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Found 9 results

  1. Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and have some questions to ask if you don't mind helping me. I have moved to the UK 2 years ago from Malta to continue my medical training and work here as a doctor. In Malta I used to practice shooting for birds and rabbits. Now that I'm settled here I would like to get into the shooting practice in the UK. Can you please tell me what do I need to do step by step please? I understand that I need to have a club membership and be insured (ex: BASC membership) to practice, and having a shotgun certificate if I decide to own my shotgun. Regarding the general licence, do I need to do some sort of application against a payment? Then all I need is to get a permission to access land and shoot or join a syndicate (which is most probably the hardest to achieve). Right? All help is appreciated guys. Thanks a lot Gary
  2. I do not own a gun or even a licence yet but want to get into shooting. ive had a look at the government application form and it requires me to have proof of good use for the firearm. I am looking at getting a rifle. Not an air powered one. I would want to join a shooting club like target practice but don't want to buy membership for proof if I may not be accepted for licence as it would be a waste of money. Whats the easiest thing to put as 'good use' for ownership for a firearm? Thanks lads.
  3. Can anybody give me an exact answer on the process required for an air weapon licence (Scotland only) when you are a SGC holder. I know that the SGC will cover the air weapons for 5 years but do we have to add the weapons to the existing SGC or do we have to have a seperate licence, pay £5 and have them put on their own new licence? Thanks
  4. hello all, i have a question, my FAO coming over in a few days and live in a new house and the walls are mostly plaster board, i were to use a corner wall (2 external walls) to install it and drill all the way to the outside brick and use expanding wall plugs would this work?? Any tips would be amazing thank you
  5. Hi, I am new to this site and this will be my first post. I sent in my application for my Shotgun Certificate around 11 weeks ago, and about 2 1/2 weeks later the FEO came round and did his inspection (all fine and he was happy to approve). It has now been 8 weeks since he came round so I decided to give the Firearms department a call and chase it up. I have been told that they are so short staffed that they haven't even touched the pile of Applicants they have at the moment, as they have a back log of renewals? Sounds like alot of people are in the same position as me, waiting for a grant that isn't likely to come any time soon. Is there any way I can speed this up and get them to process it? They have been unable to give me a time scale, and it has already exceeded there 8-10 weeks (given on the website). I am reluctant to complain as feel they could just decide to reject my application. Thanks
  6. Hi all I have just turned 14 and want to go for my shotgun licence I understand about getting a shotgun at 15 etc. However I was wondering what my chances are before I apply, I have never been in trouble with the police, my grandfather and uncle have licences for shotguns, I live very rural in a quiet village however I would plan to keep my gun at my granddad's,I have also shot shotguns before. So what are my chances of getting my licence.
  7. GRamsay

    I Knew it.

    In The not to distant future, Were going to need a licence for air guns in Scotland, More hassles, more money, Pain in the buttt
  8. Was reading through the BASC magazines which come though the post and was interested about the Air gun Licences's that were being considered for all air rifles in Scotland just wondered if anyone had herd any more about it. Many thanks Nick
  9. Hi, I relatively new to stalking and have a nice permission which I shoot regularly. I am a member of basc and was wondering if I could sell my shot pigeons and rabbits to local a) farm shops, b) butchers and/or c) pubs and restaurants? I know that to sell deer you need to prove you have the relevant courses, dsc1 etc, but is there a requirement for selling rabbits and pigeons? If so, what is it? Additionally, what price is a fair price for the above 3 establishments? I oly ask as the cost of cartridges is going up quite a bit and it would be nice to offset a little buy selling my wares. Ps, I shoot head shots on rabbits, sometimes pigeons, and shotgun for pigeons. Thanks in advance
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