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Found 8 results

  1. Hello, I am after some 20gague empties close to Colchester (I am near Marks Tey). I have seen plenty of these cartridge cuffliks in the past but never liked the fact that they use the full length of the brass and so stick out, pull on your cuff and just look naff. So The other day I made some of my own and think they have turned out rather well. I will 24ct Gold plate them when the solution arrives (I worked at a small family run jewlers as a Saturday job at Uni so know I can do a good job of this!). I shoot myself but not 20gague which is a nice size for them, so would really
  2. Hi, Does anyone know the difference between the Miroku High Pheasant MK60 (32") and the Universal MK60 (32")? I prefer the engraving on the universal and some universals on gun trader are also called "universal high pheasant" so bit confused as to the difference between the two (other than engraving). Anyone have one of these or know the difference? Link to listings of both on guntrader - https://www.guntrader.uk/Guns-For-Sale/results?sortField=price&sortOrder=down&page=4 Thanks
  3. Hi guys i use my old baikal o/u fixed choke for pigeon and crows and the odd bunter. even though i have shot for many years with it i am considering a lighter and smaller gauge, possibly a 20 bore for the same pursuits.the reason for change is i am 8 stone wet have a very light frame and i am finding moving through the late side of 40 my muscle mass and tone is not what it used to be.i have found on a few occasions this year when rattling off consecutive shots (if i am lucky enough) that i am feeling it both in fatigue and also discomfort. i also walk a bit with the gun so a lighter tool requ
  4. ALL NOW SOLD - THANK YOU All 20 bore - Collected from south Bedfordshire: 4 boxes (100) Eley CT 'Twenty' 24 gram 7.5 shot fibre wad 4 boxes (100) Eley CT 24 gram 7.5 shot fibre wad 2 boxes (50) KWG Ltd (loaded by Express) 28 gram 6 shot fibre wad 1 box (25) Eley 'Field Special' 28 gram 6 shot plastic wad 5 boxes of 10 (50) Tunet (French) 28 gram 7 shot fibre wad with roll crimp Plus a loose bag of 133 cartridges (all in very good condition): Eley CT 24 gram 7.5 shot fibre wad (24) Gamebore 'Traditional Game' 24 gram 6 shot fibre wad (64) Hull 'Sterling Game' 28 gram 6 shot plast
  5. 2 Comp N Choke Wad-stripper extended competition chokes to fit Beretta 20 Gauge/Bore Mobil Choke guns. Improved Cylinder (1/4) Modified (1/2) Rarely available in the UK. This set were purchased in Canada and cost over £55.00 Each (Total £110.00) I found these chokes to produce far better patterns than the standard fit chokes provided by Beretta. For Sale for £60.00 for both chokes. Happy to take payment via PayPal and post to the new owner or collection. Pictures available on request as for some reason I cant post them on the board. For your reference this is the link to
  6. carlfish

    wanted 20 bore

    20 bore wanted o/u mc. in north west . Up to £ 800 thanks
  7. Hi, has anyone reloaded these cases ? A friend collected them for me and they appear to be made from one piece of plastic as were winchester AA and remington RXP in days of yore. I will try and upload some pics later. If you have reloaded them did you use PT or CF data or am I barking up the wrong tree ? They are 20 bore.
  8. I have some surplus 20 gauge pigeon / game ammo for sale or swop 500 Lyalvale Express Special 20, 20 gauge shotgun cartidges, min chamber 65mm, 32g, 6s, fibre wad, £115, price is for 500 cartridges, have 500 only 500 Lyalvale Express Special 20, 20 gauge shotgun cartridges, min chamber 65mm, 32g, 5s, fibre wad, £115, price is for 500 cartridges, have 1000 of these 200 Eley VIP Game, 20 gauge shotgun cartridges, min chamber 70mm / 2 3/4", 32g, 5s, fibre wad, £50, price is for 200 cartridges, have 200 only Cash or consider swop / px for decent condition HW80 .177, Diana 45 .17
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