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Found 9 results

  1. Mr.C

    Daystate X2

    Mate is considering one of the above, anything to watch out for? From what I've googled they haven't been made for a while. Be good to get views from an owner, past or present, with hands on experience. Thanks
  2. Thinking of buying one of these weapons for rabbit clearance. Anyone got anything to say about them?
  3. Paddy Galore!

    now tv

    Hi gents, i'm sure this has been done before some time ago but I can't be bothered to search for the thread. Do any of you use Now tv? how much meg does it use a month? we were thinking of sky but the cost is a tad more than I want to pay, i'm now due to renew the phone and BB contract which plusnet reckon they can do me a good deal on fibre with unlimited BB for a few pence more than I pay now, what with now tv costing all of £7 a month I thought this might be a viable option. Also, does it matter that my telly is a bit old now? it's a Panasonic vierra plasma which is supposed to be HD rea
  4. ok chaps i'll simplify my previous post does anyone have one of the above mentioned guns and are they any good? could do with some info as i'm hoping to pick up tomorrow, Ta, Paddy
  5. Steve177

    Apple TV

    Hi all, I have seen that Apple TV is selling this week in groupon for £75. I have an Iphone 4s, and SWMBO is getting an Ipad mini for xmas. My question is, Is is any good? whats it used for? and is it like sky? Any help will be greatly appreciated as the apple website only sings its praises Thanks in advance Steve
  6. Hello, I am thinking of getting a new Beretta A400 Extreme I am wondering if anybody has one and has actually used it in a salty environment. Coastal shooting, salt spray etc. I have read that there is some sort of magical coating that is completely corrosion proof but I find it hard to believe. I am thinking of getting the MAX4 coated gun for extra protection, it all sounds and looks great but it's an expensive gun, I don't mind spending the money as long as it does what it says on the tin. I've also read some people have had issues cycling 3 1/2" cartridges, has anyone that owns
  7. Should have asked this before I bought them! Anybody got some? I only wanted a cheap pair & was going to get some HSF ones till I saw the reviews.
  8. Hi all As the title says really. Does anyone have one of these? Are they any good? Sounds like a good compromise between having an open top Jimny for summer fun and being able to properly secure stuff in the back when necessary. Then again, the removeable tops seem to be offered for around £1000 new, so do they fit well, stay dry, are they really secure etc? Are they hassle to take on and off, or is it a fairly quick job? Are they worth £1000?! Thanks for any info. Giles
  9. Looking at his setup on facebook for sale. Asking price is £380. What do the photography guys think? Any good? Edd
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