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Found 21 results

  1. I have purchased a lovely wooden stocked Beretta A300 Outlander. I want to extend the stock by 1/2 inch or 12.5mm. Beretta sell nice neat Stock Extenders - one for Field guns and one for Sporting guns. They are neat, easy to fit, inexpensive spacers. The problem is that I can’t find anywhere on the net which is appropriate for my A300 Outlander. Understand that the profile and length of each is different but Beretta don’t publish the dimensions! Any ideas to save me buying one of each?
  2. Hi all, this is my first post on the forum. I currently shoot a semi auto on clays but would love to go back to a over and under. I only want to spend around £500 on a over and under 12 bore. Ive been reading up on ATA's and can't find a bad review online. However, I have noticed theres not many available second hand and wondered what their longevity is like. I can't tell if its a good thing or not that theres not many available that are used. Anyone got one or any experiences they can share? Any recommendations on anything better for the money? Thanks all!!
  3. Hi all, Just wondering if anyone has ever used the services of Kent Gunsmiths in Faversham. Ive just brought a secondhand Hatsan Escort Gen 1, I believe anyway. I think it’s well overdue a bit or tlc (even for a semi auto) and most probably some replacement parts. They are within an hours drive of me and website looks promising. Any thoughts? Also without sounding stupid. I belive it is chambered for 3” carts as it’s got 12x76 stamped on the barrel along with steel shot. Am I correct? Cheers Adam
  4. Hi all, i'm new to the forum so hope i'm posting in the right area. Got a question maybe someone can help answer on here. I moved to live on a narrowboat last year, changed SGC to new authority (Northants) and FEO has said cabinet on a boat is no issue. I am on a secure mooring, just looking for some enlightenment on how to secure cabinet in the boat. I've heard of a few ways it could be done but does anyone on here have practical experience on the matter? Looking for the easiest way ideally, under the bed out of sight. Thank you and any suggestions are appreciated. Rob
  5. I have just received my shotgun cert and have been advised to try a few different guns prior to buying one. I would like to spend around £750 on my first gun maybe a bit more if I need to. Does anyone know a club that would provide lessons with a few different guns. I have been looking at guns and think that either a Beretta 686 or a Browning 425 or 525 with 29" or 30" barrels. I want to shoot clay mainly but would also like to go out with friends rough shooting. I am in the South Wales area.
  6. Good evening guys! I am a sucker for Side by Sides, I don't know whether it makes me look classy or whether its the feel of the gun when I am shooting. I have owned a Ugartechea Model 30 in 12 bore for a number of months now and I am in two minds about the purchase of another. either an English Side by Side or a Hammer gun. I think it's the lovely exposed hammers which is drawing me to the idea of a Hammer Gun, or the rich history of owning a piece of fading English engineering and shooting history. What are your views chaps? What should I look for in English Side By Sides and Ham
  7. Now that I have my FAC, I need to decide on what exact guns I'm going to be on the lookout for. Always great to hear some suggestions Heres what guns are on the ticket: .22LR LB Pistol .38/357 LB Revolver .38/357 Lever Action Rifle .22LR Semi Auto Rifle 12 Bore Pump (Already decided on Mossberg 590...for now)
  8. I've decided to give up shooting so everything must go. I would prefer local pick up (from Herne Bay, Kent) but postage can be arranged and at the buyers cost. There;s quite a bit to go so please PM me if you want stuff, add questions to the thread. Right here goes; 25 FUD Duck decoy's, a mixture of mallard and widgeon (both sexes). all weights, lines, and carry hooks. un-used, as new. £65 12 Pigeon decoy's with poles. neoprene shell design. £15 Camo ''Shot box'' storage case. never left the house. £25 12G cartridge belts (£5 each) / game bag £10 / Cartridge bags (£8 ea
  9. 1 No. Cylinder 0" 1 No. Skeet 5" 1 No. Improved Cylinder 10" 1 No. Lt Modified 15" All four for £110 to include box or £30 each The Cylinder has not been used since bought new. The Skeet, Improved Cylinder and Light Modified have been used twice only since bought new. The gun they were bought for has been sold and are therefore surplus to requirements. These were bought for £50 each two years ago. They are for all intents and purposes new. Attached Images
  10. For sale: 7 Pure Gold Chokes: 1 No. Cylinder 0 2 No. Skeet 5 1 No. Improved Cylinder 10 2 No. Lt Modified 15 1 No. Improved Modified 25 The Cylinder and Improved Modified have not been used since bought new. The Skeet, Improved Cylinder and Light Modified have been used twice only since bought new. The gun they were bought for has been sold and are therefore surplus to requirements. These were bought for £50 each two years ago. Selling for £30 each to include postage or £190 for all seven to i
