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Found 21 results

  1. Hi all, I am currently in rented accommodation and as with all tenancies, have to make good of any drilled holes when I leave. It is a new build house with thermalite blocks used and covered with dot and dab. Looking online the best form of fixings are setting anchor bolts in using resin. My only concern is that I won't be able to get them out again when I move without damaging the rest of the wall. Has anyone had any experience with removing resin anchor bolts or have any other suggestions? Thanks.
  2. Six sun safe with internal lockable Ammo safe. Unsure of brand now but it’s police approved and I had it for shotguns and FAC-I actually had seven firearms in it as it’s quite large. It’s extra deep to allow scoped rifles. Has soft floor and foam divider. Some marks on side and back due to being bolted to a corner wall. It has holes in the back and floor for mounting. Tall 147cm Wide 34.5cm Deep 33cm £75 collected from Manningtree, Essex. Message me for pics.
  3. Following a discussion with 1066, inspired by me seeing this: https://www.secureitgunstorage.com/gun-safe/technology/ I have finally got round to my much cheaper DIY solution: Bought a cheap set of storage bins off eBay (VonHaus - £22) that came with the plastic racking panels. You can't see it in that photo but there is a second panel at the bottom. The top one needed some modifying to fit around the welded metal pieces in the cabinet (Sealey SEGS8) that hold the foam barrel supports in place but it is such a tight fit (had to be thumped in with a rubber mallet) that there aren't any screws/bolts actually stopping it from moving. The aforementioned supports have never been particularly good - for the barrel to actually fit in them means the rifle must be tilted back to clear the scope, which tends to make closing the door difficult. I'm going to design and 3D print my own clip in brackets. The white unit at the top is a caravan dehumidifier - Aldi special buy a couple of weeks ago. It's supposed to be rechargeable but it hasn't been in long. Next to it is a disposable dehumidifer (nearly full of water) and at the bottom is another rechargeable beanbag style dehum (which will need drying in the oven, I think). Stuck to the back of the door is a Napier vapour sachet thing. Moving my mods out of the ammo cabinet gives me more space in there so I've put some of the spare bins in to hold magazines, bolts, loose ammo etc. I also have space for my bipod and torches plus other bits and bobs that I might use - knives for example. Got plenty of little bins left for organising screws and stuff in the workshop too.
  4. Marcos fabrications x4 gun safe for rifles/shotguns. great condition other than a couple of paint splats which would clean off. Internal shelf and foam divider. Two locks and two full sets of keys. has the holes at the rear to mount to the wall. collection from Rayleigh, Essex. £50. Send me your email for pics. 130cm high 26cm wide 26cm deep
  5. Gun Cabinet for Six Guns with upper shelf. The barrel rests are padded with foam and door is double locked top and bottom with two different keys. size. High 151.5cm Wide 30.5cm Deep 28.0cm £90.00 based near Durham (DH79JH)
  6. Hi all, i'm new to the forum so hope i'm posting in the right area. Got a question maybe someone can help answer on here. I moved to live on a narrowboat last year, changed SGC to new authority (Northants) and FEO has said cabinet on a boat is no issue. I am on a secure mooring, just looking for some enlightenment on how to secure cabinet in the boat. I've heard of a few ways it could be done but does anyone on here have practical experience on the matter? Looking for the easiest way ideally, under the bed out of sight. Thank you and any suggestions are appreciated. Rob
  7. BSA deep 8 gun cabinet with top ammo lockbox, 2 keys. Height 1500mm Depth 345mm Width 460mm I'll also throw in a new Napier sachet as I'll have no need for it. Located in Middlesbrough £175, I can deliver locally if needed Thanks for looking Mark
  8. hello all, i have a question, my FAO coming over in a few days and live in a new house and the walls are mostly plaster board, i were to use a corner wall (2 external walls) to install it and drill all the way to the outside brick and use expanding wall plugs would this work?? Any tips would be amazing thank you
  9. As per the title I need to extend my storage capacity before Santa arrives! Upto 300mm wide, anything considered, internal ammo compartment would be useful but not essential. Based in Norfolk.
  10. £55 COLLECTION ONLY FROM NORWICH POLICE APPROVED BUILT TO BRITISH STANDARD BS7558/92 Dimensions of 3 gun cabinet Length 1300mm Width 245mm Depth 205mm Item description ~All side steel thickness: 2mm ~Door steel thickness: 2 mm with folded corners, which prevents a bar getting between the door and the frame. ~Equipped with 2 key, 6 asymmetrical, double bitted, level locks. ~This cabinet comes with 4 wall mount bolts and 4 pre-drilled holes. Weight 24Kgs SIMPLE REASON FOR SALE WON TOO MANY ON POPULAR AUCTION SITE. UNOPENED THESE ARE £79.99 ON THEIR SITE AND GO FOR ABOUT £65 ON AN AUCTION SITE
  11. Hi all, I'd like to sell a Brattonsound ST5 cabinet in perfect, clean condition - full height with capacity or up to 5 rifles or shotguns without scopes. It's the basic model with 2x locks, and 2x sets of keys. All original foam components are included and in good condition, and 4x expansion bolt fixings are included. Asking fro £80 cash, on collection from Cambridge. (It's heavy!) Cheers, Al
  12. 8 gun cabinet with both sets of keys for sale. In good condition. Dimensions: External. Width 46cm, Depth 23cm, Height 125cm Internal. Width 45cm, Depth 20cm. Height 123 cm More photos available if required. £110 collected
  13. For sale 5 Gun cabinet in good condition with both sets of keys. Dimensions: External. 28cm width, 24.5cm depth, 131cm high Internal. 26.5cm width, 21.5cm depth, 130cm high Photos attached If you would like any more photos please contact me. £85 collected
  14. 8 gun cabinet with both sets of keys for sale. In good condition. Dimensions: External. Width 46cm, Depth 23cm, Height 125cm Internal. Width 45cm, Depth 20cm. Height 123 cm More photos available if required. £110 collected
  15. The title alone I imagine will have put some people off as its a regularly explored topic! However I can't find a post anywhere relating to my precise situation so here we go. I am hardly a DIY god so forgive my ignorance but I need advice on installing my gun safe, It is a safe that can store 3 or 4 assembled guns that I was given by a friend retiring from the shooting world. I intend to install it in a cupboard but my question is does cavity wall insulation affect in any way the fixing of it onto the wall? My house is new-build and all the walls are cavity insulated I wasn't sure if this affects where you can place screws/bolts. Also is it advisable to hire someone like a joiner to install it for me? I hate to think what damage I'd do If I was let loose with a drill! Thanks for your responses BenGun
  16. houlsby

