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    Clay, game and pigeon with some rabbit thrown in. Would like some wildfowl or goose. Would like to be able to afford a grouse shooting break in Scotland!
  1. Have left it for the moment. Will keep an eye out for a barrel. Have borrowed a webley side lever to keep me going until I sort it.
  2. Hi Guys Thanks for replies. I have had problems with this gun when I bought it. Especially zeroing it in. I have not been able to get consistent shots. I have had different sights and they did not work. I cut the moderator down today and decided to fit a bore sight. Have found the barrel is bent. So if anyone has a barrel for this gun I would be interested. Thanks.
  3. Hi Guys I am having a problem with my Hatsan plastic moderator and want to remove it for an upgrade. I have removed the baffles and was expecting a 17mm nut to undo and remove it. There is none! What looks like a metal ring around the barrel is all I can see. Anyone know how I can get it off without causing any damage? Many thanks
  4. Hi Fella These are only £25.00 new on fleabay!
  5. My apologies.. I have purchased a Hatsan Edgar Brothers 900x spring loaded .177 and put a decent scope on it. Hoping to zero it in at about 30 yards this week. Couldn't resist it!! My budget was £150...if the permission has plenty of Rabbit will upgrade to a multi shot gas or similar, budget will be £200-£300. Or may go even higher if budget permits. Thx Guys.
  6. Hi Guys I have an opportunity to shoot Rabbit on my permission, I am looking for a suitable reasonably cheap starter air rifle to get started on it, hoping to get FAC on land eventually. Any recommendations for a rifle or a second hand one for sale?. Cheers Chaps!
  7. Went out today and noticed a few along the headland hedgerows, but not a lot of sloes on the branches.
  8. Never shot a pigeon with a rimfire! still 2 for 1 is always a good deal!!
  9. Hi Guys Just to let you know, I am away until next Tuesday, so will not be able to respond to any posts or pm. Thanks
  10. My mate brought it back from the states and never used it, he gave it to me for all the shooting lessons I gave him.
  11. I have for sale a Ponsness Warren 900 12 gauge re-loader. In very good condition, hardly used, since I have had it I have not used it, just do not have time. Having been informed that this is much more valuable than I first thought I have amended the price to reflect it's market value. Therefore I would expect offers in the region of £400. Thank you
  12. At the moment the flocks are quite large, and are always difficult to decoy in, spooking and flaring is always a problem this time of year, patience and more patience, find a flight line and set out a few deeks to divert them and have look on their way over. But don't take too many shells, take more coffee and sandwiches. My favourite plan is to find a field they are feeding on, then find any trees they are sitting in before descending onto the field. And set up near them. Works for me!
  13. I would have refused to pay a penny, and I would have named the shoot! In not doing so, others will be duped by these cheats. Why does every post of this type never name the culprits, drives me friggin mad!!!
  14. Apologies for spelling, fingers too big!! Piccy of silencer
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