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Found 9 results

  1. Hello Ladies and Gents I have a some fantastic deer stalking on offer with high quality muntjac, roe and fallow that all being in very promising numbers across several extremely scenic farms in north Wiltshire and south Oxfordshire. We aim to provide days for all levels of deer stalking experience from those who have never been before to those with years under their belts. On the day of the stalk you would be met by one of our experienced and friendly guides and taken through a pre shoot brief. Whenever possible we would head to a separate part of the farm to check zero and ensure both y
  2. Hi everyone, Just curious to find out what PW members reckon the best weight of .243 bullet for roe is? I'm still relatively inexperienced in deer matters and when I started out, a friend who is a professional stalker recommended always using 100 grain bullets. There's no doubt that Federal Premium 100 grains do the job, but I'm finding that they make a hell of a mess on the way out of the animal. I shot a doe on Friday and her whole right lung was more or less hanging out of the exit wound. I lost a lot of that side of the carcass as a result, which I didn't feel too good about. I re
  3. A buck I was trying to get for couple of months doing all sorts of cock ups along the way but got it eventually. Probably best to watch on YouTube with subtitles on to see my comments
  4. This is a doe kid I got in January on the rape field (season here ends early, so it was the last one for me). It was pretty windy, but I got out anyway. I thought I could still find some deer in the sheltered corner of the field. I wanted to get to the high seat, but deer were coming out already so I stayed at the edge of the field and some bushes behind me. The deer were coming nicely my way and all I had to do was to wait a bit and pull the trigger. I had rifle on sticks, so pushed the trigger forward setting it... waited for the kid to pause broadside and pulled the trigger... and nothing.
  5. I am looking for an outfit for deer stalking - anyone selling a good example ? Mk2's only please. Ideally with a picatinni rail. Many thanks and a very merry Christmas.
  6. Completed my DSC level 1 last weekend with Jelen Deer services. What a Fantastic crowd, thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and was well looked after. The Venison Stew we were all served for lunch was really good and even managed to get an evening in the high seat on Saturday night! The Guys have all got a massive wealth of Knowledge and were really helpful with any questions any of us had. Keep up the good work would definatley recomend these guys to anyone wanting to do this course!! Thanks for a great weekend just a pity it went too fast!
  7. Hi Guys, I'm going roe stalking for the first time on Wednesday. I used nearly all of my 20 rounds zeroing in the rifle. I now have 2 bullets left. Would you say 100% buy some more, or will 2 be enough. Gun dealers away on holiday and cant find anyone who sells the .243 Fiocchi soft point 100 grain bullets I need. As dont have time to re-zero with another brand. Best Regards Chris
  8. Reluctant sale but my "habit" is costing me increasing amounts of lucre and I am in need of some extra funding so...................... My Schmidt & Bender 4-16x50 PM II is for sale. The serial number is 253804, for those of you that know how to check out the Kraut glass specifications. I have this on my AR-15/Speedmaster and have accounted for many Charlies with it. The clarity is unrivalled and until you experience drawing the crosshair on your quary on a centre fire at distance you have no idea just how good a scope can be. All metric so one click=1cm and none of those 3 poi
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