    gun cabinet

    Wanting a rifle cabinet for the missis.. nothing elaborate just enough for a few rifles as my cabinets rammed and iv got guns top and tail (I need a bigger one too lol) Located doncaster. Cheers
  17. Looking for a cabinet or safe prefer 3 gun but what have you? In west midlands (birmingham) can travel a certain distance. Cheers shanegrohl@gmail.com or PM me.
  18. Marki

    3 gun Cabinet

    Gun cabinet for sale. Approximate sizes are 15cm x 22cm x 128cm (6" x 8 3/4" x 4' 2 1/2"). Currently used to hold 3 guns. Single side hinge, two differently keyed locks .Police checked last year. £60 ono. Some paint on the sides from decorating. I'm about 5 minutes from Congleton or in Crewe during the day.
  19. Steel cabinet 130 x 27 x 24 cm (height x width x depth) Foam covered steel dividers for 4 guns, holds 4 shotguns Two keys, police approved Hammered brown finish, a few minor marks but a nice looking cabinet £88.00 collected, M8 rawl fixing pack included Please reply by PM and include your phone number, thanks.
  20. Hi and firstly Happy Xmas A chance to get the grey matter working! Have SGC plus FAC and was recently offered a large metal gun cabinet which is made to look like a piece of furniture- chest of drawers actually in oak. Now this thing needs three people to manoeuvre it into place but as its meant to look like part of the furniture so as to speak, it is not practical to bolt it to the wall and due to floor loading cannot be place upstairs either. House is alarmed etc Have glanced through the Firearms act and it looks to be ok as its so bulky but what do you think? Could ask my LEO but its xmas and dont wish to bother the poor chap plus as its a dam expensive item I dont wish to purchase it in error to be left with a very secure cutlery draw. Thanks in advance.
  21. I'm after a bit of advice please, when storing a shotgun in a cabinet should it be barrels up or barrels down? All the pictures of cabinets show them barrels up but a friend of mine tells me this causes oil to run down into and clog up the mechanism. Is it a valid point? Thanks
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