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Found 4 results

  1. Hi all, The 28th of December will be our shoot's annual charity day where guns are fined heavily for the merest misdemeanours, beaters and pickers up are robbed of their wages and followers have their pockets emptied - all in aid of a local children's hospice. This year will be our third and they're getting better every year. We have very generous and charitable team of shoot members and the day has become a firm favourite across the whole season with everybody having a great time, the charity doing really well and the local landlady too! We've been starting with the customary bacon roll at 8.30, taking elevenses of smoked salmon and scrambled egg off the side of a converted military wagon in the field, before returning to game curries cooked over fire pits to round the day off. However this year, I'd like to change the menu a bit. I'm thinking turkey, stuffing and cranberry mini rolls for elevenses but out of ideas for the meal to finish the day. A number of other local shoots kindly contribute pheasant, partridge, duck and venison so game meat isn't a problem and ideally I would like to cook something that can easily be cooked outside over fire pits and BBQs - casserole, stews, chilli etc etc to give a bit of theatre whilst we're finishing off the sloe gin. Any aspiring chefs out there have any ideas please and also if anyone can think of anything better than turkey rolls for elevenses, I'd be grateful for ideas. The whole group will number approx. 35-40 Many thanks Iaindp
  2. Hi all, Next week is our Crimbo shoot and in keeping with the time for giving etc, we're going to be raising funds for a local hospice. There will be the normal charge for wearing silly hats, double if you don't etc but I'm also thinking that we should have a set of rules for beaters (guns will fine them if they see any beater breaking them) and a set of rules for guns (beaters will fine the guns if they catch them breaking their rules). I've decided that neither the guns nor the beaters will know their respective set of rules, until court is held at the end of the day - coz it's much more fun! So I'm looking for ideas for rules that the guns can't break and the same for the beaters please.... All suggestions welcome Cheers Iaindp
  3. I need some advice in organising a team charity clay shoot for a group of farmers and others. Some will be experienced, likely to be a few novices too. Assume 8 teams of 4 (not sure what typical team size is). How many clays per person/ team, how long should it take and how much should it cost? Don't know much about clay shooting myself so will need to find a suitable venue, or someone with experience, insurance, equipment etc..to run it. Can anyone advise on this and also suggest a venue, between Bridgnorth and Wolverhampton.? We are farmers ourselves so could hold it on our premises.
  4. High all, just a heads up for anyone who would like to donate to a good cause, without having to pay anything! This is from another Forum I am on. Sounds to good to be true, read on. Combat Services Charity were originally set up to act as a small charity without the big salaries and corporate expense budgets of the other charities, with an ultimate ambition of providing a dedicated military hospital to support all wounded servicemen and women across all wars and conflicts, and provide care for not just the physical but the psychological trauma. The details of the Combat services charity are here http://opencharities...arities/1145450 There is a system available to support the CSC for those who are interested through the Easyfundraiser website. This system works as a portal for all your online shopping and allows you to donate to your selected charity as you shop. IT DOESN'T ACTUALLY COST YOU ANY MONEY because the donations are made as a small percentage of the purchase you made with participating retailers who have agreed to donate to charities participating in the scheme as directed by their customers.....us. You pay the advertised retail price and the retailer donates a small percentage on completion of the sale. Participating retailers include Amazon, Tesco, Asda, Ebay, Play.com, and shedloads of others including electronics manufacturers such as Phillips etc. Anyway the link is here http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/causes/combatservices You can sign up and any shopping you want to do online you can do through your account and the donations will be made. It's pretty new to the CSC so you will be among the first ones to join up and support it. Ste12b
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