  11. Just joined PW so here is my first post; Looking at getting a semi auto as I branch out into wildfowling, for geese /duck, clay practise and maybe later get into pigeons. Basically after a large amount or research from magazine articles and user forums I have narrowed it don't to 2 guns: benelli Vinci and the super vinci. On the face of it these guns differ only by the the latter having a 3.5" chamber (which I won't really need, I think). The reality, from my reading of forums, is that many users have had issues with the tigger guard on the vinci ( a sweep back design hitting users middl
  12. Right this is a biggy. I have a shotgun licence and currently studying at University. It has come to my attention that I will be able to go to the states late next year. Now, what experience have people had taking guns out of the country? I will obviously be going to the USA, and am wanting to take my shotguns. I've been told it's very possible but can just be a mess on. Whats the process and what would I require? Also, are you able to take cartridges along with the guns for when you arrive in the country? Thanks
  13. Hi im looking at upgrading my browning medalist to a bettinsoli diamondline and i was wondering if the bettinsoli diamondline will last a long time and should i see any trouble with the diamondline. I've had a look at some reviews but they all seem to be mixed some saying that there very good and others saying that its not worth it, i will mostly be shooting clays and game birds. thanks for you help.
  14. For sale rifle cabinet for sale £70 pick up only. 3 gun cabinet with ammo save. All sets of keys see photos.
  15. Morning Chaps, This is probably a question for the older guys here, but any opinions and thoughts will be welcome. I passed my DSC1 yesterday which is a significant chunk of progress on my way to a deerstalking career about which I'm very happy - my FAC application will be going in this week or next. The one small "fly in the ointment" is that my Mrs sees rifles as somewhat more dangerous than shotguns and is particularly concerned, given that she's 18-19 weeks pregnant with our first child, about all the issues surrounding having guns (rifles and shotguns) and children in the same house. Th
  16. Hi I am in the middle of getting all the paper work together for applying for my FAC and have a couple of question I'm hoping someone could help me with: The use of the rifles I am applying for is general pest control rabbits and foxes I am applying for a .17 HMR and a .22 LR, are these 2 guns sufficient or is it worth applying for a bigger rifle also like a .22 250, .220 swift or .223? And what amount of ammo should I apply for each calibre? Do I have to state expanding ammo or because its vermin control is that standard? Do I write moderators in a separate box on the forms to apply for t
  17. Hi i am looking for a cheap gun cabinet for my mate around county Durham area thanks Matty
  18. Hi! Just to let you guys know now there is a group on Facebook for the shooting/fishing comunity in the Fens. The group aim is to get together people with the same passion, exchange of ideeas , buy , sell or swap equipment or just to have a laugh Join us : Fenland Shooting/Fishing Club!
  19. Not sure if this is in the right section: Hi all, I am looking at buying my first semi auto, I've decided I want a beretta because I have a 682 gold e now and have read nearly all good reviews about beretta's. I would like some opinions on whether to go for a new Beretta a300 outlander or a s/h al391 at a similar price to the new gun. I would use the gun as a hide gun, and a just a general gun for most things. Does anyone have the outlander and if they get on with it or whether the al391 is a much better gun? Thanks
  20. To be specific Google are banning Adwords Adverts and Shopping listings of all types of Guns and Parts enforced from February 13th, see their new regs: Guns - Google doesn't allow the promotion of guns, such as pistols, rifles, BB guns, sporting guns, air guns, and blow guns. Gun parts or hardware - Google doesn't allow the promotion of gun parts or hardware, such as clips, magazines, receivers, stocks, barrels, buttplates, grips, mount, forends, handguards, gun springs, and gun triggers. Ammunition - Google doesn't allow the promotion of ammunition, such as blank ammunition, high
  21. Due to the person not doing his home work this item is back up for sale. LEE LOAD-MASTER A massive press with advanced features. The ram is 1 3/4 inches in diameter. Stroke and clearance sufficient for the largest magnum rifle cases. Features and Product Information from Lee Precision: Loads rifle and pistol rounds with equal ease. Load progressively or singly without spilled powder or components. Five stations so you can Factory Crimp and post size. Accepts all popular brands of dies (7/8 x 14) Automatic indexing with a wedge lock mechanism that will actually hold a ton. Positive and
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