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Found 7 results

  1. Sent my Fac off last Tuesday for a variation and got it back today all done , including a weekend and bank holiday, great service can't fault them at all. Scobydog
  2. Popped my licence into the post on Monday 2nd November for a variation. Came back through my letterbox on Friday 6th all done. Surrey Police Firearms Dept as always, top trumps!!!!
  3. Just a few words to give some credit to Cleveland Police. Sometimes I hear horror stories of other forces taking an age to deal with things and forget just how lucky we are here. When my FAC was granted about this time a year ago, I had ideas originally of using certain rifles for pest control and had added a .22lr and .17HMR along with my target rifles etc. Anyway, the HMR was never purchased, the .22LR does everything I need up to maybe 120yds or so and is much quieter than my friends HMR. With thoughts to using the next rifle for both pest/vermin up to maybe 300+ yards and for targets as well I put in a variation to have the HMR removed and a .204 ruger CF rifle added in it's place. Put in a one-for-one on my current semi-auto .22lr for a bolt action so I don't have to go without a gun and upped my ammo amounts a bit and also hopefully have my ticket opened up. Posted on 17th, cheque cashed 19th and licence back in my hands with everything sorted by the 24th. One week from postbox to letterbox. Amazing. Very happy. Just thought I'd share. Seems not all forces are equal. I honestly have a huge amount of sympathy for those of you that are waiting months on end etc. I can barely imagine how frustrating it must be.
  4. Good morning all I have been asked on several occassions to clear the odd fox as 1 off jobs, I currently use .17HMR but need to get a bit more distance and puch so I have asked the FEO for a .22-250. He has come back to me and agreed in principle however the catch is that I need to provide a farmers/land owners letter to say I have permission. Now the for the tricky bit the land owners concerned wont do this as it is one off jobs so I'm in a bit of a pickle can anybody advise or suggest any possible solutions. I have the chance of some good land to shoot over if I can do these 1 off jobs that have good potential to become regular permissions but without the right tool for the job i'm stuck. Look forward to your sensible replies ATB Brad
  5. Hi thay have cashed cheque on the 12 feb for variation see how long to get license back. put new permision in 1nov still no repoly how long do you have to wait.ps cheque only in a week
  6. Sent my variation away last wednesday afternoon and got it through the post on tuesday morning . ALQ wasn't on it so i called up and was told to send it back with a note asking for ALQ it wouldn't be a problem
  7. Well the time has come to put in a variation for a centre fire. I opted for a 223 for vermin and fox and a 243 for fox and deer. I thought I may as well put in for a 17hmr while I was at it. When my flo called to arrange a visit, he said I couldn’t have the 243 as I had not done a DC1. I told him to scrub it and not to bother. He then said. ”You cannot have a 223, as you already have too many .22 rifles” I pointed out that one is a .22 fac air, two are .22lr’s and one is a .22wmr. We than had an argument over a 100 acre piece of land that, has not been cleared for anything. He said I should not have been shooting it as it has not been cleared. I told him that if he looked at my ticket, it’s open! “That does not matter, it still needs to be cleared” was his reply. Then he told me I didn’t need a 17hmr as I already had a .22wmr and that is better than the .17! Anyway, he is coming round this Saturday, for what could be a very interesting discussion. Any comments or advice on these issues would be appreciated. ATB Paul
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