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Found 20 results

  1. My Anschtz is not particularly ammo. fussy fortunately and I run the Ely & RWS subsonic ammunition as it is usually readily available.The Eley and RWS subs also seem quite clean😊
  2. Hi all.I did not realise I needed one or really wanted one until I had one.This was also a nice inexpensive treat from a U.K. based company.Thanks 👍🏻
  3. I very much like this Hawke rangefinder.It is easy to use and works well for me.Hope you like the video.Thanks👍🏻
  4. The first time I disassembled and cleaned my SAK moderator it was a bit of mystery.It is actually fairly easy, so if you are thinking about doing so, hope this video helps.Thanks👍🏻
  5. Hi all.If looking for a good simple and effective scope mounted lamp.This Laserware red gun lamp is very good👍🏻👍🏻 Apologies as the synch. goes out on the video half way through
  6. First ammo testing with RWS Subsonic .22LR. Checking zero at 50 yards.Enjoy😊Thanks.
  7. brand new in packaging for CZ 452/455/457/512.22LR calibre10 round magazine - 2 available £20 each,25 round magazines - 3 available £30 each.Prefer collection from Sheffield
  8. Hi all, my apologies as i'm sure this has been raised numerous times. I used to hold a FAC but when they decided that pistols were the work of the devil and must be destroyed back in 96 I stupidly told them to stuff my cert. I have held a shotgun cert for over 35 years (I shoot competition clay's every weekend) and am now looking to get back into firearms to control rats and rabbits, I only own 3.5 acres but I am surrounded by farmland, the nearest main road is over a mile away and I am conscious of where my shots will need to be placed with regards to backstops. I am considerin
  9. BRNO 581/CZ 511 mag, .22lr, 16 shot, good working condition........................... £60 posted
  10. Despite the heavy trigger the Browning T-Bolt is pretty accurate ... https://youtu.be/mOSHAMr0woI
  11. This is my new acquisition, a bit unusual.
  12. need a good scource for cz 10 round mags .22lr to fit 452 453 and ideas ? Mike
  13. Anyone got a spare one of these knocking about?
  14. when i bought my cz .22lr,it came with some ammo,as i was new to rifle shooting,a pw member kindly traveled from his home to mine andkindly zeroed it for me,and give me some good tips anyway it came with winchester subs,so ive stuck with them,well i have some fiocchi eley and cci,will these other bullets make any difference to my zeroeing,the reason i ask is my rifle is spot on useing the winnie subs,thanks dave,
  15. Rat problem at my dads farm! We have alot of rats really annoying my dad as they are ruining all the barley and meal for the cows & sheep. So we really want rid of them. My dad is really not a fan of poison as he says you don't know where the rats carry it and he doesn't like it with the dogs around. Also similar with traps as the rats are HUGE so takes really big steel bear claw type traps to get them which would probably kill the dog if he was to walk over it! so he doesn't use it anymore. We have got a few with the Jack Russell and sticks Yes sticks (Yard Brush Shafts to be exact). It i
  16. Just been out and picked up my latest acquisition. A brand new .22lr bolt action to replace my previous Smith & Wesson semi-auto. As much as I enjoyed the M&P15-22 it was primarily a fun gun, a gallery rifle. But as much as I'd like to say it was a 'do it all' gun, there was no getting away from the fact that it wasn't really suited to rabbit boshing. Looked scary to passers by, tough to make 100% safe yet useable, flexing fore-end when working off a bipod... It ticked a few boxes but missed the mark in other ways. So I decided to part company with it and go for a rabbit-boshing bolt-a
  17. Hi everyone I have 500 rounds of Blazer which I bought not realising this is High-Velocity stuff and my club doesnt allow it. I'll flog it for £25 which obviously works out extremely cheap. IDEALLY THOUGH... I would like to swap for 500 rounds of anything Subsonic/Normal Velocity (Somewhere around 1085 fps) Let me know guys. Cheers
  18. I hav a 240 acre permission which is best accessed at dusk or early morning. Lots of foxes, birds, rabbits, best suited to air or shotgun in a hide. I will let you attend my permission when you like, if I can get a spot on your permission to allow me to shoot closer to the middle of the day on my .22lr which I am awaiting my FAC for (I already have shotgun cert). We both hold on to our permissions ourselves, but we each let the other have access to them as well as well as the normal introductions to the land owner if applicable to you, to help with getting the land approved for rimfire et
  19. Hi All I've just had my FAC granted, just waiting for the paperwork to arrive now. I'm after a rabbit basher so if anyone has a nice short barrelled screwcut 22 I'd be very interested. cheers :-)
  20. Just bought one of these scopes for £67 plus £8 postage total £75 in near mint condition bar the usual ring marks. Just wondering what people think of this particular scope and will it suit a .22lr I will be purchasing soon? And whether I paid around the right price for it. Thanks
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