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  1. 1 gun for Sunday 31/1/16 must have own gear and have Insurance.Meet for about 7am shot untill 1 ish or longer if day goes good. Shooting is near Maidstone Kent. This depends on weather and farmer will contact the person who goes on Friday to confirm. Dave
  2. Very keen shooter looking to gain permission on land that needs ridding of pigeons! Based near High Wycombe and willing to drive 2 hours each way. Got gear + insurance etc. Also have mates who are interested and so can bring more than one gun. Also willing to brave the rain and anything else you can throw at me. All the best, Tournage
  3. Have been looking at some stubble that was harvested this week ,first one a lot of crows walked them off waited 25 min not one came back as other fields were being harvested, went to another farm 60 or so pigeons on the field watched and had a weak flight line coming in so wind at my back set up on the stubble,put 16 she'll decoys on spring sticks a good wind had them moving nice birds committed from the off and I decided not to use a flapper as they decoyed perfect.it made a change to have no gadgets out shot some good birds and missed some easy one's had 7 right and lefts .as the day
  4. hello people im new to the pigeon watch forums. i live in buckinghamshire and have been around the shooting scene for as long as i can remember. my dads had a shotgun my whole life and has loved every session he has ever had. i only decided to get my own shotgun 5 years ago as i used to be a carp angler who would go away for 3 or more days at a time. As my children were born i needed a hobby that would stop me being away so much and the wife moaning so much lol(although she still has the occasional moan). so i sold all my fishing tackle and got my cabinet,licence and my 1st own gun a
  5. This is our trailer/winter hide...these pictures were taken on its 1st field test. since then we have made a few tweaks and minor changes....we used it once so far this summer just to see if it spooked the birds. for the 1st 15 mins they seemed a little spooked by it but after that I would say that 80% of the birds were unaffected by it. it seems to work and should be a nice shelter for those colder sessions.
  6. a few more pictures that i managed to resize .
  7. it was a hot day yesterday and by mid afternoon the birds were flying all over the place....shot 58 but picked these. we lost a few in hedges and woods : I missed a fair few and the bag should have been double that size. a very enjoyable session with no shortage of pigeons.
  8. Hi Guys and Girls. I fully understand this is a risky topic to bring up as permission for free land is usually earned through trust. For months and Months now I've been searching for some local Farm land to Pigeon Shoot on. I've been places with friends but they're no longer accepting any more shooters. I'm a keen shooter with a decent shot and I go Clay Shooting 2/3 times a week but I'm looking for land for a peaceful evening/weekend shoot when I just want to unwind from a week at work. Is there anyone from around Walsall area that's willing to let me tag along and show/prove my enthusiasm
  9. HI 1 Gun for Sunday the 2/8/2015 on 150 arces of rape stubble . Must have own gear and insurance meet about 8 shoot untill when ever. Dave
  10. I am looking for shooting opportunities within reasonable driving distance from Hemel Hempstead. I have 12g shotguns and .22 air rifle. I am a member of BASC and have the associated insurance. Can do Walk Up or Hide+Decoys. Would consider one off (free/paid - please state price), short-term or anything longer. I am available most days except Saturdays. Thanks Martin
  11. Hi, I'm 27, have recently moved to the Newmarket area and am looking to settle back into my shooting again as soon as possible. Ideally I'm looking for a local friendly syndicate for the 2015 game season and also for some pigeon shooting, walked-up vermin control on an ad hoc basis over the summer. I'd really like to hear from anyone who might want a mate to accompany them on outings or to help out when a second gun really helps. I have a couple of shotguns, appropriate insurance and over 10 years shooting experience. Thanks, Sean
  12. I had spotted a field of growing greens (a field I have shot before) with a massive amount of pigeons taking an interest. Jules (Muncher) had seen the same field and decided to ask the farmer for a shot. The farmer surprising obliged. The crop appears to be broccoli. Jules invited to me to join him and we arranged to meet at 9am yesterday. He arrived at the field before me, only to find a few dead birds and empty shells left behind by someone else.. Jules seemed disheartened by the fact that someone had so recently shot there, but I was much more optimistic. The way the pigeons were starting
