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Found 12 results

  1. Just been offered some land to shoot on, looking for a cheap .22LR setup and possibly a 17HMR. New to shooting so just want a cheap set up, ideally with a surpressor and a shortened barrel.
  2. Hi to all I currently have got a cz.17hmr setup and I am looking to trade it in to swap it for another.17hmr setup with a shorter barrel and the gun shop said I can’t do it as I need to get it off my ticket first I am a bit confused as I would of sold it to them cheers mike
  3. Hi to all I currently have got a cz.17hmr setup and I am looking to trade it in to swap it for another.17hmr setup with a shorter barrel and the gun shop said I can’t do it as I need to get it off my ticket first I am a bit confused as I would of sold it to them cheers mike
  4. Well after only taking 5 weeks to process my Fac, yesterday was the first opportunity to get to the gun shop, ended up walking away with a pair of Tbolts in .22 and .17Hmr. Wife said as I was fitting bipods, I thought you were getting 1!!! ? good job she doesn’t know about the .223 slot ???
  5. Hey guys just a heads up - anyone thinking a spare 10-shot mag for their CZ452 HMR/WMR would be handy, Riflemag's are doing them for £12.95 which is £17 less than usual!? Link: https://riflemags.co.uk/cz-10-round-17hmr-22wmr-magazine-452-453/
  6. Hi, all as above for sale £15.00 delivered.
  7. I have applied for FAC air (.177 & .22 with mods) and FAC Shotgun. FAC air because I have some nice woods to shoot in and I fancied a little more clout, nothing crazy, probably go for a secondhand HW80 in .177 running around the 18 -20 ftlbs mark. And secondhand BSA super 10 in .22 running nearer to 30ftlbs. Going to forget what I thought I knew about shooting rifles and go back to basics. My aim is to get the skills back and move up to a .17HMR in a years time, then progress to a CF once I'm ready. The FAC shotgun is for pigeons. I know it's not that necessary but in truth, I'd like to have a crack at PSG next year.......but that depends on my work situation (long story). Anyway, I fancy strapping a Hogue over moulded stock and a big mag tube on my 870 Wingmaster if only to make my brother jealous. The FEO from Avon & Somerset constabulary popped round my house yesterday and gave me the thumbs up. I got everything I asked for, with no weird conditions being put on me. Pigeons, avian pest species and AOLQ for FAC air..........same for the shotgun with the addition of usage for clays (yes my ground allows it), but I'll not show up with a mag extension on, and I'll pop the Mag plug in so only 2 carts will fit in. And so my journey begins. Going to learn all about rifle shooting, scopes, field-craft etc. With the ultimate goal of eventually being able to get out on the deer !!! that's a long way off. For now though, the rabbits, squirrels, pigeons, crows and magpies that frequent my permissions should sharpen their own skills while I'm waiting for the Licence to arrive.......mid December !!! I'm not complaining, A & S firearms team are snowed under...............I got my tiny victory. And tonight is my night off, I've got a bottle of Ardmore single malt and "A Bridge too far" to watch on DVD. The missus said I could have bit later too. Back of the ******* net ! By midnight tonight I should be half cut with knackers as flat as bats wings !!
  8. few rabbits sunday afternoon.
  9. Hi guys, I am after a cheap and cheerful .17hmr rifle in the Surrey area. If anyone is selling one or wants to sell one please let me know. Thanks, Simon
  10. 100 Rounds of CCI .17hmr Speer TNT 50 Rounds of Hornady .17HMR V-MAX 50 Rounds of Remington .17hmr Premier Magnum Rimfire £40 Pounds for the lot Ammo Is Less Than Six Months Old
  11. Here is the question: IF you were you going to get a CZ455 with barrel swap facility would you with your initial purchase 1) Get it with a factory (varmint) barrel in .22 and then get a lilja barrel in .17hmr or 2) Get it with a factory barrel in .17hmr and purchase a Lilja in .22 Which caliber would be the better 'accuracy' upgrade and make the most difference. The cost is pretty much the same either way so .........? Lilja link: ( http://www.riflebarrels.com/products/cz_455.htm)
  12. Hi, I'm looking for a Savage Arms .17hmr in left hand if anyone is looking to sell? Ideally, the laminate / stainless thumbhole variety. Either full setup or rifle only. Must be v. good condition, and located in south west / midlands for face to face deal. I know there are more CZ 452's around in L/H, but I'm really after the Savage Arms. Cash waiting and empty slot on license pending the right rifle. Thanks
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