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  1. Monday afternoon I had a call of Motty asking if I could get the afternoon of on Tuesday, of course I can. He said he decided to ask again if we could shoot the maize that he was asked to stop on due to a noise complaints. The farmer agreed after Motty said we would only use huspower shotguns. The field is along side a river and is long and quite narrow so Motty set up several hundred yards down and I went down towards the end of the field. I set up with my back to a thorn bush with the wind towards me going over my right shoulder, not ideal but the only option. I put the rotary about 20 yards
  2. Friday Motty rang as usual and asked if I fancied a go at some stubble Mallard, of course I do. So we met up at the said field jumped in a dyke, put out a spinner and waited. Well it wasn't long before the first ones came in and we missed 😀. We decided to work them with our calls and get them in close and this worked a treat and we soon had a frantic few minutes, we finished with 15 beautiful Mallard. Saturday morning I had to go and get measured for a suite for my youngest daughter's wedding. When I was done I went home had a bit of dinner and went out looking, Motty was unavailabl
  3. Friday evening I checked out last week's pea stubble fields and found about 200 down feeding. I wasn't that sure it would produce and after a conversation with Motty we decided to spilt up, he would shoot some laid barley and I would try the pea stubble. I set up with the wind in my back between two fields spilt by a dyke. I decided with the expectation of a hot day I set up at 9 with the intention if it got to hot to pack up. I set up with a rotary and two dead birds, with the rotary slightly to my left. The problem I had was the main flight line was from behind me and I often let birds go th
  4. Today as I was driving around for my job, I spotted a decent amount of pigeons on some drilled barley. I decided to ask for the afternoon off and thankfully it was granted. The only issue was we're to set up as there is four fields scattered around in a block. Picked a spot in a dyke by a culvert so I didn't need a hide. Now I only had 6 plastic half shell decoys which kept blowing away in the wind. First pigeon in I shot,great need one more for the rotory 7 shots later I managed to get the second. I set the rotory up behind me and to my right . The birds started to decoy and I added a few to
  5. Looking at my post from my now helpless perspective. I wonder why I bother. But I am and always have been, a scrapper. So....The thing is I have been trying to get hold a a couple of decent Wood Pigeons to pop in my freezer, with the intent of eating them. Six weeks ago I was told that I have a mere three months to live. Not something I can argue with when I look back at my rather ragged medical history. But what raised my hackles up most, was the fact that I have been trying to get a couple of decent stoggies to make myself a lovely meal with and just haven't been able to locate one, never m
  6. Two experienced 63 year olds seeking long term permission to assist with shotgun corvid and pigeon pest control. Have all the required kit. Fully insured. Can attend weekly, pm me in the first instance. Arable land preferred
  7. Motty phoned me on Friday and told me of a old rape field that looked very promising,he even said I think A ton is on the cards.I had a job to do first thing in the morning so I didn't arrive until after 11 to find he had set up with a lot of plastic decoys out and a rotary to the left of the hide which was situated on the edge of a reedy dyke.he had 8 on The clicker . The pigeons came in little flurries with some long waits in between. The promise of a ton looked a long way of an 50 looking the more likely. The birds were not decoying for the most ,so we had all types of shot in the book wit
  8. This week has been a bit busy in regards to pigeons, I shared a big bag with Motty on Wednesday, and a bag of 75 on Thursday afternoon. I had to work today and said to me old mate take my brother and I will have a go on a small rape field near my house. I had checked it out but felt that 50 was probably the best I could hope for,but worth an afternoon .when I got to the field at 1 o'clock a few birds were already down with a nice flight line. I set up with a rotary to my left with the wind coming over my left shoulder with 8 shell decoys. I positioned the hide on a bend of a dyke hoping to hid
  9. Wednesday evening I received a call from a farmer about some pigeons doing damage to his greens,so I quickly booked the afternoon of for the next day to try and eliviate the problem.i knew Motty couldn't get a day off with that short notice,so I asked my brother if he wanted to join me to which he agreed.The next day was quite windy with a strong north west wind so we set up close to a drain with rough cover behind.and the rotary in front slightly to out right and about 8 shell decoys in the greens. The first customer came straight in and was delt with,after that we had a very steady stream co
  10. I starting to feel like a batsman, getting scores but not pushing on. Last Thursday I was out driving from job to job when I spotted a freshly drilled barley field getting plenty of attention,a quick phone call to book the rest of the afternoon off and have a go in a very strong Westerly wind. I only had 8 plastic shell decoys to start with and I set up next to a hedge with the wind in my back. First pair in delt with, so I had a pair for the rotory. After half an hour I only had 4 birds down and the flight line had moved to the other side along a dyke edge, so I upped sticks and moved and go
  11. muncher


    Friday arrived, and late afternoon saw Motty and I speaking on the phone. I went for a tour round to look for suitable fields to shoot. I found a couple of likely options one rape field that I shot last week for 41,with a lot of birds down feeding hard and a peas fieled with around 100 feeding on it. Motty found a couple of very promising rape fields and after a conflap we decided to spilt up with the option of joining each other if either field was not producing. I went out at 9 o'clock to the pea field to find not one bird down,so I watched for a while ,still nothing then the farmer came do