  13. Hi my name is Matt I am new to shooting, I have had my licence for about six months now. I have managed to get myself two pieces of land to shoot on. I have a few questions I would like answering, I have tryed searching the Internet but the adviceis either contradicting from one person to another or nonexistent. My first question is what kind of land should i be shooting on? And what can I expect to find in the Midlands? (The first pieces of land I have is two fields which I think the farmer is growing corn. The crop is about 4 inch high. The second is some feilds surrounding a farm
  14. Hi i need one gun for Monday 06/04/2015 meet for about 7am shot untill 1 ish must have own gear and insurance, Dave :)
  15. 2 guns fon Sunday 01/01/2015 must have Gear and insurance meet for 7am shoot untill 1pm 150 arce field to be shoot will have a drive round tomorrow to see whats about. AND if you can't make please call or text just dont turn up. Dave
  16. 1 gun for Monday the 22/12/2014 For a days decoying on 150 arces of rape. Meet for 7.30am shoot until 2ish. must have own gear and insurance,There was lots of birds around when last shot.Just outside of Maidstone Kent. Dave
  17. Hi, Just thought i’d post a quick message to say im looking for shooting permission in either the Carmarthenshire or Powys areas of Wales (free of charge of course). Mainly rough shooting although looking to grow into decoying. I have both shotguns and air rifles and i’m also insured. Please feel free to pm me with anymore details you would like to know. Thanks
  18. Hello all, Possible new permission coming up (rabbits, pigeons, crows, rats) and i just had a few questions really as i am told it is quite a small field: 1. What would be the smallest size field i would be able to shoot in (in regards to safety)? I am just thinking rough shooting at the moment. 2. Where would i stand on the fact there are no crops in the field? Hay is baled there though be it in very small quantities. I would mainly be using a shotgun 12 bore. Occasional use of a .22 sub 12ftlbs air rifle. There aren’t any neighbouring houses however the field i am tol
  19. 1 gun for tomorrow on rape stubble start about 7.30 untill 1pm if good day will stay later . Must have own gear and insurance .sgc.
  20. I've been suffering with Eccles syndrome for the last couple of weeks, horrible back pain. Probably to much lying in the grass................NO ya filthy beggars, sniping rabbits Nothing to do with shoeing horses I'm sure So I thought today is a lightweight shotgun day. Time to give the little Yilditz 410 an airing,, and have a wander round. I found a few on some spring rape. Looks more like a field of radishes, just hasn't taken or grown This is a tricky field to shoot. Its around 700 yards long and nearly 300 yards wide, with country cottage at each end. Plus, to add to the problem,
  21. Does anyone know if the coating on seeds to prevent infestation during germination is also designed to taste terrible to birds. I have been out everyday this week looking at the same recently drilled Maize which has some spill on it. In the last four days no birds have been near it as far as I can see. I don't think it is the case that they haven't found it. I think there just not interested. I know drilled Maize isn't a great puller in the first place, but not a bird! Anyone know?
  22. Hello everyone looking to see If there is anyone with permission in the Bristol/Bath and surrounding area that would let me come out shooting with them or let me shoot on their permission ? fully licenced and insurance (BASC) for 10 year.. I've got my own Shot Guns and air rifles, and all the gear that's needed. I'd appreciate any chance to get out & would be prepared to pay a few quid for the privilege if need be, happy to return the favour when I get my own permission. if any one can help out and fancy meeting before going out shooting please P.M me and can go from there. Th
  23. 'Hallo Charlie. Just some shooting pictures from the last few outings, normally 2 or 3 of us shooting from separate hides. Based near Portsmouth, we've been setting up not far from the gamekeepers pens. Nothing in the pens this time of year and making the most of shooting these fields while we can. All using semi-autos, crow callers and lots of camo. Flocked crows as decoys in no particular pattern as long as its big. Mostly Crows and Jackdaws which have been decoying nicely. The occasional passing pigeon or birds that are coming back to roost.
  24. well after this bad weather we have been having, it was a pleasure to get out today with my shooting buddy and hes a ripe old age of 75 and loves his shooting, it started last night when I was getting my gear ready, I had a few sticks that where looking sorry for themselves and because we were shooting over long grass I decided to make some new ones, I had a few fibreglass tent sticks spare so stripped the broken wooden ones down and took the springs off, I then put the springs on the longer fibreglass sticks and with some heat shrink tubing put them on, the new sticks to put the d
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