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Found 15 results

  1. Hi there, My name is Bryan I'm. New to the forum and would like to say hi to everyone. I own amongst others a Gamo GX-40 Pcp and a Kral arms N-05. I now live in Laceby a small village just outside Grimsby NE Lincolnshire and looking for a gun club / local range to join. I'm Originally I'm from Nottinghamshire / Derbyshire. Looking around the forum I find it very interesting, some good information and the members seem to be nice from the posts I've read. Looking forward to posting more and reading others posts. Cheers
  2. cheap lead 3.20 a kilo most sizes collect only cheers george 07714 323 909
  3. Hi all anyone from sheffield in here ?
  4. Just figured i would drop by and say hello :). Keep seeing this forums name popup around the internet and figured it was time i joined all you lovely people.
  5. Hello, just joined after reading the forums. Interests include shooting and fly fishing in the North West and Bolton area.
  6. Hi guys this is Andy Airgun shooter from Country Durham enjoy a bit of shooting and ferreting especially this time of the year really good forum guys
  7. after a few months off line i am now back with a new laptop so i look foward to see how everyone is fairing on the pigeon shooting forum
  8. Hi guys, thank you for the add, haven't been involved in shooting for about 4 years now, used to own a HW97k but now own the R10mk2 se, looking forward to get back out there and hopefully gain a new permission. Thanks again Thomas.
  9. I'm Richard.I live in Leeds.Just wanted to say hello to all.
  10. Just joined and wanted to say hello to everyone I was looking to make my own Night Vision add on for shooting and as I'm going to Australia in Jan. thought I could take it with me... And came upon this site. What drew me to the site was the way people talk to each other and seem to be interested in each other's problems and help them I have been shooting for 40+ years and originally from Birkenhead but now living in Northern Ireland..
  11. Just wanted to say hello to all you pigeon watchers and thank you validating me
  12. i am new to the forum and have many years of experience with rifle and shotguns.i hope to learn more and i hope to be able to help othersuse a223 for foxes and roe deer and 12 g and 410 i am starting to lean more towards 410.and hope to modify a lee loadall junior for use with 410 reloads..
  13. hello from angus in scotland
  14. Hi there to all members of pigeon watch. I feel very proud to have shot my first pigeon today ( got 6 in the end). I only have a Baikal 12g sbs with hammers, it is choked full & full ( fixed ). It cost me £100 and I shoot clays with it regularly.........my best score ever was 44 ex 50 ESP. Its a solid little gun, and I love the comments I get.........." That guns an antique" or " Don't forget to prime the pans"........ then they all shut up when I get 9 out of 10 on a stand. I wish the same could be said for my efforts at pigeon shooting.........I am sure that more pigeons died
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