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Found 12 results

  1. N reg Rav 4, 1998cc, 4 good AT tyres(done less than 12000 miles) MOT till 3rd August. Engine sound and pulls well with no leaks etc. Cam belt and water pump kit fitted last year. I have used it as my shooting wagon for the last 5 years and she hasn't let me down. The bad bits are, poor paintwork with a few dints ,scratches and a few rust spots though nothing serious. Worn bush on drive shaft which causes a bang on the floor pan if the clutch is engaged quickly. Heat shields rattle on start-up but quieten down enough not to scare the rabbits off. She has done 133K+ but still lots of life left in her. She would make a great shoot wagon for someone or she may, with a bit of TLC, get through another test. £350 ono Thanks for looking. PM me with any questions or offers.
  2. Hello everyone, Haven't been on in quite a while and not been getting out as much as I'd like due to buying a house and all the fun stuff that goes along with it. Hope everyone is well and looking forward to the coming season. I'm hoping you can help me with this, basically I'm looking for a decent LED torch for not too much money. It will be used mainly for air rifle and rimfire but extra range is never a bad thing. I don't know whether to go down the route of buying a high power white LED torch and filters or a torch and a couple of coloured LED's? Look forward to hearing your replies. Cheers Paul
  3. Hello all, I have used for the past several years a deben tracer max for my lamping (on my air rifle) but the sealed acid battery has finally given up the ghost so I'm in the market to replace this. The options I've been looking at are as follows: Venom strike turbo kit (red led) Night Master 800 (red led) Or new lithium ion battery (12volt 22 amp) for my tracer. I am also now shooting a 17hmr for rabbits. Can anyone give me feedback if they have used any of the lamps or any other suggestions. Thanks, Mark
  4. A boxed and unused LED Lenser universal mounting system for mounting lamps to scopes or barrels. The lucky buyer will get a free Mini Maglite (requires new bulb assembly). £12 posted. Paypal or bank payment only (add fees for paypal).
  5. Hello all PW members, Hope your week has been better than mine, I was out on the field in last nights rain and although I was in a full water proof outfit I still got soaked. Still a bad day on the field beats a good day at work. Now for the spot of bother bit, as some of you know i enjoy shooting as much as the next PW member however i am fast coming into a spot of bother, the permission i have has basically ran out of rabbits. I am the only shooter on the land which inst very big, other than the land owner so its not because of to many shooters, i have just shot them all. Which is great for the land owner but bad for me. This as much as i hate to say it a plea for help, with next to no rabbits to shoot my rifle is fast collecting dust. If anyone out there can help me with nights/days out and about on their permission i would be forever be in your favor even if its just lamping until you get to know me. I am no fool when it comes to shooting and fully understand this does not give me permission to shoot on your land/permission and likewise for whom ever helps me. Although i wont be able to repay whomever with shooting on my permission, not unless you wish to shoot grass because that's all about there is now. I am more than willing to return the favor in what way i can and hopefully meet a new good friend along the way. Of course i am fully insured with BASC and if your wondering i have a F.A.C Sako Quad .22 Rim with Moderator. Also i am thinking of putting in for a HMR soon so i would love for anyone who has this and/or higher caliber rifles to give me tips and tricks, never can have too much experience, likewise for me if your an Air Gunner with F.A.C cleared land/permission i would be more than happy to safely teach, and hopefully help you to gain a F.A.C as a way of repaying you for your good deeds. Please PM me if you can help me out, If not thanks for the time you took to read this many thanks Nick.
  6. Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction, in regards to shooting lamps for foxes. I want a lamp that is hand held and plugs into a 12 v (cig lighter) socket in a truck, What are the advantages of LED ones verses the ones with bulbs? What to look for when buying one, good brands etc? Price wise.... I am looking for a decent lamp and willing to pay for it! Of course I have had a look online and read many product reviews but would like to know from people that actually use them and can give impartial advice and views on what different lamps ACTUALLY are like to use, rather than just details of them. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance for your help! Tom
  7. Hi, Myself and a friend are looking for permission to shoot on land over Surrey. We are both very experiences shots and hold our own insurance and all the equipment needed. If you have any land that you require pest control help on or just any land that you would allow us to shoot over please contact me as it would be greatly appreciated! Many thanks, Simon
  8. Hi I'm after a 12v power pack for a lamp preferably with cigarette lighter adaptor but not important and a charger. Local to South Wales area would be preferred. Thanks.
  9. I have been trying to find a spare 18650 Cree torch battery without much luck and don't want to pay the postage to get a couple sent to me. I suddenly had a brain wave (first this year) 'I have some old Laptop battery charger packs and these have them in' the one I broke open had six in and all are 18650's I now have six rechargable's for nothing....nice start to the day. I have added some pictures below to give you some idea what chargers look like inside, some have nine 18650's in them.
  10. Hello, Was wondering if anyone around the area would be happy to take me out and allow me to tag along. Im not worried about being the one to pull the trigger, just was hoping to find a good reason to get out. I have done a fair variety of shooting in the past so am more than happy to hold a lamp/drive the landy. Once I have settled into my new home I will be looking for some new permissions so would be more than happy to share when I get some. Hopefully hear from someone soon Cheers Tom
  11. Me and two of my lambing partners were out lamping on thursday night after a day at the woodcock with no luck! we drove around a few field with no luck then near my dads broiler houses there is charlie standing ten yards away from the car just inside the field. He took off over the hill and my friends and i jumped out and walk about 100 yards into the field, turned the fox pro caller on and waited. after an inpatient 5 minutes we were about to leave when this big boy makes another appearance about 150 yards away, but would come no closer. As we were using a 17hmr i wasn't confident taking the shot too far out so on this wet windy night we took of on our bellies down the side of the hill getting socked. At the bottom my friend got on his hands and knees i leant the rifle on is back and squeezed off the shot, and he says, "down hard". we walk up two check are prey to find its a huge old dog fox in perfect nick, shot right through his left eye on later inspection he is nearly 4 and a half feet long and ways just over 25lb! in my opinion he was we'll worth getting wet for!
  12. Just a few pics of a trip out on my farm after harvest. We starting friday morning blowing in the rape on standing corn, combining from 10 and finished the 400acres with 200 subsoiled and driled by 10pm, using 2 Class combines with 35ft headers. So couldnt pass up a trip on the stuble. Although i forgot my mod (very stupid) so had to use mates rifles .22-250 instead of my.223 broke the lamp and had to bodge another with diff conectors onto mine we came out with 3 foxes and 2 misses. My fault being over adventerous. Picked two ont he spot and the third next day just in some brambles but only adrenaline coud have taken it in. attachment=69953:foxbox.jpg]
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