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Found 6 results

  1. Left home fairly early to see who was lurking about in the woods and riverside since yesterday. I had hoped to see a fox or even an otter as the light was only just creeping in. I was going to go the short cut through the woods but decided it would be better to go the long way as the path cuts round a couple of islands and it is all bushy so you are not silhouetted like I would have been going the short route. Fortunately the river had not come over the banktop here as it tends to in the winter but it was only 6" from washing over the path. I hadn`t even got my camera out when I saw movem
  2. Hello Ladies and Gents I have a some fantastic deer stalking on offer with high quality muntjac, roe and fallow that all being in very promising numbers across several extremely scenic farms in north Wiltshire and south Oxfordshire. We aim to provide days for all levels of deer stalking experience from those who have never been before to those with years under their belts. On the day of the stalk you would be met by one of our experienced and friendly guides and taken through a pre shoot brief. Whenever possible we would head to a separate part of the farm to check zero and ensure both y
  3. This Past Friday I worked a half day and planned to do a few hours pigeon & crow shooting on my landlord’s farm. Walking out to where I was to set-up the hide and decoys – a hare jumped out of the grass and ran for it. Amazingly, as he zigged and zagged, my shot made contact. As I walked toward the hare to put him in the bag, a Roe Buck jumped out of a nearby hedge and ran toward a small wood at the bottom of the farm. Over the wall and into the wood he went. As it was very warm and flies started to collect on the Hare - I walked the two miles back to the house to gut and chill t
  4. Went to a local farm I have, as I was there a couple of days ago and seen a doe and a buck but could not get a shot at the buck, anyway got to farm about 19:30 about 8 I seen someone on opposite farm within 2 min a doe went running across drive. Sat and was just about to give up then this buck came out save back drop so put cross hair on and pulled the trigger. It ran in woods so left it 20 min and called y mate who was up at different wood to come down with dog just in case. We got down to strike shot and within ten yards of the woods was the deer. Very happy with result.
  5. after a long stalk on a local farm/shoot where id been asked to cull a few problematic Roe I managed this young doe, I used my 6.5 x 55 with home loaded 140g spear sp's (my first ever deer with my own home loads)
  6. **dead deer** I have found 4 dead deer in the last month? All within 200yrd of each other. No shot wounds, no accident/impact injures. Healthy looking animals, clear eyes, nose mouth and carrying plenty of weight? Any ideas?????
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