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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All,I'm new here. Victor's the name. I'm based in Burton-on-trent and I thought I'd ask on here if anyone is willing to at least talk to me about permission to shoot small quarry on their land. I primarily use a .22 air rifle. Fully insured member of BASC. I'm a stand-up guy and very respectful of other's rules and property. If you think you can help me out, let me know. Would ideally want to form a good relationship with the land owner, fine with helping out in exchange or if it's not too much I'd be willing to pay for permission. Willing to travel to shoot. If anyone needs a shooting mate as well.
  2. Sunday 17th September 2017 10am-2pm Rain or shine! 10 Woodland Shooting Stands 2 Targets per stand (Pull Reset) 10 shots (one magazine) per stand Individual score cards ~ £20/Adult (Advance Purchase) £25/Adult (On the day) £12.50 Second round £15/Accompanied child (14-17 years) Max two accompanied children per paying adult ~ http://www.emmettandstone.co.uk/woodland-shoots ~ Shoot Location: Westacott Way Maidenhead Berkshire SL6 3RT
  3. Hello, I'm sure everyone knows just how hard it is to find some land to shoot on, I would like guidance on the subject, I'm looking at shooting rabbits, I have a air rifle 11.5ft/lb(borrowing) and quite familiar with it, I would like some guidance on the best way to approach and get permission to shoot on land, there is a local golf course about 10 minuite walk from my house and when going for a stroll last night I must have seen at least 60 rabbits I would like to go ask permission from them but I don't know the best way to so this, I know it's a 50/50 chance as getting permission I got plenty of pictures and videos of the rabbits as proof of there numbers and of damage they are doing, but there is one big disadvantage for me, I'm only 17!! I have just joined basc as a jounior airgunning member (u21) as I thought it might give me a little help in getting permission, as it will look better for me having it as it comes with basic insurance ect... I will also be going to local farms to seek permission so I need all the help I can get! Many thanks Alex
  4. Hello guys this is my first ever forum and he only one im on so no idea what to do really? Anyways, im 22 from manchester been shooting air rifles for 3 years only targets tho and really looking to get into the field sports tho dont want to pally for fac and Sgc if i dont really like it.. Im here hoping i can join a few of you guys on shoots? Day and night to get a really feel for the country man sport.. I am willing not to shoot and only collect game/vermin set up decoys and watch till your happy with me joining in.. I play fair il pay my way in cost and may even buy you a good ye old cuppa.. Willing to pay you to shoot with you (small fee) be honest if you want a helper im free if you fancy teaching a young fellow a trick or two il pay for the service.. Thanks for reading ( feel rude talking about money online ring me *****************************
  5. First of all, Hello everyone, I think finding this forum is going to be a great addition to my shooting. Im Alex, 25 in Birmingham. Been shooting for a few years, due to recent move to built up area (away from parents) am now struggling to find land to be able to shoot on. If anyone has any land available, i would be most appreciative if they could make contact. I will happily shoot any pests anyone does not want to persue in exchange for shooting permission. Pick of the bag always offered to land owner, shoots left as i found them, clean, tidy, no mess, and all wildlife respected. I have 2 friends who are also in the same position if an extra hand is needed, or if permission can be given to all 3 of us. We are not loonatics crazy or irresponsible If anybody feels they are able to help me/us. I/We would be very appreciative Many Thanks Guys, Happy to be part of the forum!
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