  12. I had my eye on a field of rape that was getting plenty of attention. I nearly shot it on Friday but thought I'd wait until Saturday,much to my disappointment two shooters were already in situ at 9 o'cock. I drove to several other fields and no joy I nearly went home but I decided one last field to have a look at ,a field that has been mostly destroyed and I thought the pigeons had lef it be When I arrived a few birds were down and a few joining, oh well better than watching telly so I lugged my gear over to the far side and set up after 2 hours I had about 15 and the pigeons decided they
  13. 1 gun for Sunday 30/07/17 must own gear and insurance meet for 7ish shoot untill about 1 pm or later . Dave
  14. I spoke to Motty on the phone and the usual conversation took place ,have you found any? Motty has been busy at work and hadn't had much time to go scouting and I have several laid barley fields in productive areas but no pigeons on any one of them. Then by chance a farmer rang me and told me that his pea stubble was quite busy with pigeons ,so I went for a look and thought that it would probably produce about 30 plus as there were birds scattered over four fields. Saturday morning I went for a look around and found nothing so at around half ten I went to the pea fields and watched for about h
  15. I have been watching a pea field for some time and I thought it was ready to shoot, as my brother hadn't been out for a while I asked him if he would like an afternoon break to shoot some woodies. He asked his boss for the afternoon off and the next day was planned. Then I received a phone call from a farmer, any chance you could deal with these pigeons on my greens, so I said I will have a look and see what I can do. The field was one of many and I thought, I need some help with this, so I phoned Motty and asked if he could get the day off, which he did .The next morning we arrived at the fie
  16. Ive been watching a field for some time now ,i don't know what crop it is but its had a few on for some time .Well as i have just bought a new gun i wanted to have ago with it and this field looked like it might produce 30 plus ,so this morning I booked the afternoon off and as I had loaded the truck before I left for work, with 6 thawed out birds, but my labs decide that I would have to do with 3 and a bit . I set up just after 12 close to a B road with a ash tree at my back with the wind coming over my right shoulder at a 45 degree ,so the rotary was put out to my right after I had made my h
  17. Back on the sparse rape fields with Motty again, wind today was from the opposite direction so we had to walk to the far side of the field to set up. The birds were slow to appear and at times very jittery or came in from a great height with speed all in all making some testing shots all day. at 4 pm we just got over the Ton with 104 on the clicker after a long check around with the 3 dogs we picked up 100 exactly.
  18. Hello I have been shooting clays and wingshooting for over 20 years, mainly in the US. Just moved back to UK and got my SC last week so I got myself a nice shotgun and I am ready to go. Looking to get into pigeon shooting and , since I don't have any contacts or permissions yet, I am willing to pay for some shooting as it becomes available over the next few months and depending on the local crops etc. I live around Fordingbridge- Ringwood and I am willing to travel perhaps up to 1 1/2 hours for a good place. I can be contacted here, but better at jmmartiherrero@hotmail.com. Cell is 0
  19. Evening All, Been out decoying the pigeons today, shooting over oats. I have had some success on this crop on this permission in the last few weeks but today while there was hundreds of birds about they seemed uninterested or unwilling. I changed the pattern and toys around a few times, had a good hide - it all seemed like it could have been a good day but didn't turn out that way. The wind was quite strong and some showers about. Do you guys find these conditions affect the willingness of birds to come into pattern? They just seemed to want to sit in the trees. I'll add
  20. SYNDICATE MEMBERS WANTED We run a small friendly shoot in Northumberland. (Rothbury). This year we have half guns/full gun available. 800 pheasant released Shooting fortnightly on Saturdays (October to February) - 7/8 drives per day Pigeon shooting available, as well as Duck shooting over pond. Prefer members with dogs. Reply to Ad or Contact me for further details: Mandy - 07880573387. Email: Richardsonhogg@hotmail.com
  21. I have been keeping a eye on a field of peas that showed promise, but the numbers just didnt build as i would of hoped for ,that is until yesterday evening . I would of liked to have left it a few more days to really build up but I am not the only shooter on this farm so it had to be done today. I Rang me old mucker apprentice Motty , usual first question have you found some ? . The only problem was I had a meeting in the morning and a bit of work around 12 o'clock ,I asked Motty can you get there early and I will join you for a bit in the morning and then after my job around dinner time . The
  22. My old mucker Motty called me late on in the week with the usual question ,have you found any ? and I could only offer one field that would possibly produce 25 ish all my pea fields are devoid of any action ,so he remarked that he had a rape field that might produce, so we agreed to meet on Saturday around late morning as he thought it is an afternoon place .I Phoned him this morning only to wake the lazy *** up at ten o'clock, so I said I will go for a rece and see if I could find any thing but after a far few miles I came up empty ,so we met up at the rape field ,and it was very quiet and
  23. Hi guys, New to the shooting world got my shotgun license 2 weeks ago, just wondering if there is anybody on here in the ayrshire/Lanarkshire area that go on pigeon shootout days really keen to get into it. Also can anyone point me to a game buyer in the area. Cheers !!
  24. Hi all, I wonder if I might ask for a little help with a few decoying issues which I'm having. I'm an experienced shooter but most of my pigeon shooting has always been roost shooting or flight lining and decoying is fairly new to me. I've been shooting pigeons on two fields, one of newly drilled game crop seeds and one of drilled barley. At first the old strip of game crop still ran along the middle of the field and made building a hide near the feeding area easy and I had some good shooting. This has now been ploughed up and the pigeons are still feeding on the seed but there is now
  25. 1 gun for Sunday 06/03/16 meet for 7 am shoot untill about 1 pm must have own gear and insurance. This all depends on weather and the farmer say so .I will let the preson know on saturday Dave
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