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  1. Hi this year will be my first year wildfowling on the Eden Estuary and i was wondering if anyone had any helpful tips or would be willing to take me out and show me either areas to go or areas to avoid (its hard to gain much from google earth). I do a lot of wildfowling near Inverness for duck but would be keen to try and get under some birds whilst at Uni. Any help would be much appreciated Angus
  2. Thought this may be of interest to fellow wildfowlers... My Friend is a member of a Corvid enthusiast group on Facebook and brought this to my attention(Please see above the orange line). It seems that we are the target yet again for people who are ill-informed about our sport. "British Trust for Ornithology" are publishing material which has no foundation; How can Wildfowling contribute to the decline of the song bird population? Are their members aware that the air force bomb regularly on various parts of the foreshore around the UK coastline? However, they do not get a mention. It is worth
  3. I have for sale a Browning Dirty Bird neoprene dog vest, size 65. Brand new, never used only tried on my springer to find out its to small for him. It measures (approximately) 61cm round the chest and 51cm along the back. Perfect for the wildfowling season. Can email more pictures. Looking for £25.00 posted. Thanks for looking, bigmcg
  4. Redhead turkey vest with seat and a load of pockets, ideal for natural hides or field edges etc. Magnetic catch pops open to reveal a back rest seat that is adjustable, the waist straps go round my torso and then some also has a large rear game bag with "Blaze" tag. Used and abused but still in good condition. £15 if local £18-20 if posted, bank transfer or cash face to face.
  5. Hi all. I have some Bismuth Shot for sale. I have about 15 kilos in sizes 7 1/2, 7, 6, 5 and 3. These were commercial samples some of which are still in original containers. I am having a big clear out and these are surplus to requirements. I am in the Lincs area and would prefer buyer to collect due to weight. This also gives the buyer a chance to inspect the product. I am looking for £35 per kilo which is about half the price you would pay new from a shop (if you could find any for sale). Ideal for waterfowlers who reload. Feel free to message here or email me at admin@gunsandzen.com
  6. Wife's family live in Dundee I live in London but have been spending more time up north. So any recommendations for clubs or good places to go for ducks and geese. I have only been wildfowling for about 5years so still fairly new to the game. I have heard that the Tay is not an easy place to shoot.
  7. Good afternoon everyone, I've recently moved to Bristol and I am looking for some wildfowling. I know i'm too late for this season, but it was my intention to do some reccies for next season. If anyone is aware of clubs with membership in the area, please could you put the details up. Preferably, I'd like to be an hour from the marsh as I find the motivation for those morning flights drops off if I'm much further! I used to be a member of South Lincs so I'm aware of the trials and tribulations of fowling, but if there was the opportunity to shadow an old hand to learn
  8. So I go wildfowling in Hampshire on the marsh that ranges from Lymington down to Hurst castle. Good start to the season so far. Enjoying it. I have done both morning and evening flights. Starting to realise I prefer the morning. The walk back in the pitch black can be quite hard when you don't know how far you have left and you have already done a full day at work! Morning flight I like that you can walk out in the dark. By time your shooting it's lighting up. Easier to pick up birds. The sunrise!!! Anyway.... What I want to know is.. does anyone go out mid afternoon.. and during the day ? Som
  9. Really contemplating joining a wildfowling club in the North East within the new season or next if theres room for a new comer? Never tried the sport before but never been one to shy away from new things. My grandad used to do it many moons ago up on the scottish borders and told me about it. Thanks in advance Stu
  10. I’m after a floating gun slip, searched all the usual places!
  11. ***WANTED*** A wooden or black synthetic browning bps 10 bore. No camo
  12. Kicks High Flyer Full Benelli Crio Plus Threads Nearly new only been 30 shots put threw it £45
  13. Chichester Harbour Conservancy have issued a 'user' questionnaire to help planning. Q14 asks about Recreational Disturbance to wildlife. It list various activities and asks if people have ever witnessed disturbance from these, and to then tick the option(s). One of these is Shots from a gun (wildfowling, game shooting, etc.). So a heads up for this for anyone who shoots there. See what you think about the wording of Q14 - for all the other categories it would require an element of irrespnsibility to count. What they do miss off the list tho' are motor boats. If I see anyone byelaw bu
