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Found 9 results

  1. Hi All, myself and my son are experienced beaters (4/5 seasons) on a rough shoot, mixed cover and bramble woodland with our 7 & 3 year old Cocker Spaniels, unfortunately mid-season last year the landlord of out shoot in Kent decided he didn't want a soot there any more and closed it down mid-season! We managed to get onto the Marks Tey shoot for the last few of the season and my lad got to shoot on keeper's day (I don't shoot). Whilst we have an invite back to Marks Tey this coming season and beyond we would like something a little closer to home (Romford), ideally Brentwood area. I have been trying to get hold of the Hainault shoot and have this week spoken to them but it seems they have enough dogs and beaters. If you have vacancies or know of a shoot that does, please let me know and we can arrange to meet pre-season or on pigeon. Cheers.
  2. Looking for pigeon/vermin shooting or a syndicate paid or unpaid in the Essex area. Basc Insured and license holder. Relatively new and would love to tag along with other shooters to learn, happy to help on farms or shoots.
  3. Hi all, I am new to the forum so hope you are all well. I have been shooting for about 10 years or so on a syndicate using a friends gun . I have recently got my license and been doing a lot of clay shooting at my local club (The Fennes). Im really keen to get shooting pigeons, crows etc and wondered if anyone from the Essex area could point me in the right direction? Im a friendly chap who has a real passion in the sport. I always have great respect for the land I am shooting on and the game I am shooting as well as being a safe shooter. Appreciate any help Chris
  4. Hi EveryoneI’ve only recently been introduced to this forum so I’m posting for the first time.I have gotten into deer stalking in the last couple of years and I’m looking for a land owner/occupier that wants some deer management. Alternatively, I’d be happy to join a syndicate already operating.I live in Chelmsford and am happy to travel anywhere in Essex, also into parts of Hertfordshire and Suffolk.I have an open FAC for .243 (as well as .22RF and 12g), I am a member of the BASC and BDS, I also have DSC level 1.Additionally, I am looking for pigeon and rabbiting opportunities and some beating next season.Please message me if you know of anything, I haven’t shot very much in Essex so any contacts are most welcome.Many thanks,Steve.
  5. Hi All, My SO and I applied for our shotgun certs from Essex police back in June and finally had someone visit us on Friday last week. He told us we were approved and that we just had to get our cabinet and security in place and wait for the back office stuff and we’d get our certs. What I’d like to know is does anyone know how long it’s currently taking from visit to actual receipt of the certificates? Thanks.
  6. Hi. A friend down the road has a den at bottom of his garden. He has asked me to move (deal with them) for him. Too near to population to shoot (Neighbours either side and fire station at bottom). Has any one got a cage trap I could borrow near Rainham Essex? I have a camera up to see how many in the den.
  7. Hi chaps in need of a morale boost as some of you guys know i have a very small permission which isn't good at all to be on. The land owner will only allow me to shoot over it which is great and i feel privileged but can be lonely at times i wouldn't mind if i was busy but the rabbits over there don't exists anymore. So as you can imagine i have been looking about to join people on other permissions hopefully find some nice land owners/shooters who don't mind me having a shoot with them or lamping buddy but of course i wouldn't ask for this until they know me well enough. That said i have knocked on more doors than i can remember rang so many golf clubs and to no a vale the land owner said they would happily give a reference to anyone who asks about me as he knows me well but because i haven't had a chance to meet other people mainly due to the fact i am the only shooter allowed over there no one knows me. So getting out with people or gaining new permission is ridiculously hard and this shooting game works as we all know unless your a friend of a friend or know someone close to the land owner/shooter you might as well go whistle as in this area Essex land is so precious and hard to come by because is so heavliy pressured by everyone here. Of course i will keep looking and i have meet some nice chaps (farmers) but everwhere i go they dont know me and of course they already have a group of people shooting who keep it to themselves which is understandable around here and concidering i wanted to get into a little bit of gamekeeping which life hasnt taken me that way i am doing badly on the shooting front lol. So chaps i am asking you to give me a morale boost to make me feel better and to keep knocking on them doors maybe share your past experiances on how you struggled to get your first permisson and if you didnt struggle and strolled into having a place to shoot please dont let me know it will only depress me. Up for a laugh. Nick. P.s. If you know anyone around the essex area looking for a shooting buddy / shooter please PM would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Anyone know how long the wait is up to now? I'm going to put my application in this week. Im expecting it to be months, but has there been any decrease in time since Christmas?
  9. Hello, I am a keen shooter and Im looking for some airgun pest control or shotgun in and around the hertfordshire/Essex area like Broxbourne, Stevenage, Epping and surrounding areas but also happy to travel. Happy to offer my help as a beater too. Experience wise, I used to go Pigeon shooting every other sunday many years ago, and now only getting back into it, was also a member over at East Barnet Shooting Club a couple of years back but that wasn't for me. Plus many trips last year at Rectory Farm clay pigeon Shooting Ground. I know asking on the internet isn't the most polite way, but given this day and age thought that this may help. So if anybody has any land I can shoot over or if you want some pest control undertaking, even in the future, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks for reading and your time Regards
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