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It took a while... but I managed it

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D'oh.. :yes::good: Pete inserts foot into mouth once again. :lol: Sorry. :D


Pete, mate!! I don't take offence, honest. :lol:

It was damn decent of you to say sorry, but my post, although true, was meant in jest. :lol::lol:

Thanks Pete, you're a good bloke. :lol:



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Nae wonder he got banned with remarks like that anybody fancy a Christmas witch hunt! :good:??? B) :rolleyes:


Yeh!! lets force him to drink a lot of whisky, and I mean a lot of whisky and if he don't get drunk he's a Warlock, tie him to a Christmas tree and do something nasty to him, but I can't think what :hmm: so give me some ideas :o



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Well, let's hope "The times they are a changing" as Bob Dylan once said, (just copied this from the other site), hopefully Dennis will take note:


Dennis -


If I had the time I'd love to shoot more, and maybe I might even enter some registered comps. I don’t have the time, though, so right now I am enjoying my shooting at a lower level. I joined this site in the hope that I'd learn more from the top shots and maybe take something back to the little ground I help to run, where we encourage the juniors and the newbies into the sport, and provide a venue for the game shooter to hone their technique and the old boys with their ancient sbs to have a little fun every other Sunday. I know this isn’t your bag, but we all have one thing in common, though – a love for the sport. The shooting community is under daily attack,

and we all want to protect it from the gun control paranoids and the knee jerk politicians. We want an influential and well organised body to represent us to the public at large and a sensible voice in sport, politics and the media. I know you want this too and you can help make this a reality.


Sadly, most of what I see on claysporting.com is sarcasm and arrogance, with a liberal sprinkling of disdain for the “little guys”. Debates like “Lead vs Steel” descend into mudslinging and criticism for any dissenting opinion. There is no debate, only right and wrong, and the credibility of any post seems to be judged solely on length of CPSA service or number of England caps of the poster. No clubmen, no strawbalers allowed, only those born AA (none of you were ever newcomers, right?)

This has fuelled the negative reputation you have on other sites and it is not surprising that things here get nasty. Good people like Ratman and PDLM are shouted down until the only defence they have left is to sink to the mudslinging level (although I don't believe that either were anything like the worst offenders) and are promptly banned for it. You are limiting your “active” membership and thus your influence. Worse, though, is the terrible impression of clay shooting enthusiasts it must give to outsiders from the sport.


Dennis, it is clear from your recent comments that, right now, you would prefer this to be a site for top class competition shooters and time served CPSA members rather than newcomers or ordinary clubmen who enjoy their sport but don't have the need or desire to prove it at registered shoots. Fine by me, no problem, it's your site.


There is another way, though.


If you REALLY want to be the voice of clay shooting in the UK, can I humbly suggest that when the great “Claysporting 2.0” arrives, you should stick to your original principles – may I remind you?


"claysporting.com has been set-up for all clay shooters to have their say. Whether its debating new products that come onto the market, events, grounds or the governing bodies that try to fashion the future of this sport. This site is open to all shooters to have a say it is important that we have a large membership, the bigger we are the bigger influence we will have within the sport."


So, increase the number of forums. DTL, ZZ, Sporting, Skeet, whatever. General Chat. FAQs. CPSA Politics. Hints & Tips. Even a “Strawbaler” where we peasants can swap ideas on layouts and the like. Add a password protected “Top Shots” area where the AA folks can talk politics, and wave their willies, but make it your mission to encourage the newbies, the clubmen, the juniors and the ladies. Moderate with authority but without prejudice, and appoint some fair minded individuals to help with this. Encourage debate. Spread the word that this is the place to be for ALL clay shooters and make it our Trade Union, with a power and a voice that the CPSA cannot ignore and a shop front for our sport that will show the press and the public that we are a safe, legal and responsible community. You might even attract some sponsorship.


You mock Pigeonwatch but have you seen the size of their membership and the number of posters? Have you perused the topics and seen how the overwhelming attitude of their members is positive, welcoming and helpful? There is room for another, clay specific site of that nature and you have the bones of it right here.


You can do this, Dennis, if you have the energy and the balls. Or you could just stick with the “AAA Only No Strawbalers Allowed” format and the handful of posters that will remain.


With respect




Cat. :rolleyes:

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Yep, Gus has hit the nail on the head. Spanked it in fact.


Interesting to see the grass roots clayshooters sticking their heads above the parapet.


All this elitest CPSA nonsense is neither supportive nor representative of the sport at all, despite what a few in the minority (or is that AAA class) might want to believe.

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You mock Pigeonwatch but have you seen the size of their membership and the number of posters? Have you perused the topics and seen how the overwhelming attitude of their members is positive, welcoming and helpful? There is room for another, clay specific site of that nature and you have the bones of it right here.


I have been a shooter for many years, this year I took up Clay Pigeon Shooting. I found many of the other sites totally patronising and childish towards newcomers, fortunately, Pigeonwatch is not one of them. And now the only forum I frequent.


We need more like minded people to form together as one, there are too many people against us in this world.



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