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  1. Hello There) A new member here, really hoping to find some pigeon shooting in the Humberside/East Yorks areas. I've been shooting for 20+ years and am an avid pigeon shooter! Any info anybody may have, would be very much appreciated! Regards, Jon (Hull)
  2. I have done a bit of decoying before but only ever with static decoys. Now the opportunity has come up that i will be able to do some more especially over winter on oil seed rape etc. I am looking to buy either a flapper or a rotary decoy as with so much 'food' around for the pigeon, I expect I will need movement to bring them in. Could you please help me with this decision. Giving reasons for each and where you can buy good ones that don't cost an arm and a leg....... Any other advice on shooting pigeons over oil seed rape in winter would also be very helpful!!! Many than
  3. Hey there u sexy lot, I'm looking to join one or a few of you fellow shooters to help you set up decoys and collect game ect free of course im a newbie looking to keep someone company and learn the sport any offer will be great fully respected.. Thanks
  4. Well after seeing so many people on here decoying and getting good numbers of pigeons and crows I decided it was time to have a go at it myself. So whilst at the CLA Game fair I treated myself to 24 flocked pigeons 2 floaters and 6 crow decoys which had been sat in their bag for a couple of weeks till now. So time off came and these little beauties came out..... So Day 1 I trundled down to my permission and spoke to the farmer to find out where he has been having the most trouble with crows and he pointed me in the right direction. So set up by 1030 with my pigeons 30 yards to the f
  5. Hi, I relatively new to stalking and have a nice permission which I shoot regularly. I am a member of basc and was wondering if I could sell my shot pigeons and rabbits to local a) farm shops, b) butchers and/or c) pubs and restaurants? I know that to sell deer you need to prove you have the relevant courses, dsc1 etc, but is there a requirement for selling rabbits and pigeons? If so, what is it? Additionally, what price is a fair price for the above 3 establishments? I oly ask as the cost of cartridges is going up quite a bit and it would be nice to offset a little buy sell
  6. Good Day All, I have recently taken up trying to shoot pigeons(previous experience with rough shooting/ferreting etc) I have read with interest many of the topics posted on here and find them very helpful but have a few questions which you all may be able to help me with. 1/ on windy days , is it better to peg your camo nets so they don't wave in the wind ? 2/ when building your hide is it better to cover the top of the hide (ie with see through "jack pike" type net)? 3/ Is there such a thing as a flock leader ? ie why/how do the birds decide which field they will feed on and when? be
  7. I would like a fox or two taking out and at the same time you are welcome to have any rabbits. Plenty of pigeons in the day. Only a small piece of land approx 5 acres near Herne Bay in Kent. Drop me a message if interested. Sam
  8. Hi there to all members of pigeon watch. I feel very proud to have shot my first pigeon today ( got 6 in the end). I only have a Baikal 12g sbs with hammers, it is choked full & full ( fixed ). It cost me £100 and I shoot clays with it regularly.........my best score ever was 44 ex 50 ESP. Its a solid little gun, and I love the comments I get.........." That guns an antique" or " Don't forget to prime the pans"........ then they all shut up when I get 9 out of 10 on a stand. I wish the same could be said for my efforts at pigeon shooting.........I am sure that more pigeons died
  9. Hi, I live in North Wales, and am looking for permission to shoot on this winter, preferably in North Wales, Cheshire, Shropshire. I own a .22 air rifle (so am restricted to rabbits, pigeons and small game/pests) but am looking to apply for a licence at the start of 2013. I enjoy shooting as often as I can but I am having trouble finding permission with plenty of game. I've asked a few farms around my area but they already have people doing the job for them, so I would be more than grateful of any shooting or buddying anyone. I am a bank clerk, I enjoy socialising with friends and
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