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Found 9 results

  1. Hi all, I have finally built my concrete base for a shed as per shown in pic. The fundation is 12x8ft so I'm looking at 10x6 sheds to store a motorbike, bicicles and garden gear. I'm trying to lower the price as much as possible, so, since this isn't meant to be a forever solution, would you advise to just stick to overlap over shiplap to get a cheaper option? The fence on the left will go, so on that side it'll go a ramp and a door to get the motorbike in. Does anyone know if a second door could be added, so this way i have access from the drive and from the garden. In terms of base, would it be fine to just lay the shed of the shelf right on the concrete? I mean, i don't mind if it rots in 10 years, but rather to know its not going to be flooded inside if I don't raise it? Any help on those, or any other related comments are much appreciated. Thanks J P. S. :added a second picture without the fence to show the position of the fundation.
  2. hey guys wondered if you could help me im doing a youtube video on uk gun laws and im stuck as im having trouble finding any information on how much of each calibre you're allowed to keep and does the ammo have to be stored in a separate locked box to the guns, there is some information out there but i cant find a credible source . TAO Leesmithyt33 lee :)
  3. Hi I have some questions about where to put / install a shotgun cabinet. I'm still waiting for it to arrive, and I'd like to get some education on where would be the best place to install it. I'm new to shooting and this is my first gun cabinet, it's a small cabinet off Amazon (dirty pro tools™ 3 GUN SHOTGUN CABINET POLICE APPROVED RIFLE GUNS SAFE APPROVED WITH 7-LEVER LOCKS A122), my intention is to only have 1 shotgun inside. Any advice would be appreciate. Thanks in advance
  4. Decided earlier this year to use a bit of dead space we had to the side of the garage and turn it into a shooting storage shed/garage game prep area. Mainly because all my shooting bits were getting ruined in the garage from welding spots/grinding, and the wife was sick of me bringing in birds that I had to wash the grease/oil off of after preparing them. Has been slow going, but lockdown allowed me a bit more time. Not quite complete but getting there now Will add a few more pictures and updates as I go, but here is the bulk of it Anyone else have a similar area/set up? Before The start - timber frame and moved the existing cladding to the outside Clad the outside walls and roof, Roof filing going on Decided to try and hide the door a little so not as obvious and to help it blend in - (door is the right hand half with a concealed lock) Managed to get some waney edge board that was a good match to existing, but was still a bit of a jigsaw puzzle Started on the inside - kitchen that came from the in-laws rip out . I don’t have running water, so using a 12v caravan tap and pump, and a 25 litre water container which will be going in soon Floor painted 2 coats concrete floor paint and wardrobe installed for storage of clothing. (stolen from one of my kids bedrooms) Planing to separate it in the middle and have a tube heater in one half to dry clothes (with some vents) LED batton lights in - going to add another one I think Just got this sorted for the space next to the wardrobe. Fold up seat for shoe storage Got it locally, sanded down and going to oil it before it goes in Doing more on it this weekend so hopefully will have some finished picture soon
  5. Moving House. Lucky enough to have new one before selling old so would like to get FEO approval before actually moving (the fact that this means I have more space for new guns has nothing to do with it!). Looking for 5-7 cabinet with storage (or a separate storage locker for ammunition). Preferably single key operation. 15-20 miles of Stockton-on-Tees would help too. So long as the thing locks, I can sort out appearances with a wire brush, steel wool and a tin of Hammerite. If I can keep it under £100, I stand a better chance of being "allowed" it, Cheers, RS
  6. I'm looking for a breakdown cabinet for two shotguns. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks , Pete
  7. Following a discussion with 1066, inspired by me seeing this: https://www.secureitgunstorage.com/gun-safe/technology/ I have finally got round to my much cheaper DIY solution: Bought a cheap set of storage bins off eBay (VonHaus - £22) that came with the plastic racking panels. You can't see it in that photo but there is a second panel at the bottom. The top one needed some modifying to fit around the welded metal pieces in the cabinet (Sealey SEGS8) that hold the foam barrel supports in place but it is such a tight fit (had to be thumped in with a rubber mallet) that there aren't any screws/bolts actually stopping it from moving. The aforementioned supports have never been particularly good - for the barrel to actually fit in them means the rifle must be tilted back to clear the scope, which tends to make closing the door difficult. I'm going to design and 3D print my own clip in brackets. The white unit at the top is a caravan dehumidifier - Aldi special buy a couple of weeks ago. It's supposed to be rechargeable but it hasn't been in long. Next to it is a disposable dehumidifer (nearly full of water) and at the bottom is another rechargeable beanbag style dehum (which will need drying in the oven, I think). Stuck to the back of the door is a Napier vapour sachet thing. Moving my mods out of the ammo cabinet gives me more space in there so I've put some of the spare bins in to hold magazines, bolts, loose ammo etc. I also have space for my bipod and torches plus other bits and bobs that I might use - knives for example. Got plenty of little bins left for organising screws and stuff in the workshop too.
  8. Hi all, As above ive got a brattonsound bulk storage safe with 2 shelves, which means 3 big storage compartments. shelves and floor are lined and has 3 point locking bolts and is 2mm thick steel door. this has been invaluable to me as i store lots of accessories in there as well as 1000+ shotgun carts. never been bolted to the wall but can be easily done, however i have no anchor bolts with it anymore. had it about 2 years but is in fantastic condition! RRP is £200 and im asking £130 ONO. Collection from south wales (NP26 area) or buyer awaits postage quote which i doubt would be worth it with the size and weight! Dimensions: 916 x 407 x 320 (HxWxD mm) Weight: 33 (kg) Notes: Suitable for Pistols, Ammo and Accessories. These safes are not however suitable for the storage of black powder. Please consult your local police firearms officer who can advise you of the legal requirements Strong 2mm thick fully welded steel construction (Including fully welded Top). Using the latest CNC high definition plasma cutting and pressbrake technology to achieve consistent accuracy and high quality. Full length anti-jemmy bar. For increased protection to lock the side of the gunsafe. Full length anti-flange and door. To give strength on the hinge side of the gunsafe. Recessed Door. With multiple folds on door and door housing to maximise strength and resistance to attack. High density foam divider and floor mat. Powder coated. Outsandingly durable light grey testured finish. Iron phosphate pre-treated to BS 3189, for increased powder adhesion, and then powder coated. Certain parts are then tested to BS 3900 for resistance to scratching, flaking, humidity and salt spray Superior Strength 7 lever safe deadlock(s). With forged steel bolt, reinforced casing and reinforced internal mechanism. Extra Door Reinforcement. On full height models.
  9. Hello All, I have to move out of my home in the next couple of weeks, and cannot move into the house I am buying until the new year at the earliest. This means that I will be staying in rented accommodation for 2-3 months. I'm wondering if anyone has any suggestions about how I can safely and legally store my two shotguns for the duration. Currently, I keep my shotguns along with my air rifles in a gun safe which is affixed to my property. Obviously, I'll have the same arrangement when I move to my new house, but in the intervening two or three months, I'll only have a rented property (details not yet finalised!). I don't think the landlord is going to appreciate my drilling four massive holes in his wall, and that's assuming the place I find even has a solid wall to affix the safe to. Most of my furniture and possessions will be going into self storage, and I was wondering whether I can also store my guns there. Obviously I would like to retain the ability to get at my guns so that I don't have to give up my favourite hobby during the winter months. If I were to put the safe into storage along with my other stuff, would this be good enough? It seems that the legal requirement is to keep the guns secure, but I cannot find anything that says I MUST have the safe at my home. I have also considered asking an RFD to hang on to them, but this will obviously cost me money and make the guns harder for me to access, since the clay shoots I attend tend during the autumn/winter months tend to be on Sunday mornings. I do have a friend and work colleague who I could ask, but he has a pretty large collection of guns and I'm pretty certain he doesn't have room for two more. What are the legal implications of keeping the guns secured in the boot of my car? I don't (and will not) need to park on the street at night, and my work also offers secure parking facilities. Obviously the car is at risk of being stolen, but I have never had such a problem in 20+ years of owning a car. My biggest concern with that is that the car might not always be warm and dry, so corrosion might be an issue. Obviously I want to do the right thing, but I also would like to have the guns accessible by me at short notice and on Sundays! I can do that if I store them in the self storage, but not if I give them to a friend to keep for me. Any comments or ideas on this would be much appreciated. I did search the forums before posting, but apologies if this exact question has been asked before. Many thanks, SF
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