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  1. Looking for a classic old skool Winchester 1897 in good fully working condition (or at a really good price that reflects condition) Please PM me if you have your own gun for sale or if you know of one thats for sale Dont mind if its in civvie or military spec as long as its got a min 24" Prefer original rather than tarted up with lots of bells and whistles Also any owners or experts that are not looking to sell if you would like to PM me with any advice on buying that would be really appreciated, specifically interested in dating and serial numbers and hot to look for a kno
  2. Anyone know of any Beretta ASE gold sporters going about ? Preferably 30inch
  3. pop up hide wanted please, not to far from mansfield
  4. I am looking for a Beretta EELL 20 bore o/u i am not concerned about the wood work i.e. Stock and fore end. So ideally one with poor wood work or broken or shortened stock . Hopefully someone on PW can help
  5. Hi pigeon watchers I'm looking for a milbro or dead shot catapult for my son i have one which i have had since I was a kid my son loves having a shot on it at the rats over the back of us I just dont want him losing mine as I've had it forever. Thanks in advance
  6. im looking for a yildiz wildfowler extreme over under 30" ejector if anybody can point me in the right direction? i cant find one for love nore money!
  7. Looking for a gamo coyote if anyone knows of one going cheap?
  8. Hi, I’m looking for an air rifle to use to go hunting. Any offers?
  9. 3xspringer

    Hw35 screw

    HW35 Hi all looking for the screw that holds the barrel in place by the trigger! Please.
  10. I'm looking for an El Chimbo .410 over & under, any condition considered. A lady I know has one and I fell in love with it's originality, a hammered O/U. It's a handsome little gun.
  11. Has anyone got a cheap left hand semi auto for sale
  12. Pair or ss 30mm optilock low rings please
  13. Looking for a fully moderated investarm 20g O/U.
  14. I ave just got an old Anschutz Match 54 , mechanically perfect but the stock has been shortened and otherwise abused , looking for a good replacement , Match 54 / 64 or whaterever.
  15. Beaters wanted near Haslemere, Surrey. We are a very friendly shoot and would like to welcome beaters and their dogs to join our team. Each day will include a hot lunch and a nice little tip at the end of the day. But.... as a big reward for your commitment we will have 2 beaters days at the end of the season. If you are at all interested please contact me.
  16. Looking for a Hawkwinder 4-16 x,50 scope if anyone got one for sale.. Cheers. Fc
  17. Hi, I'm new to Pigeon watch. so I just want to post a short introduction. I'm a member of local rifle and pistol club. Having just taken up air gun shooting, I,have an Air Arms s410 tdr and a Walther Rotex RM8. Presently shooting targets to develop the skill required for accurate shooting, before moving on to vermin. If anyone would like to invite me to shoot Corvids, Pigeons, Brown Rats or Grey Squirrels, in the East Sussex or south Kent border area, I'd be more than happy to accept. I, have day and night vision scopes. I'm a safety conscious ,71 year old man, no
  18. Looking for a 20g cartridge belt if anyone has one no longer needed, thanks.
  19. Large and small required please. 2889A and 2889B Any spare?
  20. mamba lite wanted please, i have a nvuk set up if you want to deal
  21. 3xspringer


    Would like a cronograph if any one has one for sale please get in contact, for centre fire. Thanks in advance. Bob.
  22. pigeonbasher1


    combro wanted please, cheers ray
  23. Looking for a lure drag machine to bring some young dogs. Anything considered home made or commercial built. Willing to travel anywhere UK. Pm me with with details and price. Thanks Cheers Bristol born ?
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