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Found 10 results

  1. Lee Dies:- Full length re-size, neck size and bullet seating Dies. 50 x PPU once fired cleaned and primed brass 32 x brand new PPU brass £35 collect in person, Bath Avon area £35 posted to you MINUS the primed brass.
  2. For sale ; a pair of used 'A-zoom' .243 snap caps. Lost some of the finish but they work fine. Sold my .243 so don't need these any more, useful for dry firing, practise, etc. £6 posted.
  3. .243 ammunition available from Sierra Bullet Smiths. We have a SPECIAL SHOW OFFER which you can attain at THE GAME FAIR in Hatfield House, Hertfordshire Please come visit us on Gun Makers Row, stand number E632
  4. Hi everyone, Just curious to find out what PW members reckon the best weight of .243 bullet for roe is? I'm still relatively inexperienced in deer matters and when I started out, a friend who is a professional stalker recommended always using 100 grain bullets. There's no doubt that Federal Premium 100 grains do the job, but I'm finding that they make a hell of a mess on the way out of the animal. I shot a doe on Friday and her whole right lung was more or less hanging out of the exit wound. I lost a lot of that side of the carcass as a result, which I didn't feel too good about. I re
  5. hi chaps apologies if this thread has been done to death. am just about to look at buying my first .243 rifle for stalking. after some online research and friendly advice from a well knowledged pw member i am now considering a tikka t3 lite in synthetic and which moderator, any to avoid?. i have another rifle in synthetic and find it practical. i have a budget of around the £1200 mark for gun alone. am looking to purchase only new and not pre owned whatsoever. can the knowledgable pw fraternity give me some feedback on their personal views of this rifle, calibre and use for stalking. any o
  6. TopGunners and I went for a shine last night hoping to get me my first fox with my recently gained 243! - Top night in the end with me getting a hatrick and Dave getting a couple too! We went for a mooch with the rimmy's first and had a couple of rabbits each whilst we waited for the dark to come. Just as it started to get dark we pulled in the field that is known to have a number of Fox's about and the land owner wants them gone due to their livestock and various poults. We started the calls up as it was getting dark and after about half an hour we were startled by a cheeky ******
  7. After a lot of scanning through threads on here and speaking to various people on the subject I think I have decided what to get.... Looking to order it soon BUT I thought I would run it past you all on here before and see if there was anything you would change?? A Sako .243 rifle, wooden stock and blued barrels. A Zeiss Duralite 3-12x50 scope Optilock mounts A-tec Maxim moderator with 2 extra baffles A Harris flexi bipod
  8. I am looking to buy my first rifle and along with it my first scope I have put off buying a rifle for a couple of years for all sorts of reasons but have now decided to take the plunge and I have to admit that as much as i love shooting with rifles i actually don't know a lot about scopes and moderators. I getting a .243 and i would very much appreciate ANY ADVICE ON SCOPES and moderators, with recommendations of different scopes, in different price ranges (above £200) and reasons why. I am looking for a good quality scope that will be versatile for lamping foxes and stalking deer. (arou
  9. Has anyone got a set of lee deluxe rifle dies in .243 that that would be willing to sell. I am also after a factory crimp die in .243 aswell. Cheers James
  10. 2 foxs last night on a mates farm. 2 less now I shot the dog when it was having a ****.
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