of the dogs that they've won / championed have been bred by others. Standing dogs at stud to a steady stream of customers is probably an easier way to make a living.
  9. I don't think the coi breed average for any of the working breeds is correct for work bred pups, it might be for the breed as a whole but as work bred dogs are now a breed within a breed, their coi breed average is a bit of an unknown. If I was in the market for a proper working bred cocker spaniel I'd expect it's coi to be 16 - 20%. A labrador pup would be in the 8 - 12% region. Never had a springer so I've never looked into them.
  10. H.P.R Free Gundog tips - early stop whistle and delivery with Rory Major - YouTube
  11. Entropion - eye lids Trichiasis - eye lashes Two different things. Ingrowing eye lashes are most likely hereditary as my old bitch had it & most of her kids / grand kids also have it, it'd be fairly common in Labradors. I see a BVA eye specialist for annual eye tests & on her advise have never done anything about it. I had a cocker which two vets told me had entropion, I took him to the eye specialist & she said the vets were wrong, he had long eye lashes. As someone else has posted, get specialist advice.
  12. I know but there's quite a few that'll have had more.
  13. I was looking at a well used stud for the last year, based on it's fee price on petsforhomes it's earned just over 15k, pups produced will have sold for between 650 & 750k.
  14. yes, I'd have thought so but without seeing the pedigrees it's difficult to say as other dogs in there are probably related as well.
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