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Found 8 results

  1. Hi this year will be my first year wildfowling on the Eden Estuary and i was wondering if anyone had any helpful tips or would be willing to take me out and show me either areas to go or areas to avoid (its hard to gain much from google earth). I do a lot of wildfowling near Inverness for duck but would be keen to try and get under some birds whilst at Uni. Any help would be much appreciated Angus
  2. SYNDICATE MEMBERS WANTED We run a small friendly shoot in Northumberland. (Rothbury). This year we have half guns/full gun available. 800 pheasant released Shooting fortnightly on Saturdays (October to February) - 7/8 drives per day Pigeon shooting available, as well as Duck shooting over pond. Prefer members with dogs. Reply to Ad or Contact me for further details: Mandy - 07880573387. Email: Richardsonhogg@hotmail.com
  3. Just a bit of a rant really, Sir Peter Scott was a keen fowler and learned a huge amount of nature out with his gun, yet his Wikipedia entry doesn't mention shooting once, it's ridiculous... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peter_Scott Somehow 'conservationists' imagine that being a fowler and a conservationist are mutually exclusive, which of course couldn't be further from the truth.
  4. A full gun has become available in a well established DIY walk one stand one shoot in Northumberland. 1000 pheasants and 150 ducks released.10 days averaging 50 head. Plenty of opportunity for walked up days on over 2,000 acres including small area with grouse. A friendly shoot showing good quality pheasants and ducks. £650 for a full gun.
  5. Hi to all I have been shooting up the farm now for over 5 years and I am planning to take two of my mates up there tomorrow night the pond has never been shot over. So my question is any advise needed please from what time to get into position should we stand at the pond or stand back as I am new to ducks Thanks again mike
  6. Hi all. Am after some advice regarding ducks. On the shoot I help with we put a few duck on one of the flight ponds. We have done this for a few years now but have the same issue every year when the first shoot day arrives (Mid November). The ducks never seem to want to fly. We try and try but they will only fly a few feet. In the last couple of weeks we've been trying to get them up and flying but have been unsuccessful. Does anyone have any hints or tips that they have heard of or tried. Any help would be greatfuly received. Many thanks in advance.
  7. Hi all, We raise mallard on our small shoot in North Wales. We have two ponds, one by a river and one about 500 yards up a hill from the river (provides a good duck drive). Both ponds have islands and are about knee high in depth. Ducks on the bottom pond were very agitated one day, and I found a headless carcase floating on the water. (See pic) The breast was peeled off completely. This pond was abandoned by the duck and they are all on the top pond now. I have now found two more on the top pond, again beheaded and floating, with bits of damage around the carcase. I
  8. Hi all, Have five spaces spare on a duck shoot with walked up pheasants, The day is around 100 birds no bag limit,Fourteen guns . The shoot is on the Somerset Devon border. Must prove you have a full uk gun license and insurance, a dog would be a bonus. Good hight on ducks and a few good drives for pheasants so intermediate guns needed. £200 plus tip £20 please email me for any details wildlife@inbox.com 22 and 31 dates Hi again guys after some feedback I will give you some back ground info on the shoot, my dad picks up and helps the shoot all year and in return h
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