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  1. Near Scotch Corner. The pale yellow bitch is mother to 3 of the yellow ones, a dog & 2 bitches, the darkest yellow has the same Father as these 3. The black bitch has a similar pedigree to the pale bitch, I've bred her to my dog & I have a 4 month old pup from the litter
  2. No firm plans as yet but we're probably going to have a litter in the early part of next year. All our dogs are health tested eyes, elbow, hips & dna. They also all work, I've regular picking on 2 grouse moors ( 4 days a week if there's grouse) & also pick on 3 pheasant estates. I only run soft dogs that'll hunt. As yet no decision as to what dog we'll be using.
  3. PERCE

    Stolen - please share

    The flyer looks very similar to one that was for a dog stolen in Doncaster at the weekend, this dog has been found. Good luck finding this one.
  4. PERCE


    You've not taught him the first 3 things he should have learnt. Recall, recall, recall. Until understands these 3 things forget about doing anything else.
  5. PERCE

    Labrador Pups

    Black dog, yellow dog & yellow bitch available
  6. PERCE

    Which dog

    Yes, a Labrador is the best choice ??
  7. PERCE

    Pictures of our companions.

    This is Otis my home bred dog, he'll be 3 in September. He's just sired his first litter of pups to a bitch we own, the for sale add is currently listed in other sales.
  8. PERCE

    Labrador Pups

    Labrador pups for sale £850, ready for new homes now. Black dogs & a yellow bitch available. Parents are part of my picking up team for grouse & pheasant. They both have excellent health test results & pups are hereditary clear of pra,cnm,sd2 & eic. PM for contact details, we're located in Richmond, North Yorkshire. Health test details
  9. PERCE

    What Do I Need To Look For.

    It's known issue with the CRV. I had 2 sets of tyres on it of different brands & it did it with both.
  10. PERCE

    What Do I Need To Look For.

    We had a 2009 (59 plate) on a lease for 3 years. I think we got mid 30's mpg with it, better with non supermarket fuel. Never had any mechanical issues with it over 36k only putting a set of tyres on it. Only issue was it followed cambers on the motorway & was exhausting to drive on long journeys as you had to hang onto it all the time or you'd end up on the hard shoulder. It hung left in the UK & then hung right on the continent. We've been looking at getting an older Rav 4 & I've been using https://www.check-mot.service.gov.uk/ on the registration numbers of vehicles available on autotrader to see if there's any common faults showing up as mot failures.
  11. PERCE

    Luxating patella

    I think it should be compulsory that all health tests done on kc registered dogs should be sent direct to the Kennel Club & published. I know there's copyright issues with the PRA test but the if a 3rd party test is logged with the KC progeny will show up as clear on mykc. I've only got Labradors now & the biggest bugbear is SD2, very few people are logging their results particularly if it's a carrier. I now assume that if a dog's not got the test results posted it has to be a carrier. Numerous FTCH are, as is the line where all the red is stuff comes from.
  12. PERCE

    Luxating patella

    More common in cockers than a lot of people realise. They'd be better off testing for this than some of the dna testing that's being done. I bred a litter where both bitches turned out to have a problem, one was PTS, the other has never been operated on & has won awards in Trials. A friend has one that's been operated on, the problem was only found when it was hunting hard. It's been a long process & the dog wont trial but it will be able to work. I'd be interested to know the KC name of your dog to see how it's related, could you PM it?
  13. PERCE

    Dogs fighting

    Very bright little dogs that like to be the centre of attention, they can be a disruptive influence if they don't get all their own way. I know several people that have had similar issues with fighting & it's not only dogs, bitches are no different.
  14. PERCE

    Dogs fighting

    Castration wont work, you need to get rid of one of them. You aren't the first person to have this issue with Cockers.
  15. PERCE

    Ross Noble doing the SSDT

    I was only supposed to do one but I ended up riding four times, I only regret waiting until I was 41, I'd have done an awful lot more if I'd started sooner. Total commitment from Christmas on, ride a bike twice a week, gym, no booze, no cakes etc etc. Never added up the expense but it wasn't cheap, a new bike in February was extremely second hand by the second week of May. I've got 20+ years of helping run the Scott but never really enjoyed riding it. It does give you the two biggest buzzes you'll every get on Trials bike though, going off the ramp in the morning & coming back up the field in the afternoon knowing you've gone round in time.