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Found 14 results

  1. Hi guys, just thought would share this as it's saved me 100£ on snap caps with my 6 shotguns, an easy perfect snap cap recipe All you need is an empty hull, kitchen roll, pencil with eraser on end, and a soft eraser cut hull 2/3rds way down, Punch the primer out over a gap in a vice etc, Then take the eraser section of a pencil off and push the rear of it through the eraser, it takes out a section of rubber the same size as primer hole. Push the rubber you removed into hole and stuff the hull with kitchen roll just to add weight/ or oil. And there you have it
  2. Teague Super Extended Chokes for Miroku and Browning Not had a great deal of use, max. 500 shots I have 3 chokes: 1/4, 1/2, and 3/4 (I.CYL, MOD, I.MOD) Asking for £90 ono located in Chesterfield, Derbyshire S43 Contact me on 07426025685 for a faster response Thank You Dalton
  3. After recently starting a thread in regards to an ATA O/U I went to look at one and really liked it. However, I have since been looking at older Mirk's as well, for the same price as the ATA (around £550) I could buy an older fixed choke Miroku 6000 or Miroku 3800 for my £550 budget. Would I be better buying the tried and tested Mirokus which will hold there value better come re sale, or do I buy the ATA, a brand new gun with warranty? Both Mirokus are choked similarly at 1/4 3/4! Before I used to shoot a Hatsan Semi Auto mixed choke but always used the 1/4 choke, I fancied a change so have so
  4. A set of Teague Extended Invector Plus Chokes for Miroku / Browning 12g. Chokes are 1/4 3/8 1/2 3/4 Full. Complete with hard plastic carry case. All in very good condition with little use. They currently retail at £42 each new. Looking for £110 posted.
  5. Miroku extended ported Invector plus 1/4 1/2 3/4 full ex condition £120 posted next day delivery
  6. Has anyone a "full" extended invector plus choke that they wish to sell for my miroku mk38? grateful for any offers thanks
  7. Can anyone tell me the availabiity of off the shelf Miroku recoil pads please? I attach a pic of the pad i wish to replace.
  8. If anyone has a second hand Right Handed Miroku 12 gauge MK 38 Grade 5 (Teague Sporter Multichoke) Over and Under with 32" barrels, or a Beretta 12 gauge SV10 Prevail 3 (Sporter Multichoke With KickOff) Over and Under with 30" barrels I would be grateful for a heads up
  9. The choke is no longed needed as I sold my Winchester SX3 a while ago. £20 Plus £4 postage if required - that would be for Recorded Delivery. Thanks
  10. Just came across this and thought it might interest a few here: http://www.fieldandstream.com/photos/gallery/guns/shotguns/2011/03/citori-miroku-shotguns-browning-japan-factory-tour
  11. OK i have seen a couple of guns in the hemisphere of my budget, 32" MK38 grade 1 or 32" CG summit, both used i know the MK38 is the more reliable gun, i shoot a 525 at the moment. Looking for a trap gun, both MC neither adjustable stocks. Both a drive away so, buy RFD to RFD and hope? Drive 4-5h round trip (opposite directions) to try them? If so which one? Or stick an adjustable trap stock on 525? Just to be clear this isn't about need, its want, I want to buy another gun, (have ulterior motive) but i'm not having much luck finding one.......So of these 3 options which to go for?
  12. Evening all I have a Miroku mk 60 game 28" fixed choke,stunning wood grade 3 (I THINK) I have had a look around the usual site's,but cant decide on a price........So what do you chaps think to its value I have an idea but just looking for some comformation before she goes up for sale atb Jim
  13. A friend has recently died and his widow wishes to sell his pair of Miroku 200E boxlock , 2 3\4 inch chambered 12 bores , but we have know what they are worth. One is in very good condition while the other has a number of scratches on the stock and some ware on the checkering and forend. Both barrels have good blueing and no pits. They have deep scroll across the bottom and sides of the action. Choked Improved cylinder and modified choke. However here comes the problem , they are cross over stocks , made for a left handed shooter with a right master eye. A web search failed to find this model
  14. Im in Nottingham and am looking for either of the following guns Firsty a 12 bore o/u Miroku MK38 Sporter with back bored 32 inch barrels, 3" chambers no more than 3 year old with nice wood, Grade 3 or 5, with recoil pad preferably ISIS type, must be mint, Please dont offer the "lino" look stock that's on most grade 1's these days. or secondly a Silver Pigeon III sporter with recoil pad or thirdly a Beretta Prevail 3 game scene engraved with kick off. No shortened stocks please My SGC homeinspection is on 28th of this month. The licence should be with me that night or within 10 working
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