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  1. Hi, Does anyone know if this is still running please? From what i've heard, this is located somewhere near the FA Football HQ and the Vehicle Museum on Thurston Road Leyland. It's listed as a shooting club on many sites, although the phone number just rings out and there isn't an email address. Norman Livesey seems to be the contact but cant get hold of him. As I live in Leyland, i was thinking of heading down there to find it and have a chat with the guys as to joining... but would need to know the nights the club is open I'm looking for a club to join so i can shoot .22LR and start my firearms process. Any info on this club would be appreciated. Thanks Danny
  2. Hi Everyone, This is my new video which has just gone live. Please share it around and it would be great for some feedback.
  3. ACOG TA11 Tactical Scope for sale. This is a genuine ACOG that has had some use, but is in very good overall condition. Please see pics for details. I'm looking for £350 ONO
  4. Very sturdy case. Perfect for carriage of two rifles.£55 collected from SW London. Can be shipped at cost
  5. Hi all. Can anyone give a review on a .204 cal that they currently own or have owned.
  6. Original stock for Swing 7,62 £ 50 posted but will consider offers
  7. Ok so I have a number of rifles and am looking for a night vision set up for a 223 I have trawled through endless review videos all complaining of battery life and clarity. I would like something reasonably priced I looked at the Pulsar XP50 £3500 then watched a review video and it said past 200 yards you'd need to lamp it then switch to thermal.. Would like to be able to see around 500 yards, not to shoot just to identify then call in to range .. So advice gratefully received and if you have a dedicated fox set up night vision or thermal that you are selling please let me know Thanks
  8. Hi i have a bit of an issue that need help with. I have a cz 455 .22 that is going off when I close the bolt quickly but not so when do it slowly. The bolt head had some crud around it so have cleaning it off but when dry firing it is still does it any one else had this cheers in advance
  9. BSA deep 8 gun cabinet with top ammo lockbox, 2 keys. Height 1500mm Depth 345mm Width 460mm I'll also throw in a new Napier sachet as I'll have no need for it. Located in Middlesbrough £175, I can deliver locally if needed Thanks for looking Mark
  10. Hi everyone, Just curious to find out what PW members reckon the best weight of .243 bullet for roe is? I'm still relatively inexperienced in deer matters and when I started out, a friend who is a professional stalker recommended always using 100 grain bullets. There's no doubt that Federal Premium 100 grains do the job, but I'm finding that they make a hell of a mess on the way out of the animal. I shot a doe on Friday and her whole right lung was more or less hanging out of the exit wound. I lost a lot of that side of the carcass as a result, which I didn't feel too good about. I realise everyone will have their own opinions and to a large degree the choice is down to personal experience and preference. I'm just curious to see what the range of preferences is. Thanks to all, WG88
  11. Hi I have a Army surplus shop in kings lynn and im looking at supplying Air pellets .177 and .22...Please can anyone advise me on which ones are the better make to stock...Thanks Kirk
  12. For sale is my rifle scope. It's virtually new but I sold the .22 lr that it was on so its surplus to requirements. Bought from Riflecraft it comes with all the original accessories including lens cloth, manual, lens caps and box. Also included are match mounts to fit a Picatinny Rail. The photo is off the website as the files were too big to upload. Email me for pics. There is not a mark on this anywhere! £80 posted. Official info is below: CROSSFIRE II 4-12X44 RIFLESCOPE With long eye relief, a fast-focus eyepiece, fully multi-coated lenses and resettable MOA turrets, there's no compromising on the Crossfire II. Clear, tough and bright, this riflescope hands other value-priced riflescopes their hat. The hard anodized single-piece aircraft-grade aluminum tube is nitrogen purged and o-ring sealed for waterproof/fogproof performance. Dual use for Shooting Tactical / Hunting VIP Warranty Nitrogen Purged Waterproof Magnification 4-12 x Objective Lens Diameter 44 mm Eye Relief 3.9 inches Field of View 24.7-8.4 feet/100 yards Tube Size 1 inch Turret Style Capped Adjustment Graduation 1/4 MOA Travel per Rotation 15 MOA Max Elevation Adjustment 50 MOA Max Windage Adjustment 50 MOA Parallax Setting 100 yards Length 13.1 inches Weight 17.2 ounces
  13. Richter Optik 6-24 x 50 AOE IR Rifle Scope. Only used a handful of times due to too much zoom for me! No original packaging but comes with Used mounts and a extra set of New Mounts £40 Posted! ***SOLD***SOLD***SOLD***
  14. Hello everybody! I am trying to decide upon a scope for a TX200HC. With my other guns i always had ALOT of zoom. Probably a stupid amount. For example - on my 22lr i once had a 6-24 x 50 (Prob really stupid i know) Currently on 22lr i have Nikko Stirling 4-12 x 50 and honestly don't think it has much zoom. (Prob enough though) So i was going to get the same for TX but then i seen people on a fixed 4x or 8x zoom? Isn't that very low and hard to hit the target (obviously at close range it's great which is why i want mine variable) But i was thinking about going for a normal air rifle scope this time as i don't want it to look too big! And i don't really want to use high mounts and i definitely don't want to block the breach! or have to move soo far back that the scope is too close! After a little looking i found a Hawke 3-9 x 50 & Hawke 3-9 x 40 & Nikko Stirling 3-9 x 40 Are these scopes good or what other scope is better but not crazy price! Also they come in HD, AO, IR & Nite Eye but i really have no idea what any of these mean Please Help! And i prefer the mildot reticle.
  15. Hi I've recently had my cert back with a new slot for a 243. I'm after a good rifle that will last a very long time as I don't want to be changing it anytime soon. I've been looking at tikka sako etc, and like the look of the M595. Does anyone have any feedback on these rifles? Does anyone know of anyone with one thinking of parting with it? Or does anyone have another type of rifle which they are thinking of selling? Any help info on any rifle in 243 would be appreciated. Many thanks
  16. At what age under supervision from my dad (the license holder of the guns) Can i use the following guns LEGALLY: Air Rifle sub 12ft lbs: Rifle 22lr: Shotgun 12G: Rifle 223: Remember im in NI so different laws to England.
  17. Hi I'm after some advice I found this gun in my parents loft while clearing it out, I don't have a licence and neither did they as far as I'm aware. I have no idea what to do with it, I would like to display it at home but I think I would need to get it deactivated does anyone know if this is possible or is the only option to hand it in to be destroyed?
  18. Hi, all. As its that time of year I'm having a clear out/ cash raising session so here goes One 16gb pad 4 wifi white good to fine condition boxed with charger lead £180 delivered recorded ONO One 3-9x44 Edgar brothers optimate 30mm scope its the gold ring one fair condition a few slight ring marks £55 . Came off my .17hmr ONO delivered One 3-12x44 AGS "accushot swat" compact illuminated scope 30mm tube. Had that on my 1022 good condition £70 ONO delivered Haven't figured out how to post pics so pm me with an email address for pics.
  19. Took a lad out today who has brought his first air rifle a couple of months ago, he is a friend of my next door neighbour, he is a nice and sensible lad who i have spoke to many times briefly in the past. he has been into fishing for many years but has no experience hunting, he secured some permission recently but has had no joy after taking sevral frustrating shots on sevral different occassions and was getting a bit downheartened due to lack of experience and fieldcraft. i usually go it alone most of the time but have taken him out today, onto ground and within 2 minutes he had shot a myxy rabbit (poor thing) no sooner had it keeled over a maggie came down to it and he had that also both out of vehicle window. moved further down field and because of the rain decided to sit and shoot out of the 4x4, he had 4 more shots accounting for 2 other maggies, total bag 3 maggies and one bunter. rifle was a s410 22 air rifle. he was chuffed and says it has given him confidence to continue. am going down to his permission soon in an advisory mentoring capacity, very enjoyable. We all had to start somewhere! Does anyone else remember struggling to get going?
  20. Hello all PW members, Hope your week has been better than mine, I was out on the field in last nights rain and although I was in a full water proof outfit I still got soaked. Still a bad day on the field beats a good day at work. Now for the spot of bother bit, as some of you know i enjoy shooting as much as the next PW member however i am fast coming into a spot of bother, the permission i have has basically ran out of rabbits. I am the only shooter on the land which inst very big, other than the land owner so its not because of to many shooters, i have just shot them all. Which is great for the land owner but bad for me. This as much as i hate to say it a plea for help, with next to no rabbits to shoot my rifle is fast collecting dust. If anyone out there can help me with nights/days out and about on their permission i would be forever be in your favor even if its just lamping until you get to know me. I am no fool when it comes to shooting and fully understand this does not give me permission to shoot on your land/permission and likewise for whom ever helps me. Although i wont be able to repay whomever with shooting on my permission, not unless you wish to shoot grass because that's all about there is now. I am more than willing to return the favor in what way i can and hopefully meet a new good friend along the way. Of course i am fully insured with BASC and if your wondering i have a F.A.C Sako Quad .22 Rim with Moderator. Also i am thinking of putting in for a HMR soon so i would love for anyone who has this and/or higher caliber rifles to give me tips and tricks, never can have too much experience, likewise for me if your an Air Gunner with F.A.C cleared land/permission i would be more than happy to safely teach, and hopefully help you to gain a F.A.C as a way of repaying you for your good deeds. Please PM me if you can help me out, If not thanks for the time you took to read this many thanks Nick.
  21. Hi guys, I am after a cheap and cheerful .17hmr rifle in the Surrey area. If anyone is selling one or wants to sell one please let me know. Thanks, Simon
  22. So I cannot find anywhere apart from thetford where you can shoot over a single shot .22rf I am looking for a range to shoot .270 Anyone have any ideas
  23. Hi everyone, I was wondering if you could point me in the right direction, in regards to shooting lamps for foxes. I want a lamp that is hand held and plugs into a 12 v (cig lighter) socket in a truck, What are the advantages of LED ones verses the ones with bulbs? What to look for when buying one, good brands etc? Price wise.... I am looking for a decent lamp and willing to pay for it! Of course I have had a look online and read many product reviews but would like to know from people that actually use them and can give impartial advice and views on what different lamps ACTUALLY are like to use, rather than just details of them. Any recommendations? Thanks in advance for your help! Tom
  24. After a lot of scanning through threads on here and speaking to various people on the subject I think I have decided what to get.... Looking to order it soon BUT I thought I would run it past you all on here before and see if there was anything you would change?? A Sako .243 rifle, wooden stock and blued barrels. A Zeiss Duralite 3-12x50 scope Optilock mounts A-tec Maxim moderator with 2 extra baffles A Harris flexi bipod
  25. Been looking at the yukon photon for a while now but been put off by the waiting list. Was checking the bay and found one buy it now £300, 2 weeks old, snapped it up instantly. Just fitted to my sako .22lr and I am happy so far with it, picture not crisp in anyway but I'm sure it's good enough. Will be purchasing a doubler for it also. Think I got and absolute bargain!! Anyone else got one of these and any advice on making it better etc.
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