  14. Any recommendations for a good pinkfoot call? Have lost the reed out of my American call so looking for a new one.
  15. · Fold up hide with carry strap· Opens out to provide lay-down concealment, simply sit up and shoot · Perfect for the marshes · Padded seat and head area for comfort · Adjustable and easy to carry For more details - http://www.a1decoy.co.uk/wildfowl-lay-down-hide-1889-p.asp own Hide · Fold up hide with carry strap · Opens out to provide lay-down concealment, simply sit up and shoot · Perfect for the marshes · Padded seat and head area for comfort · Adjustable and easy to carry For more details - Wildfowl Lay Down Hide 89.99
  16. Does anyone know of any good Wildfowling spots near Lewes in East Sussex?
  17. Hello, I am looking for shooting in the East Yorkshire area in exchange for fishing on a prime beat of the Driffield West Beck. I'm looking for preferably rough/walk up shooting and Duck flighting/wild fowling but would be more than happy with regular Pigeon shooting as well. If someone would be happy to take me a a guest or on a few trips then that would be great too . I am a young gun (18) but am very experienced and am currently training up a young springer who is coming along well and has accompanied me on a few trips. Many thanks Will
  18. Hello All, I am looking for a guide to take five of us fowling in the Isle of Skye or North West Scotland around Ullapool next season. If you could private message me with any numbers for guides and any recommendations I would be much obliged. Cheers, OT
  19. First flight of the season. The dog worked brilliantly, my shooting was rusty at best. Did get a left and right (with one barrel?) though, despite the camera only catching one retrieve. The camera was away when the geese came over. Although warm, it was just nice to be on the marsh, listening to the birds, watching the tide race in, and seeing a flight of ducks. A bird in the bag is a bonus.
  20. Hi All, I am after some second hand Teal, Wigeon or Mallard FUD decoys. Some sold on ebay for £5-£7 for six decoys plus postage recently. If anyone has any that are in fair to good condition and wants to sell for a sensible price plus postage then please PM Me with a picture if possible. Thanks
  21. Guest

    Acle geese

    Good evening , a very keen wildfowlers and recently been struggling hitting the geese. Had overwhelming shooting with the mallard, the Great Yarmouth marshes have been excellent both on early morning decoying the dykes and evening flight paths. Just one problem, the pinkfoot? Seen plenty close to the moon but just nothing even near or close to the marshes I've been trying. I'm one for trying all types of marsh at different times of the flight and I seem to be struggling to find the right place at the right time. The south west wind seem to be a start. Seen large numbers but they all just seem
  22. Just a bit of a rant really, Sir Peter Scott was a keen fowler and learned a huge amount of nature out with his gun, yet his Wikipedia entry doesn't mention shooting once, it's ridiculous... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Scott Somehow 'conservationists' imagine that being a fowler and a conservationist are mutually exclusive, which of course couldn't be further from the truth.
  23. Hi I have for sale a patternmaster code black duck choke tube. It's a Benelli/beretta mobile choke tube. Totally unused brand new in packet, please Pm £60
  24. So this year i plan on visiting some new places to fowl. My dilemma is that to get to these areas i would have to carry my gear in plain sight of the public for a short while.. I dropped the camo for drap colours but still worry about walking with my gunslip on show. Seen some guys break their gun and stick it in a rucksack, which would be a grand solution. Would a surplus bergen take a broken gun with 28" barrel? What does everyone else do? Cheers
  25. Hi guys, I am looking to join a wildfowling club either before the season starts or sometime next year. Now, I clay shoot, but unfortunately I have never had any experience on live game other than popping bunnies with an air rifle. So, I went to Highclere fair on Monday, and two of the local clubs to me tried to persuade me to join their club. Being fronted with this new found information has enthused to start looking for a suitable club, but i need a little advice on the gear needed. So, I have (I am kind of a shamed to say) a Revo Premium Game O/U 12g 3" chamber, I think steel proo
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