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Found 7 results

  1. Hi all, I’ve got a large permission at the moment with several very large rape fields that the farmer has asked me to shoot Pigeons on as the fields are getting hammered. I’ve shot over rape many times but only ever from the margins - these fields are each so big that once the pigeons get spooked they just move to the other end and the shooting dries up. I’m looking for tips/guidance on how to set up a hide in the middle of a rape field So I can cover more ground. Any considerations as I imagine you stick out like a sore thumb?? Thanks! T
  2. I have several spaces remaining on some of my shoots - available immediately. Runs from 1st April to 31 March each year. You are supplied with personal & vehicle passes and can attend at almost any time without making bookings, shoot when you like. Good varied quarry. Please p.m me with your full name, email address and contact phone number. I will mail you back a set of rules for information & arrange to have you shown round ASAP. My bailiff will be showing perspective members round this Friday during the day & will call you for a chat. Now the light evenings are here, eve
  3. 1 Gun for tomorrow 18/02/2018 Decoying on Rape meet for 7 shot until 1 ish or late if day goes good. Must have insurance and own gear. Dave
  4. The pigeon have recently started hitting the rape but I have noticed on a frosty morning they have a change in their feeding pattern. Today I decided I would sit in a small spinney and see what would come into it as there had been a few showing there a week earlier. I shot for the first 3 hours in the spinney and shot 21 as it warmed up the pigeon started to hit the fields of rape have others noticed this pattern of pigeon waiting to feed when it warms up.
  5. I was contacted by one of my Farmers during the week to say he had been spraying the Rape and noticed a lot of pigeons lifting from bare patches in the crop, and he asked if i would be able to get up there and have a go. Of course i told him i would get up there as soon as i could. I was away caravaning last weekend so had a fair bit of work to catch up on and the wife has had prolems with her mum being ill this week so juggling things and the kids off on half term, getting up to the fields has been tricky. By lunchtime today i had some time to go up and have a look. There is a g
  6. posted a few weeks back after a hard day in the wind and rain on some rape on one of our permissions. since that outing the birds have returned to the field and steadily increased in numbers. we have been to the land and flighted the odd few birds here and there and moved the pigeons off to keep the farmer happy. i drove around yesterday to have a look and get out of the house for a while. as i passed the field in the pouring rain there must of been 600 to 800 pigeons on the rape with more joining them. i spoke my shooting partner pw member Tan and although we thought it would be a waste of ti
  7. set out to shoot a rape field today as we had planned earlier in the week, as the weather had forecast north wind. the field in question is around 70 acres split into two by a private road. birds had built steadily over the past week. and as we arrived at 8 am around 500+ lifted and filled the sky in swirling mass, it was some sight. as we started to set up the rain persisted in a driving wind and it was cold and muddy. as we put the decoys out the birds where steadily sreaming back from nearby woods and seemed desperate to get back on the field. we got into the hide after some minor hiccups {
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