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Found 8 results

  1. I’ve finally got my home visit booked with GMP, after 7 months and a great deal of help from the team at BASC, I’m due a visit next Wednesday, Im after a little advice from those experienced in these matters. Ive hidden my cabinet in our lasses wardrobe and no, she didn’t know. My thinking being, concealment as well as a good fitting, can’t be a bad combination. The cabinet is bolted to an external wall, having cut through the wardrobe back, it sits on the wardrobe base, which is three inches above floor level. My only concern is the sitting on the wardrobe base, but there’s not much I could do about that. They’re fitted units, of a high standard, so would take some dismantling/smashing. Am I worrying over nothing folks ?
  2. The title alone I imagine will have put some people off as its a regularly explored topic! However I can't find a post anywhere relating to my precise situation so here we go. I am hardly a DIY god so forgive my ignorance but I need advice on installing my gun safe, It is a safe that can store 3 or 4 assembled guns that I was given by a friend retiring from the shooting world. I intend to install it in a cupboard but my question is does cavity wall insulation affect in any way the fixing of it onto the wall? My house is new-build and all the walls are cavity insulated I wasn't sure if this affects where you can place screws/bolts. Also is it advisable to hire someone like a joiner to install it for me? I hate to think what damage I'd do If I was let loose with a drill! Thanks for your responses BenGun
  3. Hi all, i'm new to the forum so hope i'm posting in the right area. Got a question maybe someone can help answer on here. I moved to live on a narrowboat last year, changed SGC to new authority (Northants) and FEO has said cabinet on a boat is no issue. I am on a secure mooring, just looking for some enlightenment on how to secure cabinet in the boat. I've heard of a few ways it could be done but does anyone on here have practical experience on the matter? Looking for the easiest way ideally, under the bed out of sight. Thank you and any suggestions are appreciated. Rob
  4. Don't know if this may be of use to anyone or if other police forces are doing it. Seemed a good deal for £8.95 as a one off.
  5. rcooke25552


    Hi, For sale are some CCTV parts. the first lot is used and I would like to go as a bundle, although I would split for the right price. The system consists of the following, all of which are under 1 year old. This is currently in full working order on my farm and is due to be taken down this week, weather permitting, so will be available for collection / delivery on Monday 11th of May. 1 x 16 channel 2tb QVIS HDRT PRO recorder, which has alarm inputs/outputs, ptz control, hdmi, vga and BNC outputs and is easily set up for remote viewing from smartphones etc. Perfect condition this is under 2 months old. 2 x 12x zoom mini qvis ptz speed domes. These are 650tvl and give a very good image. Day/night camera so good vision. Both are in full working order and are supplied with power supplies and maybe boxes if I can find them. 1 x 700tvl qvis vandal resistant eyeball dome. This is varifocal and has 25-30m IR range for night time vision and features an OSD for adjusting fine settings within the camera. 1 x qvis P400 type bullet camera, vari focal with 50-60m IR range. Also included, but is over a year old, is 1 x Pelco high speed PTZ. I think this is a 32x zoom but I would have to double check, but again provides very good image quality. This is supplied with a wall mount bracket, it was originally a swan neck but I needed it up so the welder came out. I also have some roll ends of rg59 shutgun which probably have 30-70m on them, 4 available which I will chuck in if the full system is purchased. Given the cost of all this gear new is well over £2000, Im asking for £1050 OVNO for the full set up delivered by courier. I can provide a receipt for this if you need one to put through your books etc. like I say I will split for the right price, pm me for more details on what you are interested in. The second lot for sale are individual items and are all brand new and boxed. Price does not include delivery! 3 x 100m boxes of rg59 shotgun cable....... £24 each 1 x 4 channel 1 tb qvis DVR......... £110 1 x Grey 700tvl qvis vandal resistant eyeball dome. This is varifocal and has 25-30m IR range for night time vision and features an OSD for adjusting fine settings within the camera....... £38 1 x White 700tvl qvis vandal resistant eyeball dome. This is varifocal and has 25-30m IR range for night time vision and features an OSD for adjusting fine settings within the camera........ £38 1 x White 700tvl qvis vandal resistant eyeball dome. This is FIXED and has 25-30m IR range for night time vision. Cant remember if these have an OSD or not but will check tomorrow........ £38 1 x 18 Port 20a 12v enclosed power supply...... £40 Any questions please feel free to contact me, and I can send you some pictures over by email if you would like to see anything. Based in Altrincham, Cheshire. Thanks for looking Rob
  6. I have a full CCTV system for sale. I bought this after my old house was burgled. I have since moved to a much better area and have a burglar alarm, so don't really need this anymore. 3 x high quality dome cameras with high definition CCD receptors. These are all weatherproof and have Infra-Red LEDs / Night Vision, so can see clearly in the pitch dark. 1 x 4 camera Digital Video Recorder (DVR) this records all of the CCTV action. Records up to D1 resolution and can be networked if you want. 1 x 19 inch widescreen Samsung monitor. Loads of power and camera cable. Plus the all important remote and instruction manual. £400 ono.
  7. Morning Chaps, This is probably a question for the older guys here, but any opinions and thoughts will be welcome. I passed my DSC1 yesterday which is a significant chunk of progress on my way to a deerstalking career about which I'm very happy - my FAC application will be going in this week or next. The one small "fly in the ointment" is that my Mrs sees rifles as somewhat more dangerous than shotguns and is particularly concerned, given that she's 18-19 weeks pregnant with our first child, about all the issues surrounding having guns (rifles and shotguns) and children in the same house. The maternal force is strong in this one etc... I'm therefore here to ask for advice on the subject and it would be great to hear any experiences you have, but - as I'm the first person in four generations in my family to hunt / shoot - it would be particularly helpful if any of you could offer some guidance in the following areas: General security issues - we can of course take maximum precautions in addition to those required legally (i.e. combination trigger locks, bolts removed from semis / rifles, O/U's stored in pieces in separate cabinets, ammunition locked up - are there others?) but how does anyone suggest that we achieve a general "warning away" from guns / equipment? Related to the above, I'm not of the opinion that we should be hiding it all away as though it were shameful, because like the alcohol cupboard or granny's cigarettes, kids will be most curious about what they're not allowed to see - but I realise that at the same time you have to protect them when they're too young to understand gun safety etc. How to deal with the times when the kids are playing in the garden and you need to drag a bleeding, gutted Fallow carcass past them into the garage? Or when you've got ten pigeons to breast and they've been out too long already? At what point do you start them off on the "if we eat meat, we have to kill it (but that's ok)" story and how do you progress it without either disturbing them at too young an age or leaving them hopelessly naïve until too late and accidentally sending them off into vegetarianism because the shock is too great for them when they finally work it out? How do you deal with the "my daddy's got a gun and he'll shoot you" barb in the playground without armed police turning up to seize your guns and other parents ostracising you? Do you just have to hide it from the child so they can't do that, or tell them and explain why they can't say those things? How do you deal with - God forbid - the suicidally depressive teenager, in love for the first time and looking for a gun because they're unable to deal with it properly? This isn't hugely urgent - the child is due in January - but since I'm about to go further down the deer stalking road, I need to address my Mrs's concerns now so that she can carry on being supportive (which she has so far - and I've appreciated that, in case she's reading this) rather than worried for the safety of our children and our relationships with friends / teachers / etc. Thanks (on behalf of us both) for any advice you can offer, Adam.
  8. Hi guys, A box of 12 has just landed on my doorstep! Let me know if you're interested... Used by; Game keepers for pest control and shoot security, Local authorities for monitoring known fly-tipping sites, Bushcraft and outdoors specialists for tracking and monitoring wild animals and birds, Nature enthusiasts for otter spotting and general animal observations, Joe Bloggs for driveway/garden/shed/caravan/oil tank security and monitoring. * batteries and SD Card not included (or spent shells...or tweed jacket...or decoy...) Specification: A compact scouting camera in a camouflaged case with some pretty amazing features: 6 month battery life a sensor and invisible (blue LEDs) IR night vision range of 65ft programmable 5 or 12 Mega Pixel, DVD quality video (640x480) time stamp security code high quality photos video time lapse option temperature, moon phase, unique triple sensor - primes the camera to give a 1 second trigger a large LCD for picture and video playback. We supply the latest version with 12MP interpolation and many additional features (password, full TFT and 12MP) - a UK first! Sharp and crisp colour pictures/videos in daytime and clear black/white pictures/videos at night Take videos immediately after taking pictures under the same Mode "Cam+Video" Built-in 2 1⁄4” LCD color display Ultra low standby power consumption. Extremely long in-field life (in standby mode, up to 3 months with 4 x AA batteries and 6 months with 8 x AA batteries) Unique side Prep Sensor design provides wider sensing angle and enhances camera’s response speed Perform in the most extreme temperatures from -22°F to 158°F Compact size (5 ½ x 3 ½ x 2 ½ inches). The cheapest Bushnell cams start from £185 and are of a lower specification. I'm not trying to rip anybody off, so please bear-in-mind that these are made in china and half the price of the bushnells (read into that what you will). I have had these exact units in the woods for coming up to a year with no fault. Batteries and SD card not included! Bargain price of £113 including delivery (only on PigeonWatch). I have seen them online for £200+ and the cheapest UK shipped on fleabay is about the same price. First come first serve - bank transfer preferred. Had some great reviews on here so thanks for all the support and if you have any questions, ask away! Cheers, huff-huff-a-roo
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