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Found 11 results

  1. Hi guys I've got a (second hand) quite old by the looks of it dummy launcher (Turner Richards brand) and have used it for over a year or so as a hand held launcher, seemed to work OK and never had a problem. I've recently bought the shoulder stock attachment for it to help simulate walked up shooting with my dog and to improve his stopping to shot and steadyness and it's absolutely fantastic...when it doesn't blow itself to bits. It fires the one dummy no problem, then after I fire it for the second time it always blows itself apart with the circlip being blown out of the groove it sits within. It's almost as if since adding the shoulder stock the recoil is too much for the circlip and the spring, firing pin and everything just falls out - which is incredibly frustrating to keep on fixing and putting the circlip back in all the time. Has anyone else had this issue? I had just changed the O-ring (from a "reputable" ebay seller) which did make the fit of the dummies very tight, so I was thinking it was that which was causing too much recoil. I've bought some O-rings from the Turner Richards website and the same problem is happens (although the O-rings were a different size and the dummies to go on slightly easier). I'm sure I've read the shoulder stock says it fits all models of the Turner Richards launcher, but Turner Richards are only offering to service the launcher for me (for a fee) and for me to send it to them, but right not is the one time of year I use it quite a bit to make sure the dog is steady before the season starts properly for me. Pic attached showing the aftermath. Has anyone experienced anything similar? Has anyone got a picture of that the end of their Turner Richards launcher looks like so I can check nothing is missing from mine and everything is where it should be? I'm thinking of replacing the circlip and seeing if a newer one will hold any better. Cheers Tim
  2. Hi guys For sale KC registered working springer pups £1200 each Both parents working gundogs with strong pedigrees 1 liver and white dog 3 black and white dogs 5 black and white bitches all born 23 rd June Dam tested clear for PRA cord 1 , PKFD, FUCO and AMS with certification. Pups docked and vet checked. Photos of pups and available by whatsapp or email Please PM for more details Thanks
  3. Hi folks,In case anyone is looking to build a kennel run system I'm selling all the panels etc required to make two 2 x 1.5m runs as a lean to. If interested check out my ad on Gumtree https://www.gumtree.com/p/pet-equipment ... 1372242935Thanks,Dunc 300
  4. 8 months old bitch for sale She is excellent around children House trained KC registered Wormed and flea treated regularly Red with white chest Selling due to no fault of her own but personal problems £500
  5. Looking for a small bit of Land to Train my dogs on in Norfolk Wroxham area if poss but will travel, with some water dyke marsh ect. Would be nice if I could take my gun also and have a pop at odd pigeon ect. Regards Carl
  6. Was setting off to a Work party yesterday morning. Got up to load the truck with tools and such and sort the dog (this isn't much different to a normal morning loading up for a job) other than i chucked some waders in. Dog was super exited and visibly grinning (yes they do but its in their eyes) and kept jumping in the truck, seemed to think it was sept 1st! was it the smell of the dried marsh mud waders perhaps? If we think we miss it in the off season think of the dogs. On my return we cleared one of the Koi ponds (as a sort of consolation) he aint much help breaking up more weed to float loose than he fetches out to me and makes me ten times as wet as doing it alone but to his mind he is helping and doing his bit.
  7. Just a heads up freind as caught 3 lads looking at his dogs other his fence an gone outside had they have sprayed a d on his wall/fence in addwick / woodlands # looks like there after dogs again ,!
  8. Well a neighbours dog (a young Boarder Collie) got out from their house, ran around like crazy, came onto our driveway and bit my 2 year old daughter. She has 4 teeth marks (2 in each cheek) but not punctured thankfully. Her cheeks were all puffy but that went down fairly quickly after being chilled. Police called and I've done my statement. Owner denied it saying the dog was just having fun rounding up children until the police said they saw it on CCTV. There are loads of kids around and the owner is not responsible and the dog cannot walk to heel or sit or come back when called. The police seem reluctant to prosecute as they say they prefer to see a "community resolution" which may include a fence in her front garden (which is not allowed under a covenant in the house deeds, hers and ours). I obviously don't want to have a more vicious attack on my or anyone else's kids. The owner did not ask how my daughter was or apologise until the police spoke with her. Daughter now having lots of waking up crying in the night and very afraid of dogs. What are my options?
  9. Unfortunately due to unforeseen family circumstances we are forced to sell our beautiful cocker, Millie, she has had her tail legally docked and has also had her first vaccination. She is black with white feet and chest with a little white spot on her nose. although she is not currently kennel club registered we do have her parents pedigree certificates which have 44 FT CH, she is from excellent working stock and is all ready showing signs of being an excellent gun dog. initial training has been started (toilet and house training) She is alert, energetic and extremely affectionate. This is a very painful sale and we do not want any time wasters, in need of a loving home where she will be worked to her full potential. £500 it pains me to post this but it is our only option. please feel free to pm me i will respond as soon as possible thank you for reading, fudd
  10. Hi all, New member to PW, just wondering if there's anyone from the Norfolk Quarter attending the spaniel day tomorrow at M.N.G.C. A chance to see if all the training over the summer has paid off!? Little bit more work to do with mine. If anyone's attending I'll be the one legging it over a few fields in hot pursuit of the dog!! P.S Great Forum from reading some of the posts.
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