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Found 13 results

  1. Hi Everybody. Im hoping that someone could help me with a what I believe to be damp in the stock of my AYA Yeoman. What started out to be my first and supposedly simple re finish job turned into a bit of a nightmare. I believe it to be damp or some sort of mold. It goes right through the wood and can be seen from the inside when the but plate is removed. And only on the one side I have searched the Internet but can’t seem to find anything that relates. I did try some oxalic acid and soaked it for a couple of hours thinking it would lift it but It didn’t touch it. It did
  2. Following a discussion with 1066, inspired by me seeing this: https://www.secureitgunstorage.com/gun-safe/technology/ I have finally got round to my much cheaper DIY solution: Bought a cheap set of storage bins off eBay (VonHaus - £22) that came with the plastic racking panels. You can't see it in that photo but there is a second panel at the bottom. The top one needed some modifying to fit around the welded metal pieces in the cabinet (Sealey SEGS8) that hold the foam barrel supports in place but it is such a tight fit (had to be thumped in with a rubber mallet) that there ar
  3. I’m calling on the collective PW knowledge to help with the following. I have double driveway gates, each leaf is approximately 2m square. I will hang them off posts with adjustable hook and eye type hinges. The lower hook will carry the weight and I will reverse the upper hook to hold the gate in place and stop it being lifted off the hinges. Question is, with the gate construction pictured below, which would be the correct way round to hang them? Does the bracing direction make a difference? Assuming the picture is the back of the gate viewed from inside the driveway, my gut s
  4. Like many people on here I shoot from sticks made from B&Q garden stakes. I have a set of quads that I made and they're pretty good but difficult to move the aim point around should the quarry move slightly. A friend of mine came round to zero his rifle and bought with him a Kapita tripod system. It was extremely impressive, very well made but the price tag (£500) reflects that and it's more than I'd be prepared to spend. It's essentially a carbon fibre tripod with a ball mount on top. The ball mount supports the rifle but allows side-to-side as well as up-and-down movement. You can leave
  5. I have for sale an Evolution Fury compound mitre saw, it was used to enable me to cut the skirting board and architraving for the house, it is no longer required and surplus to requirements, the blade is in good condition and apparently will cut wood, metal, plastics etc. it has a 1500 watt motor and comes complete with original box, instructions, accessories, when i bought it cost me £160.00 Buyer to collect from Derby area £50.00 Please contact me for further pics or info if required
  6. Not posed in these forums in a while and thought i would share my story/ on going project. A few months ago i was thinking about parting with my crumbling Renault Clio, motivated by the fact that three years driving around farm tracks hasn't kept it in 'best' condition and my insurance steadily declining from my first insurance quote of 2.5k on a 52 plate 1.2 punto i bought for 500 pound, to a more manageable 400 pound quote on my Clio more recently.. you know after five years of driving without accident or injury. My first cars were bought to the strict requirement of not being outstrippe
  7. Hi everyone, I needed some new pegs for my shell decoys, and decided to try making a few myself. I had the materials lying around in the garage (garden canes, pop rivets, superglue and kitchen towel) but I'm guessing that each one of these costs something less than 20p to make. A wee 4mm drill hole through the shell's back receives the pop rivet with enough room to let the decoy bounce just a little in the breeze. A wee coat of matt grey spray paint should stop the rivet from flashing in the sunlight. I'm sure I won't be the first person who's come up with this, but quite pleased with
  8. My brother managed to break the stock on this Powell boxlock. Wondering if it can be repaired or is it a case of a new stock? The guns not worth much but has some sentimental value, so don't want to scrap it but also don't think I can justify some of the prices I've been quoted for restocking. Would cascamite hold? Or is the break too bad? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Photos to follow.
  9. The screen image on my DIY set up doesn't seem to have the clarity that I have seen on other DIY set ups such as vids posted on here and youtube. Any pointers from those that have pioneered the DIY builds on here? It tends to be really poor in the higher mag range say from about 6 upwards Camera is EJ230 through a non AO 3-9 x 50 scope and 4" screen. Illumination T20 with IR from ludicrous lumens. Would a scope with AO improve this at all. Thanks in advance for any help you can give
  10. hi all I have a problem with line of sight through my scopes on my rifles basically the combs are to low . I sorted the problem on my .243 ruger synthetic paddle stock with a beartooth slip on comb raiser kit and it made a massive difference to my shooting . so I had a think did I want to put the same on my brno mod 2e .22lr .........I decided nah lets do an adjustable comb kit so had a look around and got a few ideas on what they look like inc measurements etc . managed to buy a good std stock from a guy on SD for £30 got some ally bar from local scrap yard £3 and went to see a good mate
  11. Another year passes, members come and go, so... Full or 3 half guns available for safe gun (ideally with dog) for long established (51st year!) syndicate shooting north west of Pickering (North Yorkshire). 2000 birds down to (mainly) woodland. Shooting every Wednesday November onwards (half guns alternate weeks). Wednesday shoot... 2000 birds down, 14 or so Wednesdays (every wednesday from about 1st November plus maybe a couple of Saturdays if numbers permit (birds remaining and guns wanting to take part)) generally with an extra 'final' day in the last week. Half guns shoot (about)
  12. i was round my friends house the other week, shooting random objects in his garden with the air rifle. Great few hours. One interesting target was these big thick candles. you could see the entrance and exit holes. so that night it got me thinking on ballistic blocks ive seen on programs on the discovery channel. anyway... quick search on the interent and that was it! There is lots of Homemade recipes knocking about on the internet on how to make homemade Ballistic Gel, so out of curiousity... i gave it a go!!! As you can see, all you need is a few packs of Gelatine. They cost abo
  13. Evening all. Just a quick thank-you to all those who have posted on these forums over the years. I have been to them on a number of times and find them a mine of information. So, 2 days ago i decieded that I should get envolved and reather than just reading, I should post. Well I finally figured it out and here's my offering. Not a lot, but i find these two items handy. DIY gun rest. Here's how I made mine. Cost less than £4 and you don't need a seperate pole to carry into the field. Need to get yourself to a fixings outlet.. I used Vanguard fixings in Southampton. People that i use f
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