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Found 2 results

  1. In view of a couple of threads about kids shooting and suitability of guns I thought I'd start this thread. Having been shot in the calf as a young soldier by a negligent ossifer, I'm very keen, over keen some would say in gun safety. With my kids and grandchildren, zero tolerance and zero warnings once taught. Sent to sit out the remaining time in the car(no phones), It works. Don't even start me on instructing soldiers or potential officers, suffice to say no one offends twice. I taught my kids safety and shooting from being around 5 years. Firstly air guns, then hand guns then small bore rifles. I make simple stands and static targets. Clays held in place by blutac, fizzy drinks in cans shook up(from a tip on here), powder paint, coloured water in plastic bottles, the list goes on. Currently my daughter is experimenting with soft, safe exploding targets. Shot at various ranges it surprising how many adults ask to have a go. It's just a little bit of fun. The oldest grandkids also fire at moving clays now. Limited amount of cartridges, never more than 10 for the little one, 15 to 20 for the 13 year old. The 16 year old gets 25, sometimes more. When we fired .22, 5.56, 7.62, .303, 9mm, .45, it was mostly 30/50 yards indoor/outdoor, occasionally up to 200 yards outdoor and 30 to 50 rounds depending on calibre. Grandkids don't currently have those calibres available. Before being allowed to fire they're taught safe handling and importantly how a gun works, if it fails, why it fails and what to do. Stripping cleaning and reassembling helps them understand the what's and whys. My oldest Granddaughters have both been taught by my son. Oldest at 16 shoots an O/U lefthanded 20 bore. 13 year old a right handed .410 SxS. My 8 year old Granddaughter is not really bothered so she's not pushed but knows it's there if she wants. My 6 year old grandson is very keen but everything is far too big....so, I asked my RFD for a .410 with a short butt suitable for him. After a few months nothing came up that met my needs. It has to be single barrel and preferably hammer. Last week he called me with a possibility but not a short stock. I purchased a .410 Cooey Model 84, single 26" barrel, 3" chamber, hammer action, ejector. Fixed full choke, I would have preferred open. Made in Canada between 1903 and 1967 they made around 1.9 million, before being taken over by Winchester and being made as Model 840 until 1980. So, loads available, cheap, spares and scrapers a plenty. I took it out same day and fired just 10 x 2" x 9 gram 6s. Works fine, no issues, zero recoil and hardly a pop shoots straight and I hit easy clays up to about 35 yards. Today I started the work of making it a safe, reliable, useable long term fun gun to fire. Complete strip down and clean, fortunately no parts need replacing at this time. I'm glad the stock bolt was 7/16th (11mm if you talk europeese) and not Whitworth as I don't have small enough WW sockets in 1/4" drive. Removed the varnish from the fore grip, easyish as is not chequered. Ironed out the dents and smoothed out the little nicks and chips. Kept trying a refit as it's easy to take off too much and be left with a poor fit. Marked the butt up for cutting and began the varnish removal. Hopefully this is going to be finished for Sunday, so working again tomorrow as I'm shooting Friday. Currently my daughter is making a custom fit, waterproof fleece lined slip for it. Work in progress:
  2. Had a quick mooch around the permission tonight and the farmer said I could have a go with his .410 for the rabbits as ran out of air rifle pellets last time and just have not used the 12 gauge for a while He checked the barrel was clear and handed it over, I checked the chamber length and proof marks on the barrel and was all good to go. The gun is a Cooey model 84 single shot,beaten up condition but shoots lovely. Dont know if anyone else has one or knows much about them? The gun had not been fired in over 12 or so years and the carts were probably older but kept in the house so in good condition. Using 11 grams of No.6 carts was picking of rabbits out to about 35 yards or so nicely. Just had one nice rabbit today and though I would take a pic of him and the gun. Had 2 others later and 3 a few days ago with it, I am really loving it, just nice to have low recoil compared to the 12 gauge and weight I think it shoots a little high so will pattern it but is currently my favorite gun at the moment haha Anyway a few pics here, currently brought it home to try and polish it up a bit and give it a good clean. ATB Oli
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