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Found 4 results

  1. Evening all. I don't normally post much but I think I'd like to share my outing with you Had an interesting afternoon in my favourite wood in 30+ mph winds. Last weekend was a bust after gun trouble, so first proper go this year. Strong flight lines with big numbers of birds moving through well into dusk. A good turn out from the other lads meant most of the surrounding woods were occupied to keep the bulk of the local population on the move. Father up the other end of the wood in the conifers, me in the poplars in the teeth of the gale, the scene was set for a busy afternoon. Took the semi auto for a change with my browning in the smiths for repairs. Couple of boxes of cartridges in my pockets, settled in about 2:45 and within minutes my first shot high and wide resulted in a downed woodie. Pure luck, as my subsequent half dozen failed to connect. Lots of traffic in the first half hour and another 3 in the bag for 5 shots and I'm getting into a good rhythm. A pause to collect the dead and pick up the empties (most of which have gone in the ditch). Change of tack and I moved to a different position after noting a lot of activity about 30 yards further up the wood. Nothing for a while, but then a pair for 2 shots in quick succession. Very exposed here and I feel like I'm being seen, with a few misses and lots of startled birds so edging back to my usual place I bag a another as I arrive which I moved from a sitty tree. A bit of a lull as the distant shots from other woods dry up, but sounds of a pair of approaching jays keep my attention, so I concentrate on them as they make their way up the wood towards me, only to break out across to the next belt about 50 yards away. As the light starts to fail, I can hear dad having a good go as the birds come in to the firs to roost, but I'm not finished yet, and get another singleton, a shot I was really pleased with being a good 40 yards and with the wind. A movement to my right catches my eye... Squirrel! 3 shots brings him down, but not out and he makes a break for it while I reload. Not quick enough though as my first hastily stuffed cartridge bowls him over on the ground and he's finally still. Getting dark now so I decide to call it a day and head back to the car, not before dropping a box of carts out of my pocket which go everywhere. Dad managed 6 for 12 shots including the now obligatory carrion crow (every time, I'm sure he just brings the same one with him every Saturday). Looking forward to next weekend when hopefully I'll have the browning back although I did well enough with the auto.
  2. I've not been out shooting for ages and didn't expect to be free yesterday, but fortune smiled and I was. I have various options for roost shooting but hadn't seen JDog for ages so asked he was free. He was, but only until the rugby came on TV. He kindly invited me to a wood close to his home, which was an easy walk. The winds were strong and gusting nicely as we approached, and a few pigeons scattered out of the far end. After JDog had seen off some local youths on motorbikes we took up position inside the wood. All the early shots were JDog's but Jasper did mark one of mine which flew on and dropped further in. All the shots were stonkers, this wood was mixed broadleaf and the trees are mostly 35-40 yards up. I moved further in and while I didn't have many shots, I was very happy with the three stormers I brought down, all second barrel, dead. After a while it went quiet from the other side, I assumed JDog had retired to his log burner. I stayed till 5pm, having no more shots.
  3. i am 15 and want some beating/picking up next season in Hampshire because i plan to go and study gamekeeping at college . i currently beat on a shoot but they only shoot about 8 days a season and was wondering if there was any availability anywhere. also i have beat for 5 seasons so i have experience but want as many days as i can get on. Saturday only and close to andover if possible. also wanted to do some pigeon shooting. i don't have my own gun but am fully safe and have shot on many driven days and have had pigeon shooting experience but the person i use to shoot with sold his guns. i would be willing to bring my own cartridges and pay a small cost if wanted.
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