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Found 6 results

  1. Peter Marshall

    BASC Training Courses

    All BASC training courses for 2018 can be found here https://basc.org.uk/sporting-service...ining-courses/ Many thanks, Peter PS - You should be able to book the vast majority of the courses online
  2. Derek Daley


    Loooking for other members who. Wish to get together to do some serious. Spaniel training once or. Twice a month f
  3. Hi I have golden cocker from working stock that is gun shy. I believe it was caused by a firework that went off extremely low over our house last year when he was around 4-5 months old. Since then I have tried him with a 28g at distance and also a starter pistol, starter pistol he was ok with at distance when playing with his favourite frisbee and the shotgun he was scared of still. He is the hardest worker and keenest dog I have ever been around and he loves it, it's such a shame I can't use him. He is about 14 months old. Just wondering if there is anyone out there who has been through this or knows of anyone who specialises in this whether it can be trained out of him etc. If anyone has any advice please contact me. Thanks
  4. Completed my DSC level 1 last weekend with Jelen Deer services. What a Fantastic crowd, thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and was well looked after. The Venison Stew we were all served for lunch was really good and even managed to get an evening in the high seat on Saturday night! The Guys have all got a massive wealth of Knowledge and were really helpful with any questions any of us had. Keep up the good work would definatley recomend these guys to anyone wanting to do this course!! Thanks for a great weekend just a pity it went too fast!
  5. Stop whistle, recall and quartering training leads I Have for sale a number of specifically designed training leads. These have been designed by me to a certain specification that I thought would be benificial to my dogs training. There are a number of long training style training leads available but most if not all seem to be with a clip on the end to be used with a collar where as I wanted a slip lead style to be used for my gun dog training. These are great for stop whistle, recall and quartering training and at 6 meters long are very versatile. They are great for sitting your dog up at any distance up to 6 meters, pipping your recall whistle and then guiding your dog straight back into you. You can also use it as a stop cord for reinforcing the stop whistle command as well as being great as a lunge cord to encourage your hunting dog to form a good tight hunting pattern whilst quartering infront and across you. They have been manufactured for me within the UK and after a few training companions and friends having had one I have a limited number left over with the option to have some more made up. £12.50 including PayPal fees and postage to the UK Please message me for my PayPal address Col
  6. Hi all, New member to PW, just wondering if there's anyone from the Norfolk Quarter attending the spaniel day tomorrow at M.N.G.C. A chance to see if all the training over the summer has paid off!? Little bit more work to do with mine. If anyone's attending I'll be the one legging it over a few fields in hot pursuit of the dog!! P.S Great Forum from reading some of the posts.