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  1. I know but there's quite a few that'll have had more.
  2. I was looking at a well used stud for the last year, based on it's fee price on petsforhomes it's earned just over 15k, pups produced will have sold for between 650 & 750k.
  3. yes, I'd have thought so but without seeing the pedigrees it's difficult to say as other dogs in there are probably related as well.
  4. I used to wait until I knew whether I wanted to keep / breed from a dog, I've done them as old as 4. After getting caught out with one not having good enough scores that I an willing to breed from & in the mean time selling one which I'd have kept if I'd know, I now test at 12 months. I've never bought into the wear & tear bit. If they're good 1, they'll be good at 3,4 or whatever.
  5. I've been looking at these pictures for the 3 hours, I still can't spot the difference.
  6. Yes, good solid pups. Used the dog before & I like the ones I kept.
  7. Thought you weren't supposed to advertise pups on this group? These are my Malusi ones 😄 😄
  8. You're not the only one having that problem. A friend registered a cocker litter in August & they've lost it, pups are ready to go & he's got no papers. I was hoping the new site would be an upgrade on the old site with some new features. For instance being able to work out coi's for future litters, so 2 or 3 generations down I can go back to my own lines for litters without going too close. Instead they've come up with a system that makes it almost impossible to work out even basic stuff, it's like they're trying to hide information.
  9. The pedigree of the dam is wrong on the Champ site. Sirocco Speed is by Ettinsmoor Sandman of Bellaroyal out of Sirocco Wind. BTW, the new kennel club site is utter w**k, who ever designed it wants ******** up the **** with a big stick sideways.
  10. Maybe she's just had a senior moment filling in the pedigree on the Champdogs web page? We'll find out on the 30th when myKC is back up & running.
  11. I suspect the pup market is still strong. We've been getting a lot of inquiries for pups from friends of friends, friends of people that have had pups from us in the past etc.
  12. Someone I pick up with had one. Two seasons ago we never actually saw it on a shoot day, we took the **** a lot. Last season he'd bought himself an L200.
  13. Unfortunately it's the bit most folk omit to train.
  14. Selling pups at the normal rate in these difficult times isn't ideal. It's not always easy to pick the puppy trader that's knocking on your door.
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