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Keiler shot


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With the falling of nuts from oak and birch the wild boar have plenty of food in the woods. Therefore it is hard to shoot wild boar on the (mais) feeding area's. I tried my luck again last thursday. Good wind and some light from the moon and reflection on the clouds from the city lights. Around 21.00 a roe doe came on the feeding area in the wood. Half an hour later 2 wild boar came. I had heard the distinct cracking of them walking through the wood 20 minutes before hand. That always raises my attention. The 2 boar where a big and smaller one. I was allowed to shoot piglets, young sows with no piglets or big piglets, and 1-2 year old male ones up to 60 kilo's.


I figured that the two i spotted where a big keiler and his "adjudant". Sort of young apprentice. You see it often that the big male wild boar (keiler) sends his "adjudant" first to see if the coast is clear. If no shot is fired he himself enters the feeding area. Smart move, but known to most hunters so they wait if a small one comes into view.

After studying them for 20 minutes I decided i could shoot the smaller younger one. Tail was not very long, his posture not big or heavy. Took binoculairs down, picked up gun. Crosshairs on target, BANG. The boar i shot jumped, ran off to the right at first and then came straight at me from 40 meters out. At 3 meters from my feet it collapsed and kicked it's legs a few times and was dead. Hmm gave me a small scare... ;) :(

Then i looked what i just shot, that gave me a real scare. At my feet lay a 110 kilo (80 kilo's gutted) 6 to 7 year old Keiler. AArrgghh mistake !

I tried to wind the film back in my head to see what i done wrong. The only thing is that either i misjudged both boars and the other one is even bigger, or more likely the wild boar changed positions when i switched from bino to gun. My Bino's are 8,5 times magnification and (because of poor light conditions) my scope was at 4 magnification.


So i apologised to my host :yes: . Needless to say i felt (and still feel) embarassed and ashamed. My host said that he knows me as a good hunter and forgives me for this one mistake. Every hunter gets to a moment in time when he or she makes a mistake. A hunter who says he doesn't probably does not fire a gun, my host told me.... Well that was a small comfort.

I boiled the head and the tusks are 18 and 18,5 centimeters, quite large. So nice trophy, only the way i got it is a bit embarrassing.

Never too old to learn....


By the way, shooting the keiler was not illegal, but the syndicate tries to keep a balanced group of wild boar. In this area already one was shot, that is why they restrict themselves not to shoot a second one.






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H&H, it happens mate, nice trophy by the way.Do not feel bad, shooting at night here in the father land is not easy.I have just come back fron Saxon, and I have had a great 3 days there again, yep anathor Keiler!!I also had 3 frischling(this years pigs) and a red deer calb(Calf).Wonderfull days, however yesterday we had the last maiz Jagt of the year, with hunters that I have just met, and one of them fired at and killed a frischling flat on the maiz about 20 meters from me, resulting in a ricochett that was very very close to me!!I was not happy to say the least, after this he then fired into the maiz to try to shoot anathor pig!!!

Lessons learned are shoot with thoes you trust and know, and enjoy your time.

Keiler is about 2 and will come to the butcher tomorrow to make a spit roast for all at tyhe stable in 2 weeks time.

I also found out you can fit 3 people , all their gear and 6 pig and a red deer into a L200 pickup truck!!


Fun days but the danger is allways there